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The title really speaks for itself.

Written by Felicia Day, (she plays Penny in Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog1) It's about a guild who plays an online game together and they meet in real life. You don't need to know a lot about online gaming to understand their jokes and references, so it's great for any nerd to see.

Another "webisode" series, it's about a guy who does nothing (or almost nothing) but play MMORPGs and his younger brother video tapes him as a school project. The main character's best friend growing up is into first person shooters, (a totally different kind of gaming from RPG's) and they have a strained relationship because their gaming interests are so opposite. This mentions World of War Craft a lot, and is based in Canada. Also, you don't have to be a WoW player to understand a lot of the references. It's easy to follow, and they just got their own tv show!

For Call of Cthulhu fans, this is called The adventures of Lil Cthulhu. (Cthulhu is, by the way, an extremely evil god who you can go completely insane just by looking at).

For those of you who are Cthulhu fans, this web page is a place where you can buy little Cthulhu items!

A wonderful place to find the most geeky toys and inventions.

For bio nerds, this updates every now and then with a new biological or zoological discovery.

If you want to understand Einsteins theories a little better, this may help.

Dragon Ball Z abriged!! If you are a dragonball Z fan, this makes fun of it, but still enjoyable!

Based on the Japanese anime by Kazuki Takahashi, YuGiOh! Abridged was the first abridged series [Ali] was introduced to. It's hilarious and done by LittleKuriboh, who was also part of the DBZ Abridged party. Unlike the DBZ series, though, everything in this series is done by LittleKuriboh.

A website dedicated to fanfiction (the art of "borrowing" other people's characters and plot lines and transforming them into your own). A lot of the stuff on the site is a little amateur, but there is still potential to find interesting plot lines and different stories with characters you know and love.

Online Pokedex! For the Pokemon nerds who love Pokemon! X)

Not a webpage, but a good nerdy song ^^

game information website

Jen and I(Ali) are in an Evolution class with Dr. Kornfield this semester. He gave us a couple DNA reference sites in class, so we wanted to share.

General site:
Nucelotide search:
Alignment and (Phylogeny/Cladistic) Tree site:

Richard Dawkins' book The Ancestors' Tail for those bio nerds out there

I had this introduced to me via my online Bio100 class but it seems to be a collection of science resources with videos, lectures and possibly even Powerpoint information for all your science needs.

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