New York Trip

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Basic Ideas for the Trip


  • Ali's MarineBatMobile gets ~25 mpg. According to the calculation via Map Quest, it would cost approximately $40 to get there ( However, I don't know how MQ does their calculations so keep in mind that that's only an approximation (and that is only one way).
  • John's Halifax gets ___(fill in ze blank) mpg.
  • /insert random vehicle and mpg

Train Tix

  • Train tickets from CT to NYC costs:

Six Flags New England

  • Each ticket for Six Flags costs $421 at "the door" and only $31 if we buy online.

(There's also a "combo option" which includes park admin., meal or parking2 and is only available online for $41.)

  • Parking at Six Flags is also $15/vehicle/day.

Ninja New York

this is something I heard of via MLIA but Danielle went there and said it wasn't so wonderful. It would be interesting to check it out, though. This one, though, is not so doable….considering it's "fine cuisine" and meals START at $40. ..heh-heh.

you can still check out the video
and here's the website, if you care to see. And if you can find a deal, post here. :D

Hodgeman's Frozen Custard

Hodgeman's Review
I don't know the prices, I just know John would probably draw blood if we didn't go here. XD
I do know it's reasonably priced and wicked awesome. X)

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