One Line At A Time

One Line at a Time, Community story!

I decided to give us a different sort of story. No more huge blocks of un-formatted text that burns John's eyes1! Each author can only post one new line at a time. I'm forgoing any author credit here, as well as chapters in general (as it would just add to the clutter!). Anyway, here is our first line! Remember, only one sentence for each post, and let someone else post the next line!

The Story

Our hero stood before the gates of his homeland, and stepped forward into the great unknown.

Then, the dinosaurs attacked!

A tremendous barrage of terrible lizards swarmed through the gates of his homeland.

He gaped at the monstrosity that lay before him.

And with a great thrust he withdrew his faithful weapon…a dead rat on a stick.

He cast it aside and ran to the west, never to return again.

But the mighty pink turkey vulture flew back to kidnap him.

Our hero was distraught; he had escaped the dinosaurs but now he was doomed!

*The writer suddenly died*


And they all sang karaoke, and lived happily ever after (goddammit)

The butler was now dead.

THE END (seriously this time)

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