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Mr. Spock versus the Spear

(Ali; 3 February)

In episode 1.14 in the original Star Trek series (an episode entitled Galileo Seven) a small crew went to explore a quasar named Murasaki III when they crash-landed on the surface of the planet named Taurus II. On it they encounter some "primeval" life equipped with spears, much like the spear heads uncovered by archaeologists in New Mexico in the early 1920s.

One of the miscellaneous crew members who was sent on ahead to explore the area under orders from Mr. Spock, was stabbed by one of the spears and killed.

Later on, after the death of one of the random characters (who was attacked by a zombie bear), Spock was carrying the dead crew member back to the shuttle when he was bombarded by a number of rudimentary spears. One of them seemed to strike him in the head and he just kept walking.

So unless Vulcans are equipped with a specialized armor that keeps them from being affected by cheap props, Mr. Spock experienced a fluctuation in plot physics.

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