New York Trip

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Basic Ideas for the Trip


  • Ali's MarineBatMobile gets ~25 mpg. According to the calculation via Map Quest, it would cost approximately $40 to get there ( However, I don't know how MQ does their calculations so keep in mind that that's only an approximation (and that is only one way).
  • John's Halifax gets ___(fill in ze blank) mpg.
  • /insert random vehicle and mpg

Train Tix

  • Train tickets from CT to NYC costs:

Six Flags New England

  • Each ticket for Six Flags costs $421 at "the door" and only $31 if we buy online.

(There's also a "combo option" which includes park admin., meal or parking2 and is only available online for $41.)

  • Parking at Six Flags is also $15/vehicle/day.

Ninja New York

this is something I heard of via MLIA but Danielle went there and said it wasn't so wonderful. It would be interesting to check it out, though. This one, though, is not so doableā€¦.considering it's "fine cuisine" and meals START at $40. ..heh-heh.

you can still check out the video
and here's the website, if you care to see. And if you can find a deal, post here. :D

Hodgeman's Frozen Custard

Hodgeman's Review
I don't know the prices, I just know John would probably draw blood if we didn't go here. XD
I do know it's reasonably priced and wicked awesome. X)

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