Not A Good Day For Captain Kirk

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There was a hostage situation going on on the U.S.S. Enterprise. On a recent routine inspection of a penitentiary on the surface of Crimson I, a criminal had stowed away on one of the shuttles heading back to the Enterprise before the ship left the planet. Scotty, Ensign Ron Chambers and Ensign Oliver Brooke were locked away in the transporter room at the threat of gunpoint from the criminal. All communications to the rest of the ship had been severed to keep the hostages from asking for backup. It seemed that they were trapped and, without a little bit of a miracle, they might end up dying.

What they (nor nobody else on the ship) didn't know was that even if the three hostages in the transporter room had been able to call for backup, they wouldn't have been able to reach the captain. For he was currently in his quarters in the middle of an affectionately termed "lover's spat" with his first officer.

Unfortunately for the two parties involved, there was nothing affectionate about what was happening.

"Stop talking to me about logic!" Kirk fumed, grabbing a nearby book and slamming it onto the floor. The action did little to diverge his overwhelming feelings of anger.

Spock's eyebrows raised. "I am sorry if that frustrates you, captain—"

"You're not sorry." Kirk growled, throwing himself into his chair and spinning around to face the Vulcan. "You just don't get it, do you?" Spock connected his hands behind his back at the waist and merely shrugged, frowning slightly.

"I'm afraid I don't, Jim."

James jumped up from his seat and stormed up to Spock. "Of course not." His eyes were narrowed into slits, his voice iced over with passionate rage. "Something like this requires feeling; not detachment and disinterest."

Spock blinked several times, looking as though his superior officer had just slapped him across the face. "I do not believe I have shown either one of those traits," he replied, defensive.

Kirk chuckled, but it was a dark sound emitting from his lungs. "No, I don't suppose you would think you had. The problem is that you can't attempt to show anything but disinterest in things."

Spock decided it was in his best interest not to react to such a comment. "If you are saying what I think you are and you think my so-called detached attitude stems from my past, I would like to remind you, captain, that I am half-Vulcan and we are trained from birth to have control over our emotions."

"But you are half human, are you not?" Kirk demanded. "Or do you always just pretend that part of you doesn't exist?"

Spock frowned once again. "I do not deny my lineage," he began to defend himself but Kirk didn't want to hear any more of it. He was tired of this constant battle with his first officer; it was a never ending struggle. And it was always over the same thing. Letting frustration get the better of him, he stormed out of his own quarters and down the hall. He was in such a blind rage that he nearly knocked over two lower level crew members who were passing carrying many books for research.

Walking briskly through the hallways, he made it to engineering before he even realized where he was headed. When the doors automatically opened for him, he caught the attention of not only his three captured crew but also of the criminal. His foul mood continued when he realized the strange man.

"Who are you?" He demanded. The criminal was slightly taken off guard for being overturned in who had the upper hand in the situation. He decided to turn that around, however, and ask the new person the same question.

"Who are you?" He demanded back in almost matching voice tone.

"I am the captain of this ship, Captain James Kirk. Now I ask you again and I warn you my patience is running thin: who are you?"

The criminal ignored the question. "Hello, Captain Kirk. Now get down on the floor or I will shoot one of your men."

Kirk locked eyes with Mr. Scott. Nodding his head toward the man in question, he asked Scotty: "Is he supposed to be here?" Wordless, Montgomery Scott shook his head. "Right." Kirk gave a curt nod and, ignoring the stolen weapon in the man's hand, he grabbed a shoulder of the criminal's shirt and near dragged him from the room.

Dragging the criminal behind him, Kirk stormed towards the air lock. He opened the door and tossed the man in with little effort. The criminal was suddenly aware of his present situation and looked up at Kirk, frozen and eyes wide. Kirk did not change his mind. He pressed the button to seal the door and, once completed, hit the button to open the airlock.

The man, with the stolen phaser, flew out into space and was killed immediately.

"And stay off my ship." Kirk mumbled before turning and heading to the Bridge.

Scotty, Oliver and Ron had followed their captain at a safe distance, curious what he was going to do with their captor. They all stood in dead, terrified silence well after the point Kirk had disappeared within the lift.

Scotty was the first of them to speak. "Looks like he had another argument with Mr. Spock," he muttered in his thick Glasgow accent. Oliver and Ron still stared at the vacant place where their captain stood just moments before with the criminal. The two remained there even several minutes after Mr. Scott went back to the engineering deck and back to work.

"Remind me never to piss off the captain." Oliver's voice squeaked out.

"Uh-huh." Ron nodded in complete agreement.

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