Only a recent addition to the story. She had the misfortune of writing in the last story and, since this one is seeming to track down and haunt the authors of once-were, she was sucked into Never More as the story continues. She has known these people for a unsurmountable amount of time because no one knows exactly when she met said other characters; she just EXISTS. In the Grand Stories, the story in which this wonderfull website was named, Nichole had secured a more fixed roll in the stories and as one of the authors. She may not be one of the origionals, but we like her.

Parts of the Story with Nichole-

Somewhere deep dark unknown regions of a random fridge sat Nichole and
Heather. They stared that their surroundings, both trying to figure out
what the hell just happen. “We were eaten, weren’t we?” Nichole asked
Heather. “Yep.” Heather nodded. “Dammit! This is Jen’s fault!” Nichole yelled. “Most
likely, in the end isn’t always her fault?” Heather asked. “Yea.” “So
this shouldn’t be that surprising…. right?” “Heather-chan, a fridge ate

The Grand Stories Chapter 6 A fridge-d escape

"Thunk!" Jen fell over as a coconut hit her on the head. "Ah!" Jen
grumbeled, and looked up to see a bird fly away. "A swallow?" Jen frowned
her hardest, then noticed a note on the coconut. "help! I'm trapped in a
box! Follow the bird!" Jen was impressed. "where'd they get a coconut in
England?" She followed the bird to a box. She was surprised she had not
seen it there before, and became immediatly suspicious. "Hello box. I'm here
to open you up!" She glared at the box, but the box did not respond. She
then tried making small talk with the box. "You know, mr. box..the weather
here in England sure is pleasant…hard to believe…anything…unpleasant …
could ever happen here…" She glanced at the box, and it remained silent.
"I wonder why the sky appears bluer here….don't you, mr ARGH!!" Jen leaped
at the box and began stabbing it ferociously. Soon she carved a hole in it,
and stepped back to admire her rescue operation. Soon enough, a head
cautiously poked out, and looked at her in surprise. "Jen?" apperantly, the
head knew Jen. It then leaped out of the box, revealing that it was not in
fact a floating head trapped in an anti social box, but was indeed a person,
one that Jen knew. "Nichole?" Jen frowned, then nodded. "I knew you'd show
up eventually."

The Grand Stories Chapter 1 The Beginning of the End (or the End of the Beginning)

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