Welcome to the news area. Any time I make major updates, I'll try to explain them here. This page is for site administration changes only, and content related news should be posted elsewhere.


Added some new pages and a few stories. We now have a roleplaying page, these are very fun btw. We now have a Blog Something page, the adventure of Eclipse stories, and Trench Coats and Shadows, the tale of Chicken Nugget after The Grand Stories takes place where he was eaten by Heather. He is, of course, rather upset by this and has turned a bit…evil.
-Jen = )


Changed Freelance Contributions to Ian's page, since he was the only one who wrote there ^^


I've made a page for certain "free lance 'writters'" to share in the wonderfulness that is the grand stories page. Also, I think we ought to add the rest of the group under the Characters page (I also mentioned this in the forum) so that we can mention them in the never ending 100 page party. We have a very interesting group of friends, and I think it would be great to have them all here. = )


The Sci-Fi story is getting renewed and attempting to get written in. Be aware that it's hard with school; especially with the stress of the semester coming to an end and summer coming..but keep in touch!


We have figured out that the racist joke section that both Jen and Ali thought was on this site….is missing. We must find it. In the meantime, we have created a new section under the Junk page. REMEMBER THAT EVERYTHING MUST BE CITED from where you found it (nothing needs to be fancy; just write where you found it so we don't get in trouble)


A Story News forum was added today to help keep this news section clean. Feel free to post any content based updates there!


Several changes have been made today.

  • We have a grade school teacher forwarding traffic onto our site now. This means that any rules about keeping the majority of our sections clean and family friendly will be more harshly enforced.
  • Genres are going to be placed on non-"Grand Stories" story pages. This is so people can tell beforehand what the subject matter in the story shall be. Please feel free to add genres if your story doesn't fit one, or add your link into several of them if they fit.
  • The Adult 'start page' now has more information about why the section is there, and the links were updated. This should hopefully keep younger parties steered in the correct direction. At this time I know of no way to block traffic to a specific set of users, so we can't really secure that area.

4/30/07 New forums added

I added some new forums today. Hopefully we will get some topics going!

4/25/07 Adult

I added the adult section to the site. This should be a nice safe place for any topics of a more mature nature. Feel free to talk about anything you want in the Here

4/24/07 - Forums

We now have a set of forums! Check the side bar!


I turned on the discussion and forum settings today. You can now talk about just about anything by clicking the discuss button at the bottom of the pages.

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