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Ali's Truth S33ker's Rant on Global Warming (March 2009)

I have a livejournal account, , where I used to update random rants about anything I felt was important. This topic was actually the last one I posted about.

This is a topic that I am very skeptic about. Always have been. And there are many reasons why, but I will mention why it's been a recent topic on my mind (I will do so in a little bit). The reason I have such an issue with this topic is because….I don't think it's an issue. Well….OK. I am really skeptical of the fact it's an issue. I have no problem with people wanting to save the planet and protect our home for hundreds of years so our ancestors have a place to inhabit as much as we did. However, there is so much hype and confusion wrapped up in the issue of global warming that, I admit, I have a biased against it from the get-go. I am not a fan of extreme environmentalists. In fact, I could even go so far as to brag I'm an antifan. I do not approve of hysteria— especially as a means to manipulate people. Hysteria is one of those things where the end does NOT always justify the means.

But my main issue with global warming does not rely solely on the extreme environmentalists that are pushing for it (although I would be a liar to say that wasn't an issue). There simply isn't enough evidence to state one way or another on this topic. The way I started thinking about it was pretty simple: we can't even predict with 50% accuracy what the weather will be like for an entire week; how can we state that the whole Earth is now suffering from spikes in temperature?

So then advocates for global warming can bring up that the ice caps are melting and weather temperatures have spiked in the pervious years. Well, OK. Yes. I believe that. I mean, various icebergs are starting to melt and higher temperatures are having an effect on the environment. But how can you say that evidence proves global warming? To me, this argument is about as strong as stating that, because life exists, some form of higher being (AKA "God") must exist. That might seem like an extreme statement….I'll admit to that. Mayhaps I am being a little unfair to those who believe in global warming. But what is really your proof? You can't show me melting ice as pure evidence for global warming.

And the other thing that bothers me is the essential issue: what caused global warming? I don't know if I have heard a decent enough answer to this question yet. The more popular one I have heard is that this crisis has come from gas emissions from cars and factories. And this I can kind of understand. There are a lot of bad chemicals that get burned and released into the atmosphere when cars are driven or factories are in use. But we have not had these technologies for that long. I would be willing to say…what? The last 200 years (give or take?) In that short span of time, compared to the billions of years this planet has existed…we have caused THAT much damage? I am skeptical on this. It's not to say that I completely disown this theory…….but it still doesn't seem to add up.

My English professor last year at USM once told the class that there are NO scientifically peer-reviewed articles arguing against global warming. His viewpoint? "because no one in the scientific community believes this isn't an issue". Now, I'm not here to vent about this statement, or his ignorant viewpoint on the scientific world (for this was not a single event), but this simply isn't true. And although I respected the man..he was an idiot. There are LOTS of articles out there arguing against the hysteria of global warming. Those who choose not to look for them can not, therefore, boast that they don't exist.

And, before I end this rant, I wanted to bring back the reason why I decided to vent about this now. I am in on/off communication with a dear friend who lives in California. She was telling me how cool and rainy it has been where she lives (where, otherwise, it would be warm and sunny). She says her rainy weather is evidence of global warming.

Uhm…what? No. No, no, no. Global warming does NOT cover variations in weather conditions. It's called GLOBAL WARMING for a reason. The global cooling period was in the 1970s, and see how well that one worked out for people. Are we in another ice age? No. We're in a heating stage. This is a Robert Frost poem.

The MAIN issue I have with this topic is just this: you can't have it both ways. I am not attacking her viewpoint or her at all (I want that understood). It's the ideas behind what she said that really and truly bothers me. If you want to shout about global WARMing, you can't also include global COOLing. Do you know why? Because then you're stating natural weather patterns.

Global warming is an almost laughable issue when you study the past. If you study geology, anthropology or any other ancient life/earth sciences, you will learn something very reasonable: weather changes. Imagine that. The Earth has undergone SEVERAL massive environmental changes. A couple ice ages, a couple heating stages…none of these blamed on gas emmissions or the ignorance of the human race. It's natural. There's nothing odd about what's happening. And I can understand why people would freak out because of the change in climate and the extinction of animals…but it's nothing new. This happens all the time in nature. It's not definite whether we had an impact on the environment and maybe "speeded along" the climate change. We could have. We simply don't know. We don't have enough data yet, we don't have enough studies yet…we don't have any way of telling. But saying we directly caused this to happen is, pardon the pun, hysterical.

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