Our Own Little Sci-Fi Adventure

Talking on Skype one night, we decided to do a reenactment of a classic "The Stories" segment we created in high school. Basically, Chocolate Syrup takes all the classic, horrid and cheesy cliches of soap operas and plays them out. It's fun, it's idiotic, it's….a work of art.

**we do not own any of the sci-fi stuff that is in here = ) **

Here's a listing of the Sci-Fi series we are intending to use (please note that not ALL the things on this page will be mentioned, or will have a major impact. This is just so we, as authors, can keep track of the series. But if you would like to suggest something, we would love to hear it! :D Sci-Fi References

(Further) Introduction

Does this story require further introduction? Probably not, but we shall give it one anyway. As our "active readers" may know, our stories generally range from the random to the absurd, to the absolute insanity of any piece of English literature you may ever have set your eyes upon. This is not new to us. Unfortunately, this misguided genre does not seem to satisfy the creator of this here website. He has complained (on several occasions) that he can't make heads nor tales of our crazed writing styles. As much fun as it may be (and I assure you: it's quite fun) to torture the bloke, the active authors of this wonderful website wanted to appease him — if only for this one time. Therefore, we've reached a compromise: this story is going to have some serious overtones to it. However, because the creator of this website does not actually participate in writing the stories, we will include some insanity (AKA the random spin off of soap opera events).
Should I also mention that we are not soap opera connoisseurs, so any soap opera parallels are completely and ignorantly coincidental. We play only on the cliché and mundane. We just make it…shall I say…more theatrical.

Chapter 1: The Beginning (..we think).

(by Alex)

The Doctor1 glared at the inner workings of the TARDIS2. Rubbing his chin, he heaved a sigh. She'd been protesting a while, not willing to cooperate with him. Usually such behavior coincided with the departure of another companion on board. He had recently been forced to leave Donna behind but, as tragic as that was, the Doctor feared Donna's disappearance was not the result of the TARDIS' upset. He feared it was more because of Rose Tyler.

Another deep sigh escaped the Doctor's smooth lips as his eyes glanced off into nothingness. Pools of tears circulated at the base of his eyes. Instinctively, the time-old Timelord cleared his throat, shrugged his shoulders and tossed his head in a perfected "tough guy" gesture to hide his sadness behind the mask. Rose was long gone now, and had her own Doctor.

There was a sudden active blip on one of the screens inside the TARDIS that brought the Doctor back down to reality. He stared at the image, trying to make it out, all the while unawares that the TARDIS was heading straight for that very spot.

  • * *

On the other side of our story is exactly where the little blip was broadcasting from. All completely ignorant of the path their fates would cross in exactly fourteen minutes and fifty-three seconds, Jen and Alex were hanging out in Alex's dorm room. It was shortly after lunch on a Thursday afternoon and the two of them had time to kill between classes. Alex was thumbing through one of her text books for her Anthropology class while Jen was trying to find the equivalent to "y" in her algebra homework. Jen's auburn eyebrows fell on her eyes as her pale brow furrowed in concentration. Alex, sensing her friend's distress, glanced over. Her dark brown eyes caught the small section above her glasses to watch Jen struggle. Right before Jen was about to throw her pencil out of the window, Alex intervened. "Want me to look at it?"

At the end of her rope, Jen sighed heavily and dropped her head in defeat. She shoved her book towards Alex. Alex took a look at the problem.

z = yb + (2 + ac) - 3

Alex stared blankly at the equation. "Z equals y times b….what?" She muttered to herself. She gazed over it, her brain steadfastly going nowhere at the speed of light, she finally sighed and gave up. "I give up." She reiterated, tossing the book back to Jen. Shrugging helplessly, she apologized. "Sorry."

Jen sighed and nodded her head grimly as her fingers traced the side of the book to close it. "It's not your fault," she muttered, also feeling helpless. "My professor's probably an alien in disguise." The two time-old friends ignored the foreshadowing they weren't yet aware played an essential part in this story when Alex glanced at her clock. A smile flew across her lips as she turned back to Jen, her eyes lit up. Jen knew that look, but was in no mood for a mysterious rendezvous. Before she could open her mouth to object, Alex interrupted. "Buttons is back from class!"

Jen's eyes gazed suspiciously in wonder at her friend, curious as to whether Alex had suddenly acquired ESP or Buttons Radar. It was lost on her how Alex could have such information; until she remembered. Buttons (the codename for one John Murray) had had his class schedule memorized by Jen and Alex for such occasions as this. More to the fact, John had been avoiding the two of them since he had discovered his schedule had been memorized the week before. It was only a matter of time, however, before this creature of habit returned to his daily routine.

Lucky for them, today was precisely that day.

A smile cascaded across Jen's lips as well as she leaped to her feet Alex grabbed her room keys and the two friends bolted for the door and ran down the hallway to the staircase. John lived two floors beneath Alex, in another wing of the building. Unawares that he was soon to be a victim, John walked at a calm pace back to his room. Meanwhile, Jen and Alex flew down the staircases and speeds that would impress the Road Runner. Right before John's key made contact with the lock, he heard a disturbance in the form of a shout from down the hall.


Looking over, startled, John's pale blue eyes fell on Jen and Alex who were stampeding down the hall. A look of panic painted across John's face as he suddenly became overwhelmed with an urgent need to be inside his room and protected. Fumbling with his key, it so happened that the same unfortunate circumstance befell him that effected everyone else in his given situation. Panic caused John to not properly hold the key to unlock the door and disappear inside. Thus, he became the official prey of the two weird girls he'd had the displeasure of meeting way back in high school. Jen dove for John, her body colliding with John's waist. The force of her body made John stumble enough to fall to the floor with a resounding THUD! Alex, unable to stop so abruptly, demonstrated a perfect example of one of Newton's Laws of Physics: an Alex in motion must stay in motion. Tripping over one of John's feet as he lay sprawled on the floor, Alex let out a final yelp before echoing the thud from the two bodies who fell before her. From somewhere down the hall, another young male resident opened their dormitory door to examine the situation. He must have been a veteran for these antics, because he merely sighed in disgust, rolled his eyes, shook his head and stepped back into his room. The door slammed shut behind him. Jen glanced up to look at the door. "Hmm," she mumbled. "I guess we annoyed Max again."

"Bah," Alex grumbled, moving to sit up. She dusted herself off as she continued talking. "He should be able to handle it."

Jen sat up and looked back at John. Buttons wasn't moving; he just lay there, completely motionless. Jen reached into the pocket of her trademark jean jacket and pulled out a stick; something she'd conveniently started carrying the day before. Leaning closer, she poked John in the shoulder. "Are you dead?" She asked, continually poking him in a rhythmic fashion. After the fifth or sixth poke, John's opposing arm flew out and gripped the stick mid-poke. Eyes remaining closed, he muttered between clenched teeth.

"Don't. Poke. Me."

"He's alive!" Alex remarked. Jen's eyes narrowed.

"Yes, but why doesn't he move?"

"I'm dead." John grumbled.

"If you're dead, why're you talkin'?" Alex asked, hands pressed to her hips. "Dead men tell no tales."

The silence that fell after that moment was loud and prominent. Several seconds passed before he sighed in submission. Alex smirked with victory; a kind of smile that shouted "I WIN!" in large streamers across the hallway, and banners flying through the air behind crop duster planes. She did not need to utter the words herself; the smile was more than enough.

John still refused to get up, even when faced with such irrefutable logic. And Buttons would have continued his façade of the living dead had not an all too familiar alien noise caught the trios ears. They each stopped instantaneously and turned to the window to listen intently to the noise.

"Is it..?" Alex started.

"It can't be.." Jen debated.

"Impossible," John breathed.

And yet each one was as correct as they were in error. The noise they each heard was exactly what they thought it was, but none of them could fathom the reality of the situation. In unison, the three pairs of eyes met and their mouths fell open in astonished wonder. None of them had to guess or inquire what the other was thinking; they each had the same racing thoughts.

The Doctor had arrived.

Chapter 2: Not what you expected

(By Jen)

Three pairs of feet sprinted down the main hall and stopped right as a familiar blue box faded in and out of view. The three stood awestruck at what had to be the most wonderful box in all of time and space, as it finally remained unfaded and stood before them like a god.

After a few minutes, they looked carefully at each other. Why didn't he come out? John was the first one to move forward. Out of the three of them, he was the most interested in having his own TARDIS, at least he thought so, and the other two, out of a momentary respect for the fact that it was he who introduced them to the series of Doctor Who did not object.

"Do you suppose he's here because of my math teacher?" Jen frowned as John put his ear up to the door to listen. "What about your math teacher?" John asked. "He's definitely an alien." Jen was sure of this. "You just suck at math." "John, this was no regular math." Alex stood up for her generally clueless friend. John looked up from listening to the door to frown at the two of them. But as he did, it was something behind them that really caught his attention.


All three of them had yelled in unison, as when John turned his back to the TARDIS, the doors came springing open and a two headed being sprang out shooting at what was behind Jen and Alex, which was a grotesque greenish blob of a thing shouting shouting something probably very obscene.

There was momentary silence as the strange alien blob thing toppled backwards and fell with an unvictorious splut.

They looked at the alien.

Then they looked at the two headed being that they hoped was the Doctor.

He stood grinning with both heads at the three of them.

He grinned at Alex. Alex tilted her head in confusion.

He grinned at Jen. Jen smiled back awkwardly.

He grinned at John. John glared. "YOU'RE NOT THE DOCTOR."

"Doctor who?" The two headed being asked while grinning with the other head.

"EXACTLY!" John remarked.

Now it was the two headed being's turn to look confused. He turned and looked back in the TARDIS. "This isn't my ship." He frowned. "HA! I knew it." John smirked. "How did you know?" Jen asked. "Time Lords don't have two heads." "Time Lords? Never heard of them." "Alright.." Alex asked, her hopes had been raised, she needed to find out who this person was and why he had stolen her chance to meet the Doctor from her..because now we was angry. "So what planet are you from, TARDIS thief?" "I'm from a planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse. I was the president of the Universe, you know." The two headed being crossed his arms in front of him and grinned again.

"You're Zaphod Beeblebrox." Alex was still glaring at him. He had the Heart of Gold. WHY did he also get the TARDIS?! And WHERE was the Doctor?! "And..this is a Vogon?" Jen had already commenced poking the dead creature with a stick. It made strange slurping noises wherever it was jabbed. "That's correct. We were about to fall into a sun, so Dent turned on the improbability drive." "So you somehow ended up in the TARDIS?" John asked. "yep." "So what happened to the Heart of Gold? Do you suppose the Doctor is on it?"

5 pairs of eyes looked inquiringly at each other. With the Infinite Improbability Drive, anything could be possible…

It took a moment for all of it to sink in. “odd, that the TARDIS would land here though..” Jen frowned, eyeing it and wanting to venture inside. “Well..” John said brightening a little, “the TARDIS is a living thing, it must have come here for some reason. There must be something here..” Alex, Jen, John and Zaphod looked around in anticipation. All they saw was a parking lot and an empty street.

“Bogus.” Zaphod sneered. He turned and marched into the TARDIS. Not wanting to miss out, Jen, Alex and John went to dive in after him. They barely made it through the door as it closed and the two headed ex-president looked at them in irritation. “Look cats, unless you know how to fly this box, get out!” “Let me try!” John stepped forward confidently and looked over the switches while Zaphod watched. He located the button that the Doctor always used and pressed it. the TARDIS made a sullen noise and refused to do anything. they tried another noise. The same thing happened. No matter what they hit or how they pleaded, the TARDIS refused to move and would instead grummble at their efforts.

“Ok, so the answer is elsewhere.” Alex frowned. Jen nodded and opened the door. “Let's go find out what we need here.” Stepping back into the bright sunlight, they found Katie standing outside. “HEY!” she grinned at seeing them. “KATIE! WE HAVE TO FIND THE DOCTOR! HE'S MISSING!!” “WHAT?!?!?!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Katie gasped in horror and then looked at Zaphod. She gasped again. “you haven't read the good book, have you?” Jen frowned. “This is Zaphod Beeblebrox, ex-president of the Universe. He's tastless and unthoughtful, and that's why people like him.” “ah, nice to meet you…” Katie smiled.

There was a metalic clicking noise and a voice mournfully rose from the TARDIS; “No one likes me, and why should they? Brain the size of a planet, but no redeeming qualities to speak of…don't bother introducing yourself, I know you don't really care about meeting me…” They looked up in a mix of joy and horror (on Zaphod's part) to see Marvin roll depressedly out of the Tardis to meet them. “Oh, heeey Marvin, glad to see yah…” Zaphod frowned. “Don't bother pretending to be happy on my acount..” Marvin sighed.

Chapter 3: The Search Begins

(by Ali)

Ali saw Marvin and resisted the urge to cross the floor of the TARDIS and hug him. John and Jen glanced around, taken in by the TARDIS and all it's beauty. Katie, at the same time, looked like she was trying to surpress an urge to say something. Her face started turning red as she held her breath so she wouldn't speak. Although her hold on life was much too strong and she ended up opening her mouth to breathe anyway. As she did so, the words she was holding slipped from her mouth: "It's bigger on the inside." As soon as she was finished speaking, she slapped her hands over her mouth and looked around her in horror. Her three best friends all glared at her momentarily. Zaphod, meanwhile, looked around the ship and replied noncommittally:

"Huh. I suppose it is."

Chapter 3: Because that last bit wasn't enough to be a full chapter.

(by Jen)

Little did they realize that Katie knew why the TARDIS was there.

Hours earlier, Katie had been fast asleep, lost in a world of fantasy and surreality. She was the Captain of the spaceship Serenity, and she was leaning calmly against the control board while she watched stars fly past them. In front of her stood a tall man named Jareth. She was triumphant, as she had successfully delivered a large crate of Wonderflownium to the Goblin king Jareth on the planet Magrathia, and he now rewarded her with the power to call on him and his goblins to do her bidding when needed. She took the favor immediatly, and asked him to help her get rid of all the squirrels. Jareth was surprised by this, and asked her why she would want this? She explained that once she had a dream of a dancing squirrel that bit her and turned her vision green, and ever since was afraid of them. Jareth sighed, and sadly informed her that squirrels were in fact goblins, and he could not help her in this task. Katie gasped, devastated. She delivered a crate of Wonderflownium to //Squirrels?!!//

Katie had woken up screaming. She leapt out of bed, half expecting to see squirrels surrounding her with a freeze ray, but saw nothing. Catching her breath, she decided sleep would be impossible and was about to leave her room when she notice a dark shadow in her closet. She immediatly stiffened, fear and cation running through her, and she edged forward to investigate.

She edged closer, and froze. Too big to be a squirrel she assessed. She moved closer. Not big enough to be a freeze ray… Closer…could it be her imagination? ..Closer..a stalker?..still closer…could it be a bunch of squirrels?! ..she moved back a few steps… no… she moved closer again. "AH HA!" she yelled finally, hitting the shadow with all her force and realizing in that same instant, that's exactly what it was…

With a crash, she fell into her closet and began screaming, grappleing with some invisible force until she finally managed to free herself and crawl to her bedroom door. After escaping her room, she marched off to get ready for school. (For Katie, grappeling with shadows first thing in the morning is a usual event).

Katie soon realized that something seemed off however, but couldn't place it.

Chapter 3: Because I Wasn't Done Yet, Dammit

(by Ali)

A shiver ran down the length of Katie's spine as she was pulled back into the present day in the TARDIS. She looked around, apparently having to regain her location. It did not take her long to notice that things had taken a turn for the worst. And with the infamous President of the Universe in their presence, such a turn for the worst was not completely unexpected. Zaphod was busy pushing every available button within reach (and a few out of reach which only became in reach through a little creative engineering). Sounds on every scale imaginable were echoing throughout the Police Box. John was attempting to stop him from causing any more chaos. Unfortunately for him, he was way over his head in this case. Zaphod continued to push numerous amount of buttons and starting to re-push buttons.

"Guys…" Ali said cautiously, looking around her as a new sound entered the cycle; something very unlike the others. "What's that sound?"

"Shut up, witch." John growled, still attempting to grapple with Zaphod. He let out a loud yelp of pain when Zaphod's second head bit John's wrist. Ali, angry with John, yelled something obscene to him that was cut out by the loud shrieking of the very sound Ali was trying to warn about. It sounded like a very high pitched train whistle. It emitted throughout the entire cabin of the TARDIS before Zaphod, Jen, John, Katie and Ali were ejected fiercely from the police box and lay out on the pavement. The front door slammed shut before the light on the top of the TARDIS started flashing around like a small lighthouse and the police box started disappearing. Jen jumped up before the others and ran towards the box screaming, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" as it faded into the air. She just about reached it before it disappeared altogether and her hand slipped through nothingness.

Zaphod, meanwhile, stood up and started to diplomatically wipe the dirt off from his finely pressed clothes. He did not pay attention and therefore was caught off guard when a flying Jen hit him in the stomach, knocking him back into the dirt. (Jen, Katie and Ali all stood up and started brushing themselves off, far enough away to have a safety bumper between themselves and the two fighting). "Why! Did! You! Do! THAT!??!" Jen asked, pounding Zaphod's chest with a heavy punch between every word break.

"What are you hitting me for?" Zaphod asked, finally pushing her off when she used up all her immediate vengeful energy.

"YOU LOST THE TARDIS!!!" Jen screamed at him.

"Well………..yeah." Zaphod admitted, shrugging like it wasn't a big deal. "So?"

"SO!?!" Ali demanded, getting into the ongoing fight. "The single-most amazing piece of machinery that can travel through time and space and you LOST IT!?!???!!!"

Zaphod glared at the two of them. "My ship is better."

"YOU LOST THE TARDIS!" Jen, Ali and John all yelled at him. Zaphod still showed no sign of remorse. The three of them should have realized that the President of the Universe would show no concern for the loss of someone else's personal property.

Katie, meanwhile, was still standing a few feet away. Her words took her friends (and Zaphod) back into reality. "Hey, guys…I think we lost something else."

"What?" Jen asked, an edge to her voice left over from her aggravation at the two-headed President.

"The robot-dude….the guy with the head that he bragged was the size of a planet.."

"Marvin," Ali corrected automatically.

"Yeah, him." Katie said. "He was in the police box."

Chapter 4: There is more then one blue box?

(by Jen)

There was a mixed emotion surrounding the group. Some were distraught over the loss of their chronically depressed metal friend. Zaphod was indifferent, but cared more about the loss of the spaceship. Katie was distracted, as just then she saw a random car drive by, and it reminded her of what had been out of place earlier that morning. "AAAHHH!" She screamed, half out of realization, and half because that's what Katie does. Everyone looked at her. "I remember why I'm here!" she cried. Alex raised an eyebrow. "Does it have to do with 42?" "No!" Katie yelled, and started walking towards John's car.

Uncertainly, they all followed her, waiting for her to explain. "On the way here today, I saw a big blue box. I didn't know what it was at first.." "Was it the TARDIS?" John asked. "No. I investigated, and do you know what it was?!" Katue stopped walking, and Jen walked into her. Katie's eyes were lit up in excitement, and Alex chirped "What was it? What was it?" "It was…the phantom tollbooth!" Katie grinned. "Whoah..what's that doing here? I didn't think you were bored and depressed with your life.." Jen frowned at Katie. "I don't know why, but we're getting John's car, and we're driving to Dictionopolis!" Katie decreed, and Alex cheered. John shook his head. "If we're going to use my car, we're going to Digitopolis." "No!" Katie stomped. "Yes!" John yelled back. They fought back and forth the entire way to John's car, only to discover that Ali's car was right next to it. "Let's split up then." They all agreed.

So, John, Alex and Zaphod got in John's car to go to Digitopolis, and Katie and Jen took Alex's car to go to Dictionolpois, where they would do who-knows-what, but at least they were doing something.

Chapter 5: Beyond Expectations

(by Katie)

"So Katie must be driving, since Jen can't," John deduced, watching from his rear view mirror as the two girls piled into Ali's car.

"Katie can't either, not legally," Ali reminded John. Horrific realization caused her eyes to widen as she fully comprehended the danger her car was in.

"Jen! Provide music, bitte3!" Katie barked as she threw the tape deck plug-in to her first mate before starting the car with the keys she had at some point stolen, as was her wont. She also had John's keys, which she dragged from her pocket to keep handy for the purpose of chucking them out the window at Halifax, John's car, as she cruised by.

"Yeah, feel that motor rumble," Katie murmured as she caressed the steering wheel with her palms, then pulsed her foot on the gas to rev the engine. Unfortunately, Jen had helpfully taken the car out of park and they were hurled forward.

From the rear view mirror, John saw the faces of Katie and Jen become elongated with screaming, at the same time growing larger with what he assumed was increased proximity.

"My keys! Where are my keys!?" He shrieked, scrambling to search his pockets.

"My caaaaaar!" Ali wailed.

Seconds before Halifax suffered a collision from the rear, Jen reached over and spun the wheel hard to one side. The car banked in that direction, John's keys flying out the opposite window.

"I didn't know we could take a corner on one wheel," she grinned from against her window. Katie pulled herself back into place with the help of her seat belt and the wheel and landed the car safely on four wheels again.

"Me neither. What else can we do?"

"There's a ramp!" Jen cried, flinging her arm forward to indicate such a structure.

John got out of his car to order an end to this malarkey, which he knew was a futile attempt because it has never worked and never will. He bent and picked up his keys, opening his mouth to commence with the yelling when something white and metallic flashed past only inches from his out thrust head. He was pelted with tiny stones and his head still spun from the close call as well as the war cry of "WHOOOOO!" that ripped behind the car's wake. He whipped around to watch as Ali's car mounted the convenient ramp.

"NOOOOOO!" Ali screamed as her car became airborn, in a totally not mother bird-like reaction as her baby took flight.

"WHEEEEEE—AUGH!" Jen and Katie's ongoing yell of delight was choked by the surprise of Ian suddenly being on the wind shield.

"Hiya!" Ian's greeting was muffled by the glass as the car's nose tipped downward, indicating descent. "Where're you off to? Can I come too?" Through the spaces of the window not occupied by Ian, the ground and a small building became apparent.

"Did they even make it through the tollbooth?" John grumbled, exasperated. He squinted, deciding that the smoldering wreckage in the distance was technically beyond the tollbooth, even if no toll had been paid. When he got no answer, he looked back to his car, where Ali sat, her mouth open in shock, a broken woman.

Chapter 6: Things Begin to Get a Little Bit More Complicated

by Ali

John shrugged as Katie and Jen drove off in his car and the scene faded off into the distance. He turned around to start walking towards his own car.456 After he got his keys back, he had no reason to wait to get to Digitopolis. But there did turn out to be something in his way. A shattered woman sat at his feet and prevented him from moving. He could go around her, but he saw the blank look of shock and chose not to just ditch her. Kneeling down, he moved (arguably) uncomfortably close and stared at Ali.

No response. Even after several seconds, there was no response. Eyes squinting in suspicion, he raised his right hand above his head and slapped her.

Ali glared up at John and growled. "What the hell was that for, you jerk?"

"We can't afford for you to be a broken woman right now," John said, trying to be calm and collected but sounding irritable. Grabbing a hold of Ali's wrist, he dragged her up from the ground. "Come on, we need to go." Shoving her in his car, he slammed the door shut. He moved to go back to get behind the wheel when he ran into Zaphod. The two of them stood and stared at each other for a moment before John barked, "Are you going to get out of my way?"


"Because we are leaving! We need to get to Digitopolis and you need to get your Presidential butt in the car." Zaphod normally would have challenged John to a Fish Slapping Dance on his rudeness, but was so shocked that he immediately obeyed. Getting into the backseat, all the passengers were in Halifax and were ready to go. Taking a deep breath of resolution, John marched towards his driver's side. "Now," he announced in victory. "I can finally get this mission onwards."

"Uhm….captain, my captain?" Zaphod said, sticking his two heads out of the window. John glared at him.

"What?" He growled.

"I..uhm…don't think you're the driver…"

John's annoyance was slowly slipping into confusion. "What do you mean?" He was almost terrified to ask. Instead of answering, he pointed towards the front seat. Feeling uneasiness overwhelm him, he lowered his mutantly tall body to look through the window. Ali had ripped the steering wheel off the right side of the car and was busy assembling it onto the left dashboard. "JESUS CHRIST, ALI, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!??!!!!" His mouth had fallen permanently open in shock.

"Fixing it," Ali replied in a matter-of-fact tone. When the steering wheel was appropriately lodged onto the dashboard, she looked over at John and smiled. "Well, get in."

"WHAT THE FUCK!" John yelled. "How…why….how did you even DO that!?"

Ali smiled and shrugged. "I watch a lot of Top Gear7."


"So much you know," she mumbled. "Now get in the damned car, Buttons. We were supposed to get there twenty minutes ago." Not knowing what else to do (he hadn't seen half as many Top Gear episodes as she had), John speechlessly got in the car. As Ali started the engine and put it into gear, John could do nothing but stare at her.

Several minutes passed before John could speak again. When he did, he choked out, "So…why did you do that?"

Ali shrugged. "What do you care? Halifax doesn't work anymore anyway."

Chapter 7: Great Expectations!

(by Jen)

Dust curled up from underneath the tires and mixed with the spits and sputters of smoke spewing out the engine. The car, however, did not cease. Trees were a blur outside the window, and there was the muffled sound of a human voice emmiting from somewhere near the front bumper of the car.

"Katie?" Jen frowned as the car was momentarily airborne, sailing over the crest of a hill and landing with a loud crash.

"Yes?" Katie's eyes were narrowed slits, squinting at the barely visible road through the clouds of dust and billows of smoke that were greeting the front windshield.

"You know Ian's currently attached to our front bumper, right?"

There was a long pause as Katie took a particularly sharp right turn that required her full attention at the speed she was going.

"He is?" The car was again airborne, and there was another landing crash!

"Yeah, you ran him over right before we passed the tollbooth." Jen said as she watched a squirrel attempt to cross the road and fail as it met the wraith of Katie's driving.

"HAHAHAHA!" Katie jeered triumphantly. "Did you see that?!" Katie danced in her seat a moment, while Jen smiled politly.

"So, about Ian.." Jen tried again.

"Oh, right." Katie said distractedly, and proceeded to slam on the breaks.


Ian's figure was launched into the distance and dissapeared behind some trees.

"Is he alive?" Katie gasped, suddenly wide eyed.
Jen leaned forward, and started suddenly. She had caught in her periferal vision Ian's reflection in the rear view mirror. Jen turned around to glare at him, which made Katie realize he was alive and in the back of the car.

"So I see you've improved your ''sha-joop'' skills." Katie noted, and Ian smiled. "Indeed, I have. Where are we?"

Jen and Katie shared a look. "We're in Expectations now."

"Ah" Ian nodded. "And what are we doing here?"

"Having great expectations of the things to come?" Katie mused.

"Then in that case" Jen decided, "I expect Nate will show up sometime soon."
"Yes!" Katie agreed.

No sooner had she said that, then Nate ran out of the woods, weilding a sword and fencing with a creature from Doldrums, a place where thinking and laughing were not allowed.

Nate managed to thwart the beast, and Jen, Katie and Ian looked on in amusement.

"What are you guys doing here?" Nate asked in surprise when he saw the trio.

"Shut up and get in" Jen declared. "We're going to Dictionopolis, damnit."

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