Nichole Pelleteir

Nichole Pelleteir


Nichole was born in a little town west of Manchester and east of Berlin. She was born in the mountainous, desert and jungled town of Ninkonphlort. She has since turned her back on her background.

She moved to Hollywood when she was a little girl in order to establish a life as a prodigee to a hot dog stand seller. She didn't make it, as few Hollywood-inites ever do. So she became the famed assistant of Frankenstein: Nermal. She was less popular with the crowd than Igor, however, so she decided to leave behind that life, as well.

She moved to Maine, in the barren wasteland of..well..pretty much everything that is Maine. She took on the alias "Abby Normal" and met the rest of the creators of this story in their years of high school together (all except John, who she apparently tricked into thinking they had once been married, and he had been the wife).

Fun Facts

Nichole was born in May!
Nichole is tall……ish!
Nichole never dated a monster!
Nichole DID, for a short period of time, date a fish!
Nichole is clever!
Nichole likes food!
Nichole's love for Girl Scout Cookies and her lack of sharing them got her killed off in the story!


Nichole has many friends.
Most of them don't really exist.

Jennifer Hussey Somehow these two have a very suspicious relationship. Their relationship is unknown— which is why it's suspicious.
Alex Chaya Alex has been enslaved by Nichole for several years. Will she ever escape?

Contact Info

Facebook: Nichole Pelleteir
AIM: KinumitsuTezuka3

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