This is a place to keep track of dreams. Are there underlying meanings? Are they warnings of future events, like some seem to believe? Perhaps they're just self expression or suppressed ideas we don't feel confident enough to reveal while we're awake…Anyways, here are some of our dreams (or nightmares, haha)

Or current theories say they are our brain's interpretations of the random firing of neurons, to take all the romanticism out of it. This is called the Activation Synthesis model, developed by Allan Hobson and Robert McCarley.


Selections from the first week in April, by Sally

The Pool

I dreamt I was home for the summer with my parents to work, but I was also staying at this place with a giant pool or beach with some people my age that I knew very well. Sometimes it was a pool and sometimes it was a beach. They would always want to go swimming but I would have to go to work sometimes. Sometimes I swam, but sometimes I lost my bathing suit. I wore a one-piece without the shorts that I used to wear, so I guess I was less self-conscious. I ran away from living with my parents because I didn’t like them. I got far away somehow, but I needed to get back for work. I went into a restaurant in Maine a medium distance from where I lived, one of those kinds of restaurants that excessively serves home fries. I met this guy there, older than me with a motorcycle, who was going to give me a ride. I was so grateful and needing a ride that I took it, even though I was afraid that he would come on to me or rape me. During the ride I saw a lot of familiar landmarks so I kept thinking I was getting closer. It was a long ride and night out, I think we stopped at another restaurant on the way. He wanted to go with me somewhere later that seemed like a date so I really didn’t want to do it, but I said yes because he gave me the ride and I really needed it, so I was in no position to say no. He also said that he wanted to go by the pool sometime, so I said okay. We stopped by his house. It ended there.

Shut Away

I dreamt I was at some different place that I’m usually not at, a school or something, with my mom. I was having some “personality problem” which for them was a very subtle thing. They would quickly label me, put me in bad clothes and in the corner, put it in their records, and if I didn’t fix it call the police. The other kids they liked better. There was some other girl who was put in the room for a personality disorder, and I suddenly snapped because I was mad about it. I was in their dirty bed in the room at the time. I put the clothes and their book into the trash can and burned them. I destroyed the room, pushing things over and throwing them around. I told my mom everything that was wrong with the system there, how they were going to call the police on me now and everything. Stuart’s mom was there, and Stuart went to the same school but was doing well. I was having this conversation with my mom outside of the room, where I wasn’t supposed to be, under a stairwell or something. There were a lot of other mothers there. It was across from a bathroom, whose trashcan I had also destroyed and I think I left them a note dealing sarcastically with what they thought of as psychosis and how badly they dealt with it. My mom finally agreed we could go, and I just wanted to get out of there before they put me away, which they couldn’t do anyway if I didn’t go to their school. I had in mind at this time that this treatment wasn’t fair to others who had to go there either, I wanted to derail the whole school. I hated them so much.


I dreamt I was staying at Lisa’s, because I was afraid to go home. I think I’d gotten into some sort of fight at home and was afraid to go back. I’d done something bad, or gotten really mad at something they’d done, so I went to her house and wanted to stay there. However, she was getting mad at me, maybe because I had outworn my welcome, like I always do. She didn’t believe I couldn’t go home, thought I’d made everything up or was over reacting. I realized she was getting mad at me so I got on a bus and tried to get as far away as possible. However, I had gotten on without a bus ticket and didn’t have any money, and when the bus got emptier the bus driver found me out. Luckily I was close enough to home that I figured I could walk. I saw a gathering of people for an anime convention. I saw Jen and went over to her, glad to see someone familiar who didn’t hate me at the time. Ali was also there. I went over and joined their group, so glad to find some people who actually liked me and were not judgmental, where I could just sit and spend some comfortable moments without having to worry. It is always a relief when I find something like that, people who don’t know what’s going on in my life enough to judge me. Or people who aren’t perfect themselves, so aren’t looking for that in me. I had thought I saw Rob from AANE earlier, but wasn’t sure. However, later he came over and joined us. The dream didn’t progress to whatever I had to do afterward or any conclusions, which I am thankful for.

I slept most of today because I was dreaming I was awake. I forced myself awake and did some work. Then I went to classes, then went to therapy. I woke up for real, and it was too late for me even to go to therapy. Its hard when I dream of ordinary things because if I dream I am awake, it fools me and there isn’t anything to make me wake up because I think I already have and I’m doing everything right. Sometimes when this happens I’ll realize I’m not awake and I have to get up, but it’s too hard and I forget again.


I also dreamt about a school that I was either teaching, taking classes at, or both. I believe I was with the other education students, learning how to teach. Stan taught some young kids there, so I saw him sometimes, as well as Dan. I had made friends with some of the younger kids, trying to be a mentor or something. There was a flood, and the whole school was in danger so we were trying to find some way to be safe. People went to the higher floors, and I was trying to make a boat. Some people were on it, including my grandmother, but she didn’t really know where she was. I had to leave for town to get some supplies for the boat. As I was walking down the street, some guy, actually a few guys, asked me if I was interested in scholarship information for some college. At first I just said no and walked on. Then I thought that since I had been considering that college, it wouldn’t hurt to figure out what they were talking about. So I went back and asked. They said they could tell me all about it, but I would have to go with them to this building around the corner. I realized this was a dangerous thing so I started walking away. They caught me and started trying to beat me into submission; I was on the ground trying to fight back.
Later I was with my grandmother, and we and other people were doing something involving imagination. I was looking at a toy I used to play with as a kid, some fake house with a clock in it, just a sticker on the wall. With some of the kids I befriended, I tried to build a life size version of that house.

The Infection Documentary

The dream began in a classroom learning from Mr. Boggs, with Fabiana and Issary there. We were learning history and social studies by putting ourselves in other peoples’ roles. As part of the role playing, Mr. Boggs had Fabiana come up to the front desk with him and pretend to be the co-anchor. Mr. Boggs started speaking in Spanish to Fabiana, and Fabiana responded, because whoever or whatever we were studying was Latin American. Issary tried to translate for Mr. Boggs, which I found insulting because my perception of Boggs is that he’s awesome and knows everything, so why shouldn’t he know Spanish? Then Fabiana and Boggs proceeded to have a long conversation in Spanish, which I thought was cool and showed Issary what he could do. Besides, I could understand most of it anyway. Then, class ended. Fabiana stayed after class with Boggs to talk to him about something, and I stayed behind to do my homework, which was writing something in a notebook. I liked the company of having two other people in the room. Then we started watching a movie about someone else in history. In it, the girl had to do some math problem. During the movie, Kelley Gellerson and some of her friends had come in. Boggs quickly switched the projector off when it came to the numbers and asked us to do the problem in our heads. The question was only subtraction, but in the dream it equaled the complication of multiplication. I wanted to get the problem right, but was having trouble remembering the numbers in the first place. As I started running out of time, I started subtracting the numbers I picked kind of arbitrarily. Kelley’s group yelled out the answer, and then I said mine because I wanted ours to come at the same time and be a contender. I had only subtracted the numbers to the decimal point, but the last part of each number was four tenths, so I was safe leaving that out. I was wrong, and Kelley’s group was right, but because they had remembered the numbers right in the first place, which Fabiana and I couldn’t do.
Then I was with my parents, I think, having a hard time with them again. I was throwing away magazines from the magazine basket for them and dad was looking at the magazine covers as I went through, some with disgust and some with curiosity. There was a lot of tragic cases in other countries, and one of the magazines I looked into. The story in the magazine played in my dream as a documentary movie, not a written story. First there were a lot of pictures of kids from other countries with worms eating their way out of their brains, even if they were still alive. It was portrayed as a tragic thing but relatively normal for the area. A lot of other people had worms coming out of their mouths. A few clips showed babies dying as they coughed on the worms and were asphyxiated. Then there were these two mothers and their kids near a crowded beach. The two babies each had worms in their mouths, and one of them was coughing on them and dying. The other baby was laying on top of him or near him. Instead of rushing to the baby, the dying baby’s mother just watched, knowing she couldn’t help him. After he died the other mother picked up her baby, who had begun coughing but wasn’t dying yet. She held her in the air face downward so that when she coughed, big piles of worms came out. The babies older sister was nearby, watching. She didn’t have worms. The documentary was making the point that worms were incredibly easy to get and deadly in most places. The mother seemed like somewhat of a leader in the community as to trying to lead a normal life and enjoy oneself. She and the other woman continued on, leaving the dead baby behind. They went and held their children’s group, consisting of kids the older sister’s age, which was about seven. The sister parroted the lessons her mother had taught her to the other kids. Wash your hands before play group. The game they were playing involved touching each other with their feet in place of holding hands, for fear of contamination. The little girl even said how they could try to get their hands cleaner right now by rubbing them on the inside of their sleeves.
The documentary went on to say how big of a problem it was in a country. It went to another location. I thought it would go to a devastated area, but it went to a richer area instead, with nice houses. It showed a man coming out of a house to mow the lawn. The man was narrating this part of the documentary. He was talking about how he couldn’t even visit relatives without worrying. The man got on a plane to go visit relatives with his son, who was just a baby. However, half way through the flight they made an emergency landing and had them get out of the plane into the airport, which was strange. Then some people sprayed gas, telling the passengers it would make them happy and to just enjoy it. Although the man felt happy after breathing the gas and then trusting them, for some reason he ran away from the people anyway, even though he said he had thought of them as friends at the time. He ran with his baby to the door and outside, even as they chased him and some others, spraying at them. Outside he sat down just to the left of the doors against a wall. The baby had been sprayed directly and burned badly. For some reason at this point in my dream it was actually a leaf, fragile and crumbled from the burn, which was actually more of a cold sudden freeze. The father didn’t want to believe his son was dead because he loved him a lot, so he thought that even though it was crumbling, it would be okay once it thawed out. Or, since he had dropped it on getting out of the doors, it could be any one of the leaves or sticks there so he could just pick out a healthy one. However, as the man sat there and sobered up he realized his son was dead. Then he heard the people coming to kill him. He knew now they weren’t good people because he saw that people around him who had had too much gas were dead. The people were close, so he ran towards the right. There was a wall, and if you turned right it disappeared after a bit and it was just open ground. To the left, it was more closed in, so it might be possible to hide. People were running both ways. The guy thought that he may not be able to outrun the people with gas in the clearing, so he chose the other way hoping he could hide. However, he chose it too late and they followed him. Most chased other people, one chased him specifically. He realized that taking this avenue left him no way out. However, there was a sort of window that if he could open he could crawl out of, because it was only a little bit open. He tried to open it but there wasn’t time, so he grabbed the head of the guy chasing him and banged it against the concrete until he was dead. Then he saw that some of the other people were climbing up one side of the wall because there were some stairs on the other side of it, by which the chasers were trying to get to them. Some of them felt it was their duty to defend themselves by killing them. The man had lost his son and felt it was his duty to fight back. He jumped up on the wall with some other guys and stomped on the chasers and used their weapons against them, killing them. Somehow he made it through them, killing as he went, and ended up back in the hiding place. He went to go again, because he thought he should kill as many of them as possible. However, he lost his nerve at the last second, realizing these guys were swinging swords at him, and hesitated. He realized his chances of death were increasing every time he went out, and he didn’t want to die. Anyway, he had already done his duty by going through once, and it was miraculous even to live through that one. I felt the emotions with him through this, especially toward the end I became him.

Maggie (the dog)

Last night I also had a dream with Maggie in it, and she was aging. I was supposed to keep an eye on her but she climbed out of the window of my room during the night when I went to get a drink of water. She was out on the other roof, standing in the snow, which was high. She was looking at these lights, sort of like an aurora projected on the snow, and there were also voices. My parents got up and my dad was angry at me because Maggie is his favorite dog and she was elderly, but they were both also fascinated by the lights and voices. It was an eerie calm.

Freshman Orientation

I dreamt that there was a school orientation for freshmen at BU. It was all outdoors, and it was good weather. All of the upper classmen remembered how they had been treated as inferior as freshmen, but could understand why now because the freshmen being everywhere and clogging where we were trying to walk to was annoying. They were often in line for places. For example, they would be waiting in line for food at these really long tables covered with white table clothes and plates. I saw a professor who was there for some reason. This professor was handicapped, so he was in a wheel chair and his body was somewhat bent and disabled. Perhaps he had muscular dystrophy or something. He seemed to be proud of what he had done in his life. His brother was also a professor, and he sort of watched out for him. The first professor was talking to me, proud of himself, saying how he had made it through all these struggles. He also talked a lot about his brother, who he said had helped him the entire way. He also said he still took care of him now. Then he wanted to introduce him to me, I think so he could talk to me about him some more. He tried calling him so he would come over. Then he asked me to go get him, so I left him. However, taking care of his brother for an entire lifetime had made the second brother depressed. He had just killed himself.
There was some point in this dream I think, I don’t know where, where I was thinking about feet. Maybe because the guy with the foot fetish had asked to see my feet the day before, in real life, and I had refused. In the dream, a bunch of random people and I had been discussing feet, and we were barefoot. Someone had mentioned how my feet were nice because they were long, or the toes were long, or something annoying like that. Then, I don’t know why or exactly how, but our skin wasn’t on our feet and some of our bones were gone. It seemed temporary, no one was worried about it in the dream, its was one of those things that just happens in dreams. I was surprised because they had said my foot was long, but the bony stump and frame, without the toes, was quite short. Then I realized it was because the toe bones were gone, and that it would probably seem a lot longer if the toe bones were there. I was sitting outside in a lawn chair while I was observing all this.
(end of this entry)

All the random dreams I can remember- by Jen

The button

I recall as a kid I had a nightmare, the only reacurring nightmare I've ever had, but I haven't had it since. There was a button in the bathroom. Under no circumstances was I hit hit it…but I did…and the whole house exploded. I suppose it was mostly a nightmare because I felt extremely guilty for this.

The Pelican

It was nighttime and I'd gone over to john's house for one of our random parties. We were all spending the night, when suddenly I remembered there was a manditory safety meeting at Mardens that I had to get to. Not wanting to wake anyone up, I stole John's car (the meeting is aparently at 1 am) and started to drive to Gray. As I turned off of Egypt road, There was a Giant pelican (very menacing looking, like a warning or something) across from the road. This is when I realized I didn't know how to drive a standard, and that john was going to be very mad at me when he found out I left his car on the road. As I thought this, John suddenly appeared at the wheel of his car and started yelling at me for stealing his car. He decided to drive me to the meeting, and I couldn't help but notice that all along route 26 there were dead horses everywhere along side the road. They were just piled up, everywhere. When I got to the meeting, we had some work to do, and I was working out back in the warehouse when one of my coworkers told me my dad was trying to get in the store. Since I wouldn't come out to see him, he was trying to get one of my coworkers to come out (presumably to steal her) but the manager finally yelled at him and chased him away.

The lighthouse

Next to the high school, right where the fire station is, there was a giant hill, with a lighthouse built on top. There were tours going on, and Casey and myself hopped on one of the buses to go up the hill. The hill was steep..i mean, straight line up, but the bus somehow got up it. At the lighthouse, casey and myself were investigating somesort of crime. I looked into a lighthouse door and there were all of these clocks or something that came out. meanwhile, casey was being attacked by the villian, who pushed him down a ramp that had a board across the end, so he'd get really hurt. He must have died because I ran down the hill to get away. That part of route 26 was all forests, like, it looked reminisant to someplace like Montana, and I ran through these huge pine forests until I came to an open dirt road, that happened to lead to some relatives I hadn't seen in a long time. I walked up to them, and the dream ended.

I sometimes dream about normal type things such as going to work, and a lot of dreams I walk from New Gloucester to school in Gray. Luckily, i don't get these dreams confused with real life, as most everything in Gray and New Gloucester is different from real life. There's a beach behind Gray Market Place, my apartment building is brick, 4 to 5 stories and often shabby and old( I climbed through the rafters in between rooms in one dream). Gray is aparently very moutainous, there being several nearby and very tall mountains. One being near depot road, where some mangry mole people own a farm. (they also live near a mine shaft) Another mountain is right near Alex's house, which is also by the ocean. I don't have reacurring dreams, but the landscape usually stays close to the same. There's always a beach near Gray Market Place, though it might move from one side to the other.

Fake Emotion by Sally

In another dream this local kid, somewhere near my town or the next town over, died by falling through the ice and into the lake. He was a teenager. Everyone felt really bad for the family, and it was on the news and everything. The families friends were doing stuff to support them and all that. My dad wanted to go over and offer his support. He was pulling one of those things where a person acts all soulful and like they intimately knew the family and the kid who died, when in reality he had never met them before. Anyway, he kept saying he was going over to offer them company and I kept trying to talk him out of it, although I couldn’t do it too forcefully because I’d get in trouble and get hurt. Mom said that the family wouldn’t want to be alone right now. However, I doubt they’d want to be invaded by a bunch of strangers either. Finally, dad went over and he made me go with him. Nobody came to the door, so he just walked right into their house, like a mugger. The family found him in their living room and dad talked to them for a bit. The next morning, I was sleeping in a loft at my house and I heard Christmas carols. Apparently the family had actually appreciated what dad had done and had come over to sing him Christmas carols. They were standing around a big raised model train track that we had in the middle of the floor. Later I woke up in my dream, although in real life I was still asleep. I thought that was a weird and frustrating dream. During the day I went for a car ride with Jen and her mom, and then Jen and I went off alone in the car, Jen was driving. Except that the car was open top and it was a lot more like a horse and carriage, without there explicitly being a horse. I told Jen about what I had dreamed and how stupid and annoying it was.

mixed dream, by Jen

I apparently worked at a zoo, but had to go off to college and leave the zoo behind. I wasn't there for long though, because when I got to college I got in a few fights, I think it was just me walking up to a group of kids, and then hitting a random student effectivly starting a brawl. Later on though, I learned they desperatly needed to go back to the zoo, there was this little girl who'd been left in charge, and they suddenly realized this was very baaaad. So I went back and the little girl, about 3, was standing in front of the otter cage, putting her hand on the glass. None of the animals has been fed in days, so I started informing the girl we had to start a shopping list. I walked around and pointed at diffrent animals and asked her if she knew what they ate, and how to tell. "look, sharp pointy teeth, that one wants to eat you!" I recall in a tank there was a small dinosour..one of the kinds that Nessie is suppose to be. I was trying to figure out if it was real when i noticed the little girl ran off on me. I started to look for her when i observed a cat looking pointedly at the sky, so i looked up. The moon looked really funny, and I realized it was an egg. Very strange. I went into one of the houses on the property, and discovered that Sally, Alex and John had taken it over. So I forgot all about the zoo and the little girl and started hanging with them. I recall us wrecking havok, especially when we discovered that john had a treasure map. (and he was hiding it, that bastard!) so I tried to grab it and pass it off to sally, but i ended up ripping it instead. i guess this made john victorious. Eventually, after we all discussed where we should go out to dinner (alex suggested we go to a breakfast place AND a dinner place, but sally didn't like the idea of eating out twice in one day) we ended up going home again. My house was also on zoo property, but it was very large and scary for some reason. I found I had abandoned my shopping list on the floor, but felt that the animals had already been fed for some reason. I felt like I was being watched in my house though, so I grabbed a drink out of my fridge. (what do you know, it was jones soda, probably strawberry lime by the color of it) The bottle said I may have won a prize, and that jones was associated with pepsi. (mild horror) finally, an unseen thing started chasing me, so I ran out of my house and jumped into a stopped car outside. john wanted to know what i thought i was doing jumping in his car out of nowhere like that, and i screamed "drive!! they're gunna get me!" end of dream, lol

Recurring Dreams, by Alex

There were a few dreams I had as a kid that recurred every once in a while. One of them (I believe) got resolved recently, which was really cool— although I still have no idea what it meant. The other one I haven't had for a while, but I once told it to Mr. Mathew's English class. He didn't know what to say.

I suppose the best way to describe the dreams would be to call them nightmares…they just horrified me and I would usually wake up, pretty damn shaken (both dreams took place at my great-grandmother's house; and even kept coming back after she died).

The Car.

My mom and dad were still together. Me and my sisters were still really young. Olivia was still a baby, and Alicia wasn't more than a toddler. Me and Elayna were a little older.

My mom and dad went into my great grandmother's ("grammy") house to see her. For whatever reason (maybe because they thought it wouldn't take too long), they left all four of us in the car. Alicia and Olivia were in the backseat, and me and Elayna had climbed in the front. I was sitting behind the wheel, and Elayna was sitting in the passenger's side.

It was pretty light out— later afternoon— when my parents went into the house. Yet suddenly, everything started to get dark. And it started really fast— like someone had thrown a blanket over the city and there was nothing but black. I got really scared and had a feeling of foreboding slip through me. I knew, for whatever reason, that we were in danger and my parents weren't able to come help us. So I started the car and eased my way out of the driveway and into the street.

My grammy used to live in Portland; somewhere near Portland High. But in the dream, there was a dense forest not too far from her home. I knew I had to drive through that forest in order to get to daylight and safety. Alicia was scared in the backseat, but Elayna tried to console her and pretend she wasn't scared— the same thing the two of us used to do when my parents fought. Elayna tried to tell Alicia jokes and cheer her up. Olivia was still much too young to understand, and would just look around curiously.

Meanwhile, I was freaked. Sweating. Panicking. The blackness coated everywhere and everything, and I felt as if it was sinking deeper…enveloping more…attacking us. I floored the car, but we still made no headway. The trees never thinned out, and we seemed to be going absolutely nowhere.

The Basement.

This one dream scares me more than all the others I remember having as a kid; and I used to have this one the most frequently. Gladly, though, this was the one that got "resolved".

My grammy had a basement in her house. It was scary, with this nasty furnace downstairs. I hated going down there—it seemed to alienated and cruel and cold. Something about it seemed so dark and evil (all that emotion was linked to the dream; not real. I don't think I ever even went in the basement). In the dream, I was trapped down in the basement. I don't know if my grammy put me there, or I wandered down and couldn't find my way out. I tried several times to climb the stairs, but they were old and fragile and eventually broke under my weight. The furnace was a horrid thing. I hated it. It would come alive and speak to me in that very Hollywood-style demonic tone and would leave me frozen with terror. There would always be a secret exit that I would have to find in order to escape…but something would always prevent me from leaving. The exit would either be locked…or would be caved in…or something else would happen so I couldn't find my way out.

But that changed recently.

I had this dream (which I haven't had in years) not a few months ago. I was trapped in that same basement, with that same furnace and that same despairing atmosphere. Only I wasn't alone this time: I was with Amy. She wasn't frightened by the place; she was almost curious about it. Because of her reaction, I was a little less terrified than I had been when I was little. It took me a while to realize where we were, though. I felt a recognition with the place, but didn't realize where it was until Amy looked around some more. When I told her about the place, she assured me that my fears were in the past and I shouldn't focus on them. I think she even laughed. It made me feel a little better; until she started to climb the stairs. I had played and replayed this scenario in my dreams dozens of times, so I knew that the stairs would crumble beneath her. I shouted for her to watch out and instinctively jumped after her. As they always had before, the stairs broke under our weight. There was a dark tunnel positioned beneath us where a few pieces of the wood from the stairs fell into and disappeared: a black hole, of sorts. I was really scared, but it wasn't the same terror I had felt as a child. I wasn't scared about being alone or being forgotten by everyone; I was worried that Amy might be hurt. But Amy has always been a strong person. And as we balanced and gripped on for life, another new part occurred: the door opened. And behind it? A hallway like in a school building. We could see college students with their backpacks and text books walking to class, talking with friends… me and Amy stole a glance at each other and, without needing to say anything, I knew what we were going to do.

Amy went first. She jumped the gap over the floor and made it easily to the other side. She didn't run and save herself; she held her hand out to me and called my name. I reached out to her and almost caught her hand when more of the stairs broke off and fell into the hole. I narrowly missed falling myself. I held on just barely to the stairs, while trying as hard as I could to reach Amy's outstretched hand. I finally made it. She pulled me as hard as she could into the hallway with her, and we fell onto a heap on the floor.

We got a few odd looks from people who didn't understand anything of what had just happened. To them, we were two girls who had appeared out of nowhere and decided to lay on the floor. But I suppose this was nothing too unusual for a college campus, and continued walking. Meanwhile, the door to that horrid basement slammed shut and I knew it would never open up again; I had conquered it.

Rain, by Sally

This probably comes from the fact that I fell asleep listening to a rain sound effect on itunes to relax.

I get the feeling that this dream was more intense but probably earlier in the night, as I can hardly remember any of it. I think that throughout the time I was hearing voices, but the voices made me smarter because its often smart people who have mental illnesses that make them hear voices or something. I think that again I was trying to keep up on some news involving cats. I also was taking care of the dogs. Maggie kept going in and out of mom and dad’s bedroom, and she had some kind of complaint that she kept making to me. Mom and dad and I think Steve and Doreen were doing something important in the dining room, which is why I had to keep the dogs out of the way and especially keep Maggie happy because dad thought she was so important. I think she was complaining about how hard it was raining out and how she wanted to go into the dining room to see dad, but I couldn’t let her. Instead, I was supposed to somehow keep her happy and where she was. Annie had complaints as well but was quieter about them, probably understanding that there wasn’t a whole lot I could do, but also expecting that I should do more. I was keeping up with the news on the rain shower using a portable radio that was on the coffee table that was telling me about how dangerous the rain was, and Annie was lying down by my side. Maggie was pacing back and forth between the bedroom and telling me that I should really listen to the voices too because they were from outside of everything and knew what was going on. The voices said that the rain and the floods outside were getting really dangerous. Inside it was starting to flood, and the voices were talking more and louder, and the dogs were really starting to freak out. Mom, dad, Steve and Doreen said that they had to go off to a restaurant to do important adult stuff. However, I and the dogs couldn’t come. I think we were supposed to die in the flood. It was night, so I thought I should get the dogs and I comfortable. I got out the sleeping bags, but it was very hard to put them on the floor because it was very wet. I also kept listening to the radio and the voices and the dogs to keep up with everything that I was supposed to be doing, but I didn’t really know how I was supposed to achieve any of it.

The Festival, by Alex

(I just awoke from this dream, so hopefully the details are still fresh)

I was with a girl. We were in this area that looked like those pictures of Japanese festivals. There were hundreds of booths being set up in preparation, and I remember looking at them and feeling a wave of excitement sweep through me, knowing there were only a few more days left before the festivities.

The girl I was with looked like Mandy (she's in two of my classes). She's a little shorter than me, really thin, looks almost "rawk star'd out". She has a lip ring, wears a black Slytherin sweatshirt a lot and always has a ponytail that seems to stick out horizontally. I got the feeling in the dream that it wasn't really Mandy I was hanging out with..but the similarities were too close to deny.

"Mandy" and I were together and I knew we were going to do something in the festival together— that's why we were allowed to see the site before it was completely finished. "Mandy" was going to conduct an experiment. Something to do with vampires. I vaguely remember her sharing this information with me, and I remember my excitement at being told I was going to help in an experiment. We walked off the site together, holding hands. There was a part of me that felt very attracted to her, and I was hoping that, if I did this experiment with her..maybe she and I could go out.

The experiment was a little frightening. It wasn't anything like I had imagined it being (though I can't think what I could have imagined it to be). In the same sense, it was a little erotic— in the way that pain can be an aphrodisiac. Every night, we would be sitting in a gothic-styled room. There would be soft violin music playing (almost like the music in Young Frankenstein. lol) and we would sit in a chair together; like in the spooning position. I would sit in front of her and she would put her arms around me. There was only a very short window of time before she could accomplish what she had to do. All I remember is that she would take a very small knife— like a Swiss Army blade— and make a small slit horizontally on the side of my wrist, away from any major blood vessels. The blood would start coming out, and she would have to capture the blood in a little vile. I never wanted to watch her do this. I hate needles, and I think there was a needle involved somewhere. I do remember the one time something went wrong, though— because that was the time I decided to look. We were cutting much to close to the end of that "window" and she was starting to panic a little. She tried to remain calm, but it was I who was freaking out more. In punishment for me not staying silent and worrying about not being able to make it, she did something else after she finished her experiment. She took my index finger and made a small incision near the tip of the finger. I reacted and pulled back, but she only tightened her hold on my finger. She looked sinister and crazed, and I was too scared to help. I just wanted whatever it was to get over with and for "Mandy" to return to the way she was when she wasn't performing these experiments on me.

She took my finger and inserted a very tiny looking crowbar into that little cut, only making it bigger. From there, she slid the instrument up to my nail and cut off a deep piece of my nail. I don't remember this "crowbar" ever breaking through skin to get to the nail, but I suppose it must have. The damage to my nail was pain enough and, when she pulled away, she pushed me to the floor and glared down at me like I was a maggot. She sneered something like 'that will be the last time you disobey me', and stormed off. I stayed on the floor, shaking and weak and fearful and silent. I was scared, but the dominant emotion I was feeling wasn't that I was terrified of her; it was that I shouldn't ever repeat what I had done, so I wouldn't offend her like that again.

The next part skips ahead a little. I was walking towards the site grounds in order to catch up with "Mandy". Before I reached them from wherever I'd been, I had to cross a huge sandpit (like for drag racing. Or four-wheeling. ..something like that. XP). Someone was driving a truck in circles around the pit. I didn't pay it any mind until I recognized the person in the driver's seat.

More than that, I recognized the person chained to the plow of the truck, all tied up and with duct tape on their mouth. It was "Mandy". Her eyes were open wide in terror, always looking at the moving ground beneath her. Dust was flying into the air as the truck circled 'round and 'round again. I instinctively rushed out to help "Mandy". I stood in the truck's path and the driver, not wanting to kill me, slowed down and parked off to the side. When they got out, I rushed over to them. The driver was Davene. She pulled a handkerchief from her pocket and started rubbing some of the dust off her windshield nonchalantly; not at all like she had my would-be girlfriend chained to the front of her truck like an ornament. I started screaming at her, demanding to know why she'd decided to do that. She didn't answer. Just remained cool. Confident. Collected.

I, meanwhile, was a complete wreck from the situation. I was pacing back and forth, causing more dust to be thrown into the air and was gesticulating all over the place. I ranted about how you can't just chain a person to the front of your car, and how you can't kidnap someone like that…it went on and on. Finally Davene responded to me. She put down her handkerchief on the truck's hood and turned to look at me. She was dressed in a "typical hick uniform": torn and faded jeans, a white wife beater and a ripped, sleeveless plaid shirt over the wife beater1. She stared at me in silence, evaluating me, while I calmed down and shut up through embarrassment. She told me her justification for doing what she had was because "Mandy" had been hurting me. She had found out about the experiments and didn't like it at all. I instinctively pulled my bandaged hand out of sight of Davene. Those experiments had happened so often that I had little scars all across my hand and wrist. Meanwhile, there were some men who had come over to help "Mandy" off the plow of the truck. I half-watched to see if "Mandy" would be OK, before turning back to Davene. I told her that it was no one's business what was going on between me and "Mandy"; and that it didn't matter that she was hurting me. She cared about me. For whatever reason, I pulled open the driver's side door of Davene's truck and grabbed something from inside. Davene was standing off to the side and was watching me. She finally asked if being with someone I cared about was worth risking my life to that person. I froze. I didn't know how to reply to that. I don't even think that thought had ever occurred to me. When I turned back to Davene, I gave her a small kiss on her cheek. I thanked her for all she had done for me, and I was happy her heart was in the right place; but I was going to have to deal with "Mandy" on my own. I knew she wanted to argue, but she didn't say anything else. I squeezed her hand one last time before running on after "Mandy".

Then..the day of the festival!

"Mandy" and I were going to show ourselves off sometime in the afternoon, so I had all morning to mosey on through the grounds. I was amazed by everything. So much color, so much light; so many people! There were booths for souvenirs, food, pictures and even games. Everyone was dressed in very colorful clothes. I think a few were wearing a kimono, but if they were, none of those people were part of the ceremonies.

I was off looking at one of the bigger floats for the parade when I ran into someone I knew: Tia. She was hanging out over by the end of the float. She and two of her partners had made a gift bag of prizes, and the bag had their names on them. There were dozens of other bags like that one, and I spotted one that'd been made by Sam and Jocelyn(><). I knew they all had something to do with anime. The end of the float was reserved for all the anime contestants.

After Tia went away to rejoin her group, someone else appeared that I knew: John-John. He was actually part of the float. He was supposed to sit on a throne surrounded by piles upon piles of Pop Rocks. When he found me, he wasn't needed right away, so he hopped on down off the float and came to keep me company. We started walking a little far off, exploring that part of the festivities. We talked and I somehow found myself with cotton candy (because what's a festival without cotton candy? lol). Eventually we made our way back to the float and John went back to his position. I was beginning to say goodbye when he told me to wait. He rushed over to his "throne" and came back with something for me: three boxes of blue raspberry flavored Pop Rocks. He told me there was no way in hell he could eat those all by himself, and he knew I liked them. I thanked him for his little present, and asked if I could have some so I could bring them to Tia. He gave me some more for all my friends.

I started to say goodbye again when my beeper went off. When I read the message, it was "Mandy". She was furious that she couldn't find me, and with a sinking feeling of panicked dread, I mumbled that I had to go and rushed off to the agreed place to meet. I ran down some stairs that were had separated the parade materials from the rest of the festival. A lot of people were milled around the stairway, either going up or down— although there were a few people who were standing there and just talking.

When I made it to the bottom of the stairs, I frantically looked around, trying to recognize which way I should go. I was about to head in one direction when I was stopped by someone calling my name. When I turned around, it was John. He was standing in the in the middle of the crowded staircase and was breathing heavy: like he had just ran a mile in a short span of time. When I looked at him, he smiled and gave me this weird "squawk" sound. Apparently that was his "thing" that he had won the chance to be the king of Pop Rocks: he could squawk very well. I, apparently, understood the significance of this squawk. But I was reluctant to go back up to the floats with him. I turned away and started once again towards my would be destination and John squawked again. This time, he got some response from the crowd, too. They were very impressed. I turned back to face him, but something in my expression must have shown my desperation to get to "Mandy", because John fixed me with a harder stare and squawked again. More people milled around (I think Caitlin and Brie were in that audience! lol) began to clap— but John wasn't being entertaining anymore. I could tell he had found out about my relationship with "Mandy", and I knew he wouldn't approve; the same way Davene hadn't. But I wasn't completely convinced I should leave her behind. I was torn. I wanted to stay with John near the floats and enjoy myself, but I needed to go back to "Mandy". I didn't want her more angry with me again.

John was very observant, though. He sensed my conflicting issues and squawked one final time. The crowd went nuts. If they hadn't already been standing, they would have given him a standing ovation. They thought he had superb talent. In one flash, I remembered what Davene had told me earlier. Was I really ready to risk my life to someone I wanted to care about me? I got another beeper message from "Mandy", and it was more than clear (if it hadn't been before) that she was pissed. But I ignored it. I shut off the beeper and went back to John. He and I walked up the stairs back to the float together, and somehow managed to be holding hands (o_O).

The rest of the dream is fuzzy. I remember John getting set to go, Tia being ecstatic over the Pop Rocks and John throwing the Pop Rocks candy to the masses. It was raining Pop Rocks!! ^__^;;

Comment by sally: "He sensed my conflicting issues and squawked one final time." - John is just so helpful, isn't he? Ali, you're quite a writer, I'm impressed.

Damn you and all your existing! (and oth. dreams) by Sally

In this dream I had five toys that worked more like the virtual pets you can sometimes get on the computer, like dogz. However, instead they were physical toys that could be turned on and off, but seemed to have more of a personality, to me anyway. They were a dog, a cat, a frog, a cartoon-looking cowboy, and a cereal box. Mom was interviewing the household, including grammy, about what it was like to live with me. I listened to grammy making all sorts of complaints about how I was always there, how she felt that I was staring or could hear her if I was in the house during her sewing groups, how she didn’t like that I had to sleep in the same room as her, and that I also seemed like I was always in the room, and how I talked in my sleep, how I ate too much and she didn’t like that there was an extra mouth in the house to feed. She said she basically didn’t like that I was present in life at all and didn’t like seeing me around. I got pretty pissed off after hearing all these complaints about me, most of which I couldn’t help. I played with the dog or the frog or something out of my toys, out of sight during this but still present, because I literally had no other place to go. I could feel myself getting angrier but was trying to play with the toy to block it all out and disappear if I could. I resolved to run away from the house, although I had no idea where to. I was so angry that I wanted to show my anger before I left, at least giving everyone a real reason to be angry at me. This reminds me a lot of being a kid, having everyone pissed at you just for the crime of existing. You aren’t allowed to leave but people are angry at you for being there. I tried to smash a plate on the side of the counter. Even though mom’s plates are pretty fragile, I couldn’t get it to crack. I tried it over and over, on the side of the counter and on the floor with no luck. My mom came down and saw me, and I kept trying, wanted to let her know how pissed I was for her making me hear people basically condemn my existence. Finally I realized that the reason that the plate didn’t break was because it wasn’t actually a plate, but one of the tin dog bowls. Finally mom explained to me that everyone didn’t actually hate the fact that I lived in the house, and that she didn’t hate me. She wasn’t conducted interviews to condemn me, but just to find out what was going on and how people were thinking in the house in the first place. She also pointed out grammy’s dementia, so she was prone to be more angry without really knowing what she was saying. I felt a whole lot better after that.

Secret meeting

I was in a car with my parents, and we were supposed to go to some specialized meeting in the city. However, we couldn’t find it. My parents looked at the directions and recognized landmarks that matched them, but wouldn’t take my advice as to where to go and instead drove around in circles. The landmarks were easy to find, so we’d think we were doing well at first, but the meeting place itself was hidden. Finally, I think we turned on my computer, which had some kind of video monitor so that we could see the meeting that was going on. When there was a break in the discussion, the people at the meeting told us where to go. We ended up having to go to someone’s house and into their garage, which was awkward, especially since no one was home. My parents were kind of close minded and didn’t get where to go and wouldn’t believe me, so I climbed into this chest and went down the stairs that were inside it without them. The meeting was at a long table in a dark room underground. I sat there for the last of the meeting, then went to the public restroom, which was also underground and very large. When I was done, I went back outside and my friends were waiting for me. They were my friends from home, but in the dream they were from school. We went back up the stairs and back up above ground. My parents had gone home, I was relieved. We all got into John’s car and drove through the city, eventually going home. John dropped me off at the end of my road, then I started to walk back home. While I was walking back, I realized that I didn’t have my backpack. I concluded I must have left it in the meeting room. I thought about whether I could have left it in John’s car, but didn’t remember having it there. I worried a little about not having it because my computer was in my backpack, but concluded that since it was an underground room and I trusted the people, they would either leave it there so I could get it tomorrow, or realize it was mine and return it. Then I was either the janitor from Scrubs, Ben (the kid I babysat), or a combination of the two in one person on the side of the road having a yard sale. I saw that both my backpack and computer were there, so I picked them up. Janitor Ben said he was trying to make good money off that stuff. I said that’s good, but this stuff is mine. I don’t know if he gave me any trouble because the dream ended there, but he was my friend so I thought he wouldn’t.

Rock Documentary

In a dream during a rather long nap I took during the day, I was once again watching documentaries in my sleep. This time I had a memory, or early in the perceived dream-plot, of watching a documentary with crumbling rocks. It is an interesting phenomenon in dreams where in a dream there is a prominent memory of something else happening, whether it seems like it was in a previous dream or an event that you remember clearly in the dream. It seems distant, so when you wake up, or even in the dream if it’s lucid, you wonder if you just had that dream long ago and were remembering it now. However, there is little evidence that the dream ever did happen before because you have no memory of thinking of it before that night. Therefore, it is a memory created by the dream. It’s really deceiving. Anyway, I had previously watched this documentary about a bunch of kids who lived in this really dry area in a country I couldn’t remember the name of, even in the dream. In this dry area, there were huge outcrops of rock, and for some reason they had to live among them. I believe these kids were also on their own. My dream focused on kids around the age of 12. They were sniffing bags of glue in order to get high. They did this to cope with the fact that the rock structures around them were very dangerous and often crumbled, killing people. Therefore, they spent their lives going from place to place within their small area looking for safety, or a place where rocks weren’t likely to crumble at the moment. I really liked that documentary and wanted to see it again. However, it had been either a rental or something that was on only once, so in the present time of the dream it had disappeared long ago. I looked on youtube, trying to find something similar, and found the documentary called “Underground Children,” which was the one I found in real life. It seemed similar to the rock documentary because the kids were on their own and sniffing glue and paint from plastic bags in order to cope. However, the documentary did not have the crumbling rocks in it; it was an entirely different area.


I was driving around Gray toward Windham, and I came to this circular underpass/overpass type thing that was always there on the way to Windham. It was like a little loop, so you went on an overpass first, looped back around, went under where you’d just been, and continues on. The cool thing about it was that where a tollbooth would have been on the underpass, there was a lobster stand. It had been very popular as it was fun to pick up a lobster on the way to Windham. It had been gone for a while, but now it was spring and it was coming back this year. I had Jen in the car, but Jen was from away somewhere, like from Massachusetts, so she’s never seen this place before. I decided to drive her down there and get a lobster, because it was really cool and I wanted to show her.
When we actually got down there it was a little different. There was no car, but instead my parents were there, the two dogs (Maggie and Annie) and Jen and I. We were going down to check out this swampy area, which was actually sort of a shallow lake with a lot of reeds. We went down a pretty dirt path towards it that actually ran beside it for quite a while. Then the watery area expanded, so there were long skinny wooden plank bridges extending over it, like on the Appalachian Trail. Mom, Dad, and Maggie stopped to rest on the end of the path right before the bridge, because Maggie was getting old and needed to rest. Jen and I fooled around on the bridge with Annie, who was sometimes on the bridge but mostly in the water. The bridge was fun because it was connected with ropes, so it was very unstable and rocked back and forth a lot. Mom and Dad seemed kind of stern that we keep quiet and about how much fun we could have, so I suggested that maybe they should go home with Maggie because she’s old and tired. I went back on the bridge, then Annie jumped on, flipping me into the water. It was freshwater, and very refreshing and fun to fall in. I got back on the bridge and then Jen flipped me into the water. I was having fun getting flipped into the water, but mom scolded her, saying people would hear us and get mad. I decided to wait until mom was gone before I got back into the water so I could play around more, with Annie who already looked like she was having a great time.

The Towers

I had to make a ring for the karate club, representing the karate club somehow. Since I had thought it was stupid, I had put it off for a long time. However, when Dana asked about it I ordered it real quick so it would look like I had it the whole time but was just holding on to it. The ring had a large green stone on it, not like tourmaline but more of a solid, speckled color. I was supposed to wear it because I was an officer, but then give it to Dana. However, I refused to wear it because it was so ugly and senseless. I was doing all this on a short break in Maine. Then Jen came back to visit me in Boston. In Boston, my dorm room was actually just my room back home, except when I looked outside there was this elaborate tower that was part of campus. In fact, all over campus were these archaic buildings with towers and stuff, so that it looked more like McGill’s campus than BU’s. I showed Jen these buildings as I walked around. Then I think she went home, because I went back to my room and just laid in my bed, looking at the tower. It was black and creepy looking, with a star on it and some windows, which were really just square holes in the stone. When I woke up, I laid there with my eyes closed for a while trying to remember where I really was and picture it in my mind, so that when I opened my eyes I wouldn’t be shocked.


In the next dream I was living in a dorm and religiously practicing karate. My dorm was made of dark grey stone. It was damp, sort of on a dark hill that was so wooded that it never saw sunlight, with slimy, slippery dark grass going down the slope. The dorm was set in the side of the hill in the style of old forts. A black roof and some grey, rough stone showed on the side of the mountain. The small piece of exposed wall had no windows. My room inside was also dark, sort of an orange light coming from lamp in the corner. Water from surrounding swamps leaked in onto the floor, and the bed, with an old gray blanket on it, was a little damp. The whole thing was very cold. It was a small room, with nothing else in it except the bed, a lamp, and another bed close to it. My room mates changed frequently. My present room mate was a little shorter than me, a little plumper, cheerful, and pretty nice over all. There were other people who lived in that building but I didn’t see them very often. Meanwhile I spent a lot of time in the forest and swamp around the dorm, learning karate with Sensei and the rest of the people from Sunday class. Sensei was very hard on us, getting us up very early in the morning to practice. It was spring, but it was very early spring so there were still little patches of snow and it was frigid in the morning. This combined with the damp environment to make the beginning of practice very miserable. The first thing that Sensei would make us do, in the tradition of “winter beach training,” would be to jump in the swamp, squat down so we were submerged totally, and then stay there for a while. After we got out and warmed up a little from practice, though, it got a little better, to the point where it was almost a shame to go back to the dark damp room.
I began to learn little by little that most of the other students in my dorm were actually aliens. Even though this didn’t have huge implications for me, it was a little disturbing. I heard whispered explanations at first, just things I should know. Once in a while I saw someone take off the human skin to reveal something truly grotesque underneath. I tried to be tolerant and okay with it all, but it was very hard to stomach and often I just didn’t want to see these aliens. When they took off their human skins, sometimes large chunks of their real flesh would come off with it. They didn’t seem to mind this; it was disposable. They often had large lumps where they just shouldn’t be, and their skin was abnormally porous, and sort of gelatin like. It wasn’t like they had a thin layer of skin but instead an outer layer of some sort of gelatinous mold a few inches thick that at times would fall or be scraped off. I began to notice that even with human skins on, a lot of these people didn’t look right either. I began to notice where they had lumps that shouldn’t be there that were squished in by their skin suits. Often, when they saw me notice this deformity they would take off the skin to show me. I always hoped they wouldn’t do this because it was incredibly disturbing and I just didn’t want to see.
I woke up one morning, on a week day, from my damp bed and went to obediently do my morning karate-dunk in the swamp like Sensei had told me to do. As I left, I began to think that my room mate, who I had previously grown a little more close to, might be an alien. This thought disturbed me as I immersed myself in the cold swamp water. When I came back, I found this to be true. She did not expose herself completely, but had this little bulge of green stuff coming out from somewhere around her neck that disturbed me intensely. There were a lot of other people in the room, some of them aliens with features so grotesque I could barely stand to look at them, and others human. One person, a friend of mine who was human, pointed out to another guy I knew that he had always suspected something about him because his eye looked like an “iris,” which was probably one of those words with no meanings in the dream but there was a part in his skin, at his face around his two eyes, where there was sort of an indentation of a “V” that was very large. I wasn’t sure exactly what this was, if he could just open it up and reveal this Cyclops eye or what, but I didn’t look and I really didn’t want to find out.

Awkward Flying, by Alex

I should've written this this morning when it was still fresh in my mind, but there was something wrong with the Wiki site then.

The details are kinda fuzzy, but I at least remember this: I was at an airport. I was with my mom and my sisters, when I suddenly got a call from John. He was telling me how he heard there was a tornado on the way and we all had to get out. A tornado in Maine. Weird, right? But that wasn't the weirdest part. I know how the 'typical advice' in the chance of a tornado is to hide i n your basement, but apparently that wasn't the wisest decision. John was telling me how we all had to go up in a plane and fly over the tornado. It made sense to me at the time.

I turned to my mom and told my fam. about the tornado heading our way. She knew about it; the whole airport did, because it was on the Weather Channel, and there was a TV every three feet broadcasting it. She was watching the footage in silence, her hand over her mouth. It was a little hard to tell if she was horrified or in shock or just didn't have much of a reaction to it. My sisters were staring, mouths open, at the images. They saw cows and taxis and bits of house debris sailing through the sky as the tornado stormed through. Annoyed that no one was paying attention to me when I had the key to saving them, I snapped that I was going to go up in that plane and was going to live through this. My mom thought I was nuts. She said there was no way I could survive through that, but I told her John said it would work. She didn't seem to be convinced; but she didn't stop me. I walked over to the ticket counter and demanded a ticket for the next flight that was going to fly over the tornado heading our way. Those people didn't protest either. They gave me my ticket and I rushed outside to the little plane.

It was really, really windy. Although the tornado was still several miles away, you could feel the wind effecting us. I remember I was in some type of summer dress, and the only reason I remember that was because I kept getting annoyed that my dress wouldn't stop entangling my legs and making me stumble. Once I made it to the plane, the pilot was outside waiting for me. He didn't seem concerned at all about the massive headwinds or the fact that, quite logically (if nothing else) that little plane wouldn't have been able to leave the ground. He was just all smiles.

When I bent down to make sure I had everything in my emergency duffel bag, someone walked up beside me. It was Jen. She was dressed in shorts and a purple T-shirt that I remember clearly because it had several pictures of ducks she'd printed out from Google Images and taped to her shirt. She was all smiles and seemed to enjoy the strong winds. She yelled to me where I was going and I explained as best I could what John had told me: that as long as the plane would get up over the clouds, it would be out of reach of the tornado and would be smooth sailing, and everything would be fine. She just nodded her head and said "ah". I asked if she was coming with me, and she said she couldn't. She just wanted to say hi.

The rest of the dream is more of a blur. I only remember vaguely being able to see straight down the funnel of the tornado as we flew past it, and I remember that my plane past by John's plane in the air, and we waved.

As for other dreams..
I had another one last night that I know had Dr. Who in it (Christopher Eccleston-Dr. Who; not David Tennant. :\). But I don't remember what happened.

I had a dream several nights ago that was pretty simple. I don't remember any of the details, but I think I was with Elayna and my mom in the hospital. James was even there, too, I think. I remember that me and my mom were fighting and ended up screaming at each other; then Elayna, who was stressed out and wanted the fighting between us to stop, started screaming at us to stfu. So we were all screaming at each other. And I don't mean just yelling— this was high-pitched, glass-shattering, banshee-type screaming. It was horrific. I think I woke up with my ears ringing. ^^;;


In this dream I had a boyfriend, not because I loved him but because I was trying it out. He was like Reed, but a little less awkward. I talked to him on IM and went out with him a few times, but didn’t like it because I don’t have the capability for those feelings so it just starts to feel wrong when I know what the other person is looking for. After I broke up with him and kind of got rid of him as a complicating factor in my life, I went to go after some things I wanted to happen to for me. I was on the computer one night and instant message came up. I don’t know if it was him or me who started the message but I thought I could be at least nice or friendly to him and say “hi.” That was all I wrote, just “hi.” At the time, I was also talking to someone else on IM, I think it was another classmate who I was barely acquainted with. He was in a class with me the next day. He was in the back with a bunch of friends who were also big men and they were making fun of me saying “hi” to him. They were making fun of me, thinking that I had decided to go out with him again and was desperate for a boyfriend or something. I snapped and went over to them, and got right in his face. I just started ranting to him. I said things about how just because a woman says “hi” to a man, it doesn’t mean she wants a relationship, cheap sex, to touch his dick, to be touched, or to be sexually harassed. It’s a basic human greeting, and it’s polite. Especially as someone who dumped him, I felt like I should at least be decent. However, every time I say “hi” to someone it does not mean I desperately need him, or even like him. Anyway, I said to him what I’ve always so desperately wanted to say to every guy who tries to possess me, and I said it loudly, in his face, in front of the entire class.

Trip to Nowhere; by Alex

There was a bus that could take you to anywhere you wanted to go. It looked like a snazzy travel bus; not like the crappy Greyhound buses, but something nice. Like the one we occasionally get here at school that takes us from one campus to the next. Or like one they escort old people to casinos in. Nice, comfy, warm, squishy seats, arm rests on both sides of the chair, little foot rests at the back of every seat in front of you.. nice little TVs stationed there, but when they're on, they rarely play anything good.

But even though it looked like an ordinary VIP bus, I knew it wasn't. For one, it only showed up for you when you wanted it to; or you knew where to look. In that respect, it was a lot like the Polar Express. But it also went much faster than any other bus possibly could; something that completely defied science and physics and logic altogether; like the Knight Bus in Harry Potter.

One night, I was lucky enough to find the bus. I had my suitcase in hand, standing at a crappy bus stop in a dingy little box. I was in the city—which city, I don't know. It was starting to rain. Everything looked very Noir; classic. I was standing by this guy who was about six feet tall. He was black, nice looking, wearing a nice leather jacket. He kept to himself, really, but we would occasionally exchange glances. Every once and a while, I would smile at him; he always ended up looking away and responding with nothing.

The bus came after waiting (what felt like) an hour— I don't know how long we actually had been waiting at that bus stop. When the doors opened, I was amazed when I could see inside the bus. It was even more beautiful and spectacular than I'd heard. Everything was clean, there was carpeting, red, colorful curtains on each of the tinted windows…it was breathtaking. The man who had been waiting with me got on first. I heard the bus driver ask him his name when he presented his ticket. I felt a tingle of horror run down my spine as that question was asked. What could I do? I wasn't sure, even in the dream, what I was doing there. I had a feeling I was running from something, although I didn't feel panicky as if I were in a chase. I just knew, no matter what, I couldn't tell him my real name. So I had to think of an alternative fast.

I pulled slightly out of focus of the driver. Why the bus didn't leave when he didn't see anyone else waiting, I don't know. Maybe he couldn't leave until all those with tickets boarded the bus. While I stood off to the side, hidden, I pulled something out of my bag. It looked like an old-school PDA. I racked my brain for a new name; anything to let me get on the bus safely. The only thing that kept going through my head was the same phrase: je nais se quo, je nais se quo… With nothing else to go on, I hurriedly typed the name into the little PDA. The PDA was connected to a wireless feed and as soon as I hit 'enter', it started to scour the internet to make sure I could use it. I was impatient in waiting. If I waited too long, I might get into trouble. Maybe the driver would leave; or maybe he would step out of the bus and see me standing there. Then I would be screwed. When it seemed like I simply couldn't spare another second to wait, my PDA popped up a "success!" window, and I smiled as relief washed over me. Shoving the hand held back into my bag, I rushed to get on board.

The bus driver gave me an odd look when I walked up the steps. Possibly irritated that I was late. He didn't say too much; didn't even seem to care about the answers to the questions he was required to ask. He asked me my age, town I was from and my name. When I told him 'Je nais se quo', he looked at me suspiciously. I tried my best not to look nervous. He finally made me scan my fingerprint in his system, just to make sure I was legit. I did so and it took a moment, but the scanner came back with the same information I told him— including the name (my little PDA was smart). He looked disgruntled. Maybe he had been secretly hoping I was a spy or a terrorist or something; it would give him honor and something to do other than be a bus driver in an empty city late at night.

He grumpily asked my destination, and I replied (in a pretty chipper tone) that I was going to London. He accepted my ticket and gave me another one in exchange. It looked like a bus transfer. He said there were tables and tea in the back of the bus; I was more than welcome to help myself. He closed the doors with a snap and almost immediately, we began moving. The bus motion beneath us was nothing like the jerky motions of a city bus. It was smooth; almost like we were floating on air instead driving on pavement. I took my suitcase to the back of the bus. As I traveled back, I was amazed at the different compartments on the bus. There was one for each destination. At the front of the bus, there were your typical rows of bus seats; those were for people who weren't traveling far, I assumed. There was a library, there was one that looked like the back of an RV.. I traveled through all of them until I came to what looked like a little study. There were comfortable looking (albeit old) beige-colored seating chairs. There were oak desks and tables around the room. On the center table was a bowl of fruits (like bananas, oranges, apples, pomegranates..), coffee packets, coffee filters, sugar packets, some sandwiches wrapped in cellophane and some waxed fruit— for style, I guess. I took a banana and a day old paper on one of the side tables. There was also a guy in the compartment behind mine who was sitting on something that looked like an upside down bucket. He was rigid and silent, just staring at me. It was creepy, so I tried to ignore him.

I started to scan through the headlines, but my eyes couldn't help but wander around the room. That was when I started to notice something strange. When I had been going to the back of the bus, I spotted a brand new, barely worn blue jean jacket just laying on a hand bar. Like someone had placed it there for a moment and was going to come back for it later. It seemed weird to me at the time, but suddenly red-flagged itself in my memory when I saw a similar scene in that room. On the chair on the opposite side of the room, there was another jacket that lay forgotten. There was a tea cup and a saucer on the small table beside the chair, but there was no one sitting there. Only the jacket. It was one of those scenes where you suddenly feel goosebumps rise on your skin and the hair on the back of your neck stands up, and you really can't explain why it's happening. Nothing looked forboding; nothing except the jackets with no owners. And still I felt a wave of discomfort.

~The rest of the dream I don't really remember; which is a shame. >_< I think I woke up before it finished, but it woulda been cool to see what happened.~

I actually remembered my dream for once! (by jen)

I was downstairs in my parents house trying to get all these rabbits into cages. I was desperatly trying to figure out how to do it, but a lot of the cages were missing sides and things like that, so i was trying to line them up against the correct wall so there wouldn't be any holes in the cages. I was becoming increasingly frustrated when john wandered in and asked me what i was doing. (alex and sally were waiting outside for me) I explained that i had to get this done or else all the rabbits would escape and get eaten by animals outside. He shrugged and left and i was left trying to finish my task while pulling my hair out as i did so. xp but..i think my dream was trying to call me a rabbit in a cage, trying to pull myself together…lol

The Bunnies are back

I was at my parents house again, and wouldn't you know those damn rabbits are out of their cages again. Someone was going to try and hide all of my older brother's rabbits as some kind of joke. Annoyed, I didn't finish forcing them back into their cages and left to go have dinner with Sally, John, Alex and Emily. It was a nice restaurant, but I was soon distracted when I found out my mother was a waitress there and she refused to talk to me. I was outraged, because it was her fault (in the dream it was at least) that I didn't know when my brother's wedding was, and that's why I missed it. (though, in RL, my brother didn't actually invite me, and i didn't want to go anyways) So, I started yelling at her, and my friends managed to get me out of the restaurant. We went to someone's dorm room or apartment, where we saw a very strange movie. I was kinda upset at the movie because I'd seen it before and it was very sad, and I reallly didn't want to cry in front of everyone. So I kept trying to look away while John and Alex explained the plot. There was a man being nailed to the mast of a ship, efectivly being crucified, and John said it was unusual in a movie for this to happen to a guy, usually only girls were crucified. And Alex said that this one was supposed to represent Jesus, but even so, the character was pretty cool and no one wanted him to die. While I was trying to hide from the movie, Becca was suddenly there and wanted to cuddle with everyone. (lol) It ended very jumpily. I was walking toward work from the post office and I looked back and the entire side of the road was dandilions. Soon that was all you could see. Then my friends caught up to me again. John was driving his car and saying he'd invented a mind reading device that only broadcasts visuals. So he put it on Ali's head and told her to imagine something. On the screen you could see the world get closer and closer before spinning crazily and it looked like the view from a plane flying very low over traffic, but so incredably fast the cars were just a blur. And that's all for that one xp

A Returning Foe, by Alex

I was working at GMP. There were a lotta people there for my dream. Some were random customers; people I never paid attention to. The interesting part is that there were a lotta people there who don't work there anymore. From who I remember, there was: Kelly, her boyfriend, Brie, Gordon, Amy2, Ann, Linda aaaaand…other people, but I'm starting to forget who. Most of us were employees there. It was closing time and we were all rushing around to get things done. I remember that I was trying to get Kelly, her boyfriend and I out of the office because we were locked in, there were two girls who purposefully were hiding out in the bathroom, waiting for the store to close. I think the assumption that one of them was snorting coke. Then I remember that I was cashing out this customer and he wanted to buy some smokes for him and his girlfriend. I asked for their IDs and he handed them to me. The guy's ID was legit, but the girl's was obviously a fake. The picture was on the wrong side of the license and was a cut out of a senior picture instead of an actual DMV pic. But if nothing else, the DOB gave it away— it said she was born in January of 1929. But I gave them the cigarettes anyway because I knew the girl, and knew she was over 18. When the bf was leaving, I mentioned that he should tell his girlfriend it was either time to use her actual ID, or at least get an updated fake one.

None of that stuff is really important, though. The other part is….ugh. ^^;

While we were getting ready to close and had officially kicked out most of the customers, there was one who came in unnoticed. They slipped up behind me before grabbing my arm possessively. I looked over at who had invaded my "personal bubble" and instantly froze. They beamed at me all happy-like and said, "HI, ALI!" All I wanted to do was immediately run away. Run and hide. But I couldn't get myself free.

It was Jocelyn. She had come in and apparently decided we were going to be clingy and best friends, and all I wanted to do was run screaming from her in the opposite direction. If I tried to pull my arm away from her, she would only squeeze it tighter; like one of those Chinese finger torture devices. She continued to beam at me and looked satisfied at catching her prey. She then asked: "Are you ready to go, boyfriend?"

I don't remember how it happened— maybe it was that I had to help Kelly and her bf out of the office. Or maybe I purposefully locked us in. I don't remember the finer details of that ^^. But somehow I managed to get away from her and disappear. That didn't stop her from relentlessly searching the store for me. I could hear her voice calling out my name and I remember peaking behind the card display at her, waiting for her to disappear so I could let Kelly and Travis out and find a better hiding place. Ann, meanwhile, didn't seem to notice anything out of the ordinary, so she didn't throw Jocelyn out.

After another time Jocelyn circled the store, I spotted Brie facing one of the aisles. I waited for Jocelyn to be out of sight before I ripped open the office door and ran as swiftly and quietly as I could over to Brie. I attacked her, not knowing who else to talk to. She was surprised at my sudden appearance, but listened to me as I told her about Jocelyn. She laughed at the 'boyfriend' comment, but wasn't making fun. She agreed to hide me until Jocelyn disappeared.

Beyond that, I don't remember much of anything else. I don't remember if I got away safely or did become Jocelyn's 'boyfriend'. :\ That was one hell of an unusual dream, though. And can I state, for the record, I have no idea! where that dream came from? I get the work setting and even understand how Gordon, Ann, the weird ID'd customer and Linda would come in (most of whom were "background characters"). I even get Amy, cuz I think about her now and again and occasionally she wanders into my subconscious and dreams…but Jocelyn? I don't remember the last time I even really thought about her, much less seen her. It's just…weird.

weird sex dream? sort of?


a short dream, lol
It was either a college setting or high school, not sure which. Either way, this girl decided she wanted to have sex with someone, so she found a group of gay guys and asked one of them if they'd do it, because ..i guess them being gay somehow wouldn't count, and she didn't want any emotion involved..*shrugs* but anyway, one of them agreed, and must have been inexpiranced himself, as he said "boy, I can't wait to find out what her fulcrum feels like!"
Fulcrum?? whaaat???

Camp Dreams (plus-one), by Alex


I don't really remember any of the details to this one; just that John and Jen were in it. We were walking down a country road dirt and gravel, woods surrounding us on both sides, giving off a secluded feeling. I was chasing after Buttons and the Froggie, who were walking at least 10 feet in front of me. As fast as I ran, I couldn't catch up with them; at least not until they both suddenly stopped in unison and turned to face me. My feet halted because of the look on their faces— they looked mean. Angry. I felt myself shrinking down really small. Jen then snapped that she didn't understand why I kept following them because they both hated me.3Then they stormed off together and I just stood there. ^^;


This one I had the same night as the previous one— while I was still camping with Heidi and her fam. I don't remember how it actually started, but We were all camping together. I was hanging out outside by the fire with them (roasting marshmallows, I think). For whatever reason, Nancy(Heidi's mum), Heidi and Nathan(Heidi's cousin) wandered off, leaving me alone with Dick(Heidi's step-dad). I was OK with that, until something really unusual happened. For whatever reason, Dick came up behind me and hugged me— but twas more of a hug. His hands wandered way below my waist and I kinda fizzed out. I mean obviously it made me incredibly uncomfortable. When Heidi, Nancy and Nathan wandered back, Dick stopped (I had pulled away previously, but he had persisted) and acted completely nonchalant. I really didn't feel as though I could bring this up with Heidi or Nancy, so I felt completely lost and alienated. I tried to hide how awkward and ashamed I felt around Dick, but didn't do a very good job of hiding it; even though Heidi's fam never asked what was bothering me.

When they brought me home, they didn't bring me back to my house— they dropped me off in Gorham at the USM campus. I had my backpack on my back, my pillow under one arm and a poofy sleeping bad under the other. I trumped up the uber long hill to get back on campus and went to my room. I sat there for a while, pacing occasionally; still way too anxious about what'd happened to relax. I debated whether I should tell Heidi and Nancy. In the end, I ended up hitch-hiking (or just hiking. lol) to their house— all the way from Gorham to New Gloucester.

I showed up at their house around 3-4am and woke up both Nancy and Heidi. Because I insisted I needed to talk to them, they let me in. They both sat on their couch, arms crossed over their chests as they glared at me. I was either too stressed out/upset to notice their demeanor, or just assumed twas because they were woken up from their sleep. I told them I was really freaked out and was shaking a lot, sitting in their rocking chair. I don't remember if I actually ended up confessing what'd happened, or just ramble on unintelligibly (like I usually do when I work myself into a frenzy ^^;). When I calmed down a little, my stomach growled. I mumbled that I was hungry, not being able to recall the last time I'd eaten. I didn't expect anything to come from it, but Nancy begrudgingly offered to make me some food. I said she didn't have to, but she insisted. I've always been bad at fighting people when they insist like that, so I sheepishly agreed.

She made me a LOT of food— like a little buffet. Toast, scrambled eggs, cereal, orange juice, french toast, coffee… I ate it all gratefully when I was done, I thanked her again for it.

It was then that they broke the news to me. As I sat back in the rocking chair, all content, Heidi leaned forward and said in all seriousness: "Ali, we need to talk." My heart fell into my stomach as I watched them. They both started to explain to me that they really didn't appreciate that I showed up this late and woke them up. They thought I was completely selfish, and told me that they never wanted to see me again. I think they even threw me out of their house.

when I woke up from this dream, I ended up telling Nancy and Heidi about it— obviously editing out the Dick part ^^;. They both LOL'd, which made me feel a hell of a lot better about it

A Different Circumstance (#3)

This dream I had several nights ago that's kinda-sorta based on real events. I was hanging out with John in my room. I dun remember what we were doing— watching a movie, or playing cards, or something like that. Out of nowhere, John apologized to me. I asked him why, because I totally didn't understand where it'd come from. He said that the night before he'd talked to some of his friends about how he kept getting disappointed/irritated with me because I wouldn't ask him a lot of questions (in essence, not engaging in "in-depth conversations"). He explained that one of those friends told him that he was being completely unfair to me, trying to make me do something I just couldn't get the hang of. She'd convinced him that his struggle with this meant he was trying to change me. He admitted that he'd been trying to turning me into something I wasn't, and that was completely unfair— and that's why he was sorry.

Well, I kinda got upset by this. Not so upset that I was crying or angry; but I told him that he was wrong and I COULD change and engage in active conversation; but Buttons was already convinced and said he would stop encouraging me to communicate the way he wanted. I still got offended.

I think the dream ended in a stalemate, but it made me MORE determined to communicate how he'd requested. Just to show him. lol

This One is For the Radio


This is a really short one. I actually had to ask my sister if it really happened, it was so lame.

I was in the car with Alicia, and I believe Olivia was in the backseat. Alicia was in the passenger's seat, and I was behind the wheel. I don't know where we were going (and, all in all, that wasn't really important). I went to change the radio station off of the country music I had had to listen to for about an hour. In Alicia's car (or still, technically, "our car"), there are four buttons for pre-set radio stations. From left to right, there's Q97.9, 99.9(I forget their "name"; tis country), WCYY and WPOR. CYY's really *my* station, since my sisters like rock, but they hardly listen to it as much as I do.

Anyway. I went to put the radio to WCYY (as per usual), until I realized the music that was coming out of the speakers was far from being alternative rock. It was only more country. I glanced over at Alicia and asked her what the hell was up with that. She sighed and rolled her eyes, talking like she had to explain it to an annoying younger child instead of an older sister. I guess she thought I was overreacting, or something. She said: "Weeeeelllllllll, Olivia and I talked about it, and we had a vote and decided that we wouldn't let WCYY be on the car radio." When I asked her why not, she said in that same demeaning tone: "We don't like it, and we don't think it should be allowed there." I got pissed! I started yelling at her that she had no right to take my favorite radio station off the dial and not even bother telling me about it. Man, I was livid. She just kinda rolled her eyes and ignored me, looking out the window and making a show of not listening to me talk.

so here's my final thought on this: d'ya think I should email this to WCYY? lol. I told Heidi I should at least get a prize, or something, I mean, I like their radio station enough that it slipped into my SUBCONSCIOUS! That has to be better than "I am CYY". XP

That looked like it hurt..


I was living in a cardboard box, and as I was looking out the window, apperently Alex hit john with some kind of metal pole. True to John, he complained about it for the rest of the dream, stating that he had to go to the hospital now thanks to Alex, and it was much worse then the time I hit my head..(I guess I also hit my head on something in the dream prior to this event.) Alex offered no apologies and left without a word in the dream. Despite the fact that she hit him on the head, there was no malice.

Turn Left!

most of the dream was scattered..something about being at my parents house and a white cake that had been made that should not have been, so i was trying to hide it so my brother wouldn't get in trouble. Then I think I was working at the non existent in real life deli at Target, and after something to do with my friends, (I think I wanted to be left alone) I was biking through the woods toward a beach with two bags in my hands. On the right was a red and white picnic/beach bag, and on the left was a brown bag that looked like it was supposed to be a present for someone. It was a holiday, but I was going to spend it alone for some reason. I came out of the woods down a field and at the end of the field there was a right turn to take you to the beach. (it was the same beach where in an earlier dream not mentioned here I'd drowned. for some reason i had fallen and was too weak to get up as the tide came in..i wasn't afraid of drowning, but i was terrified of the sharks in the water that kept getting closer, because i knew that would hurt a lot) as i was about to take the trail to the right, my grandmother came over to say hi to me. I was very excited to see her, and in the dream it was my grandfather who had died, not her, and she now lived in a small town/old folk community where she wouldn't have to be alone. She was very sad about living there though, and the first part of it sort of looked like a carnival. Neon lights and such. I decided to have the picnic with her, because she was very sad about having to live there, and I was soo very happy to see her. We turned to the left, away from the beach and she insisted on taking one of the bags i was carrying. Although the brown bag was small, I felt that they were both very heavy, but eventually gave her the smaller of the two, and i biked beside her as she walked back to her house.


I was talking to casey about whether or not we had enough change to do the laundry. he had two rather large stacks that had come from somewhere, and assured me it would get done just fine. So, I woke up at 6 (sounds like today) to go to work. recently i'd gone to visit sally. she lived far from both orono and gray, i just don't know where. I flew in by helocopter, and our mother's were waiting. they had arranged some sort of play date. when i got there, sally's dog was on the roof trying to get at this bird that happened to be very sinister, though innocent looking. sally decided to drive to gray, so we drove back and forth down this farm road where there was this baby deer being raised. I had to go back home for work however, so sally sent me back somehow. At target, i was just getting ready to go home. i had made myself a salad, and was surprised to see patty there, trying to shop. i was excited, and my present manager (some made up person in the dream) came over to say i was a pain in the ass there too. i told her pat had called recently and i was going to go back to gray and work for a week, i'd be leaving at 3am tomorrow. she left, and i was trying to get the front exit looking nice, when i cut myself on something. it didn't bleed externally, but internally. these two bitch customers (one guy and girl) starting giving me a hard time for working and how i'm not supposed to touch things. they were wearing gloves. i got really mad at them and started shouting, and was even angrier when i couldn't find the salad i had made.

I was packing at home in my tree house, when alex showed up and told me i had to get to the bus in half an hour. realizing i wouldn't make it in time on my bike, i slyly asked her if she came just to give me a ride to the bus. she didn't though. somehow she instantly transported us to my parents house. I guess my mom and i were cool with each other in the dream, but ali had accidently brought along the dumbass customers from target, and they stole my I.D. so they could report my misbehavior to target. this got me angrier, and I hit the guy at one point. Eventually i went downstairs to sulk when i saw a bunch of people outside the door that looked like they had been waiting to be let in. The first person i recognized was Tom Storer, and he was surprised that anyone in the house was up yet (guess it was still early) and it was also very cold out, so i let everyone in. Sam Kyanista was also there, and he asked where I'd gotten this saxophone. (it was the blue cased tenor i played in high school.) i told him he could play it if he wanted, and when i turned to see if he liked the idea, he was gone. (aparently he turned into a cat and was clawing at my feet…hmmm) that's where it ends

Serial Killer.


There was a notorious serial killer who had roamed the streets all over the U.S. for months, racking up a body count the likes of which have not been seen for decades from any serial killer. The news would not express what made this guy a serial killer (in effect, who he was killing), they just kept mentioning to stay in doors, be careful, trust no one…because no one ever knew where he would be. His identity was always changing, and he always seemed to be a step ahead of the cops. He had terrorized the entire country for months on end.

And then…..he was gone. No one knew what had happened. The killings just stopped. Some people thought it was because he had lost interest. The real truth didn't come out until someone with a construction vehicle was excavating Heidi's backyard. When digging into the ground, they inadvertently dug up the startlingly remains of the serial killer. He was already decomposing, and I remember his face looked like Harvey Dent (post-accident)4. I was there with Heidi and when her mom called us to see what they had dug up from the ground, we looked out the window and saw the thunder roll in and lightening flash right behind the serial killer's remains.

Fast-forward a little while….Heidi had taken an interest in the serial killer since he had turned up dead in her backyard. She had decided to write a thesis paper about it, and was planning to present it to a group of college professors at the university's annual event. She felt like it would be impolite to use note cards for referral in the presentation, so she did something completely unique. She took her leather belt and a piece of sharpened chalk. With that, she had separated the page numbers and encoded the rest of her thesis onto the belt in the form of a binomial code. This way, she could refer back to the paper without "cheating" with note cards. She showed me the belt before the presentation began (I, of course, came to offer my support as she spoke). John was there, too, but only over Skype (and webcam, too, apparently). I showed him the etchings on the back of Heidi's belt, and he was amazed. The last thing I remember was him telling me to pass onto Heidi that he was "colored impressed". And then I heard Teddy barking outside and woke up.

(So my final comment is in the form of a question: does this beat your "snowing inside of a train station" dream, Buttons???)



There's a woman I work with at GMP named Wendy. She's awesome. Very outgoing, very personable. She used to be a hairdresser for 16 years, so that might explain some of it. In my dream, I was hanging out with her. Apparently she was giving me a ride back from Walmart or Target because apparently I needed a ride.. I had just finished buying my own iMac computer and was so psyched for it because they had the right colour I wanted. Wendy's kids, Jake and Morgan, were in the back of the car while I stole the passenger seat in the front. I never saw them, but I knew they were there.

We were listening to the radio when Miley Cyrus came on. I started to remember this thing I saw on the Disney Channel where Miley Cyrus was preforming with Animal's band from the Muppets. I mentioned this to Wendy, and she was all jealous (she loves Animal; as does everyone). She then proceeded to tell me about her recent meeting with a popular Muppet: Ms. Piggy. She told me how they'd met and got along wonderfully, but Wendy had been really disappointed that Ms. Piggy didn't have red sequined stilletto heels to match her outfit, because those shoes would have been perfect.

Rock Stars.


Jen was over my house. She'd come to visit and we were hanging out in my room before I was supposed to bring her back home to Orono. For whatever reason, my entire room was bare, except for a lonely little chair in the far corner of the room. I think we were moving out of the house. Anyway, Jen and I were discussing music, and the subject of N Sync was brought up. She called them rock stars and I thoroughly disagreed with her. I told her rock stars were those who actually played instruments— like Aerosmith, Guns n Roses, Meatloaf, Nickelback, etc. As I was saying this, she was sitting on the floor a few feet in front of me, deathly silent but just staring at me and shaking her head. I got so angry with her contemptuous look that I started to yell at her. I told her that what she was doing had to stop right then and there, and we'd have "no part of it". I explained (while trying to calm down) that it was really rude, and I hated when I was treated as if I didn't know anything. Jen stopped doing it and we remained suspended in silence for a while as I cooled my head.

When the silence was finally broken, Jen explained that any musician could be labeled a rock star if they go into a fancy restaurant without a reservation and got a table because they were that famous. I sighed heavily, but didn't yell at her again. I told her that such a thing could be applied to any celebrity, and rock stars is not a term that can be applied to five guys who sing in harmony and dance around stage with hits like "Bye, Bye, Bye".

I don't have the faintest idea who won the argument, but I have a guess. Because seriously subconsciousJen. N Sync and rock stars? Pleeeaaasse. (lol)5

A few.

(by Alex)

Dream 1

I was hanging out with Sam (Bishop). She and I went to a movie, or something. I can't really remember. All I do remember is that she was ditching me to stay the night at her dad's house, and I guess her dad didn't like me or something, because he refused to let me stay there. But she offered to let me stay at her mother's house. I was wary of doing even that, but I agreed to it and made my effort in trying to be polite.

I went over her mom's house on my own and her mom had spent the time in the last few recent years adopting children. She had a few Arabian kids, a Mexican child and a couple Asian children. They all shared this bedroom that could have been a sleeping area for a sweat shop. All I remember was that there were several bunk beds, and all of them were taken. In fact, there were even a few places around the room that were used as beds by these kids. I guess there weren't enough beds for all of them and one of the kids was sleeping on an office desk chair and another one was sleeping under the bunk bed on the floor. I felt extremely uncomfortable and wanted to leave, but didn't really have anywhere else to go. I tiptoed across the room and sank as quietly as I could into an empty bed. I pulled my sweatshirt over my head and tried to go to sleep.

Not too long after that, I felt this incessant poking on the back of my leg. I looked up, and one of the children had woken up. They were staring at me and poking me. I asked quietly what they wanted, and they only stared and then woke up one more child. I pleaded for them to just leave me alone and go back to sleep, but they didn't. Like a domino effect, they all ended up waking the entire crowd of kids. They wanted to play. They wanted to annoy. I just wanted to sleep.

Aside from feelings of dread and wanting to leave, I wasn't sure what happened in the next sequence while these kids bugged the living hell outta me. I do remember a Wiffle Ball bat somewhere in there, but the next thing I remember, one of the kids had woken up Sam's mom. At this point, I was ready to yell at some of the children and just run out of the house screaming. I asked Sam's mom if this type of thing happened to all their guests. This visit to their home had apparently not been my first one. Sam's mom stared at me dully for several moments before croaking that I was the only one this happened to. I didn't need any more insight than that. I grabbed my backpack, pushed the kids off me and left their house. I ran out to my car and sped off.
(this wasn't a hostile dream, either. I was just a bit over-stressed and panicked).

Dream 2

(this one I had the night before, so the details are a little…err….splotchy)

I was in Orono. My mom had dropped me off at school and it was earlier on in the weekend because not too many students had arrived. My mom and sisters helped me carry all my crap into my dorm and then we all said our goodbyes. Then they left. And I was there. Alone.

No big deal. Done it before.

So I was there and started to unpack when I realized: I don't have half my stuff! In the rush to see all my friends and "party" before I went to school again, I had forgotten to pack half the things I needed. I was a little frantic, because I hadn't planned on going home for a while…how was I gonna get my things? I remember leaving behind my alarm clock, and I was all up in arms about it because how was I going to wake up!?!

The only other few things I remember was that Buttons had arrived really early and had requested my help in his moving in. Instead, I ditched his ass to do a little entranced/"zombie walk"6 around campus. I remember I got over my the athletic field, and Kristen came running up to me. She asked if I was alright, and I just nodded numbly and mumbled that "I'd be fine, because this is all a dream". Kristen looked at me and asked how I could possibly know that. I told her that "it's too horrible to be reality; and I don't even remember PACKING anything. It's okay. It's too soon to be in Orono. I'll wake up soon…" And then I wandered off, leaving her behind.

Next thing I know, I was awake. And damned glad I was right that it was just a horrid dream.

Oddest Dream.


I had a really odd dream last night. I don't remember all the details anymore, but this one was definitely up there on the "Odd Dream-o-Meter".

For the first (and arguably strangest) fact: John and I were dating7. We were at Jen's house, but it looked more like Lexy's and Bridget's apartment. We were all playing Rock Band and just chilling out. John and I were sitting together, plus there was Jen, Lexy, Bridget and a couple other people that I don't remember (but I think Geoff and Kevin were there, too). All of a sudden, I got a telegram from what I think was a carrying pigeon. I read the note aloud and it was from Brie. She announced that Katie, Caitlin, Nichole and herself would be coming up to visit us. There was a sudden uproar of enthusiasm, and I remember I was really excited because I missed hanging out with all of them.

When they finally arrived, we saw Nichole and Brie walking side by side down this long, slender hallway that led into the room we were congregated in. Ahead of the two friends was a small spider monkey. It was dressed kinda like Abu from Aladdin, and we all somehow knew it was Caitlin; no guessing required. We just accepted it.

The three of them settled in and Caitlin-monkey came to sit on the arm of the couch next to me. As I was petting her head, I asked Brie where Katie was. She gestured randomly behind her and said she'd be along sometime. No sooner had she spoken that three or four people came in carrying a large black bird cage. Inside there was a parrot with beautifully bright colored feathers. I walked up to the cage and tried to get the bird's attention. I thought the bird was actually Katie because, after the monkey thing with Caitlin, one just assumes. I felt embarrassed when the real Katie stepped out from behind the bird cage and waved at me.

Sporadic Moments.

(by Alex)

For whatever reason (I think Estabrooke needed more space) John and I had to share a single room for a little while. We had to move all our things downstairs to the first floor and, instead of having two twin beds like there are now, we somehow got the beds fused together to create a bed that turned out to be smaller than a king size bed (I just remember this fact because John was bitching about how the blankets wouldn't fit right).

Then all of a sudden we were in English. Yusef and Amanda were there and, as we were leaving, we all had to solve this really tough problem involving the formula for resistance: R=Vi (resistance = voltage x current). There were some really weird numbers we got out of it, most of which I didn't understand, but they made perfect sense to Yusef and John.

The next thing I remember I was standing in the York dining hall with John and Jen. We were just hanging out by the person who swipes our MaineCards and talking (I don't know if the girl cared we were just chilling out right there). John all of a sudden got a phone call that his sister needed John to watch the baby; so John had to leave immediately to go and pick up the baby. I was all excited and kept saying over and over, "I wanna come! I wanna come! I wanna come!" until John finally sighed and gave in.

We then had the baby and there was me, John, Amanda, Matt and Jen who were standing outside Kennebec hall. As we were all walking back to Estabrooke, we noticed that a lot of people were simply standing outside the building. Travis was among them, so I went up and asked him if he had any idea what was going on. He told me that no one could get in and out of the building because Estabrooke was depressed and didn't want to play anymore.8

(other than that, the dream was really long and really complex, but as soon as I woke up, I forgot most of it. These are only pieces I remember.)


(by Alex)

Jaclyn and I were going to San Francisco. I was over her mother's house and we were walking through her yard, trying to get things ready before we left. This was a completely random thing, too. All of a sudden I got up and said, "Hey, Poppet, let's go to San Fran." I tried telling her that it wouldn't be insanely expensive if we bought the tickets right before we left…because the airline would be trying to get rid of them anyway, and they would be only a couple hundred dollars each.

Anyway, while we were walking through the yard, I kept running into this really thin, really long light green snake in the grass. And for whatever reason, it kept biting me. It kept trying to strangle my foot, so I kept kicking it away, and it would bite me. My mum's cat, Jezebel, was wandering around their yard and the snake tried to wrap itself around her. So I freaked out and threw the snake away. It also tried to attack another animal, but there was a small dog that came and protected that smaller animal and scared the snake away. But I was really worried that the snake had bitten me at least a half dozen times, so I went up and asked Jax about it. She told me that he doesn't have any venom; he only injects antibodies into your body. Her family replaced one with the other in the snake. I was surprised, but felt better about having gotten bitten.

And then, by the end of the dream, I had to tell Jaclyn that we couldn't go to San Francisco because we had planned to leave and come back on Saturday…and I had plans with Jen on Saturday.

I don't really remember anything else about the dream…I remember John and Jen were in there for a little while, Alicia was there and I remember Betsy showed up to throw out an ice cream I'd forgotten to pay for and had started to melt… lol.

I told you not to throw that away! >< (jen)

I was hanging out with Alex outside the Union, and she kept buying all this food. Like, lots and lots and lots of donuts. Boxes full. And noodles and god knows what else, and then she decided to throw everything she just bought into the trash. (She may have nibbled on some of it first.) I was upset by this and started yelling at her. "Look at all the food you just wasted!" and I piled up all of the plates from the food she threw away and it was taller then I was. I pointed at it until she felt bad. But before she could do anything, Cam randomly stopped and talked to us. (odd for him to show up in a dream, but whatev) He informed us John had sped by on his bike and that we should try to catch up to him. He pointed one way, and I recall Alex and I wandering off in the opposite direction…lawl.

( a few from live journal i'm going to post here)

it's a boy!

In real life john told me he's going to be an uncle. Then I dreamt about it, lol. I had visted gray on some secret mission, but john and alex found out i was there (of course XP) so he called and demanded that i come see his new nephew. (that means i predict it's going to be a boy!) and i complied, but dragged ali along with me. end of that dream…

work dreams

Sunday night i opened Mardens an hour early and the other employees were unhappy with me. Last night I was at Gray Marketplace when I saw my grandpa (glee!) and i eventually wandered off to talk to perry about who was painting the murals on the wall. He said "pea" and i was like "sweet pea?" (like the song) and he said "uh huh" but I was confused, because I'm pretty sure he meant Olive Oil…(or Olive). Then I wanted something in the store so I used a balloon as a marker for it (instead of a flag to claim land for a country, I guess i thought a tied down balloon was accpetable) then I think Perry gave us free food…the rest of the dream had soemthing to do with trying to hide/get away from something bad that was chasing me, but I can't remeber who or what..guess it's not important..

angry church outburst

I went to church..and they were saying things at church that was making me angry. (i've always held my disbeliefs in church, but going there has never made me out right angry) and so I was trying to keep quiet, when of all people Jocelyn was next to me and she gave me a phamplet about HER religion. That was the line in the dream when I had an angry outburst that made them kick me out of the church. So, I started walking home from Windham. (another walk I've done a few times in my dreams, lol) and..i know there was more to it, a band concert was in there soemwhere..but..ah well..

random school dream

there was some sort of class partaking on my parents porch (in real life presently nonexisting) and then i walked to school. (a ten mile walk i'd done many a time in my dreams) i found a shop where the band room used to be, and i knew for whatever reason i wasn't supposed to be there. ( i get kicked out of places a lot in my dreams) and there was food, and foot ball items, and i turned and john gave me a paper (where the hell did he come from?) and i threw it away. then i left to find ali and go to a class..

Desert town and murdering children

there was a school in a desert town next to a river. (the nile perhaps?) the school was having a play and the audience was filled with parents and teachers. In the middle of the play, one little boy stummbled on to the play to do his part. you think it's a part of the act at first, he was spitting up blood and trying to talk. Suddenly everyone realizes it isn't an act as a horrendous amount of blood was coming from the boy;s mouth and making puddles on the floor. The mother was in the audience screaming "that's my child! that's my child!" but she couldn't get to him. the child died.

An investigation had to be made. They said his intestine had exploded. Kids from the school began packing up thier belongings to leave so the detectives could do their work. Meanwhile, by the river, another little boy was walking with two large bags. one was filled with fake evidence. the other filled with sharp metal objects covered in the first childs blood. the second little boy knew he was responcible for the first childs death. he had to hide the evidence. He put the bags down and looked into the water to check for crocodiles.

At the school, the detective team was laying out puzzle pieces on top of the roof. they were trying to put them all together but left for the night to rest. (it's odd how my dream has not included me thus far xp) I wnadered onto the roof that night, i think i was homeless or lost, because i slept on the roof corner, trying to stay warm from the wind. But as i tried to sleep, the wind started to sweep up the puzzle pieces and i got up to try and find them. I was searching for the lost pieces that the wind blew away all night, an in the morning a search team came with a dog to try and find them. We ended up looking for the last pieces next to a dangerous wood lined with a tremendous amount of rubish and lost itmes stuffed into the ground. like swiss cheese with itmes stuffed into all the holes. The dogs knew we were close to the pieces, but no one could see them, and didn't want to get too close to the woods. Finally I pulled back some of the items sticking out of the ground, deeper and deeper, until finally we found the puzzles pieces. this is where the dream ends.

Graduate School.

(by Alex)

(this part is fact:)Jen has a Nalgene bottle from UMF. When I was hanging out with her and John last night, John demanded to know why Jen had a UMF bottle when she was a UMaine student. I think this had a lot of influence on the dream because…

(this part is the dream:)
I was in an office with John. He was sitting behind a desk and was working and I was taking papers from him to bring somewhere. I think we were in a professor's office and I was helping him T.A. because there were students who would randomly pop in and ask for help. John and I were talking about UMF. I was getting sad because John said he wanted to leave UMaine to go to grad school, and I wanted to stay here. I asked him where he planned to go, but he shrugged and said he'd applied to a couple schools and he and his dad were going to check them out that weekend. He said the one he was most excited about was University of Maine at Farmington because it had really awesome computer engineering classes and benefits for grad students. I started thinking through all the schools I had looked into for a grad program (UMaine being one of them) and some of the schools were in lower-New England area (like down in RI) and out west. I told him I couldn't wait till grad school. I then asked when he was leaving to go look at those schools, and he said he was leaving Orono to head back home Friday afternoon. I suggested we should have breakfast at the Union before he goes home. He looked at me, thought about it a moment and said, "I don't think so." before going back to his work.

(I forgot what happens after that. haha)

Bloody Horror Movie

(by Jen) 10/23/08

I was wondering around a mall, the first time with Casey, where I kept wandering away from him so I could look at Halloween stuff. He eventually went home, and I ventured to work at public safety. We all decided to work on the same night so we could hang out, even though we weren't supposed to. We went to this mall, and I happened to run into some of my old mardens crew. I hugged them (Jeanie and Joyce) and they mentioned that Pat might come in too. (he didn't, though). So I waited for Alex and a few other freinds to arrive and we were going to watch this scary movie. The movie was supposed to be so violent and bloody, they actually had a disclaimer right before the worst of the gore. Right as that was about to show on the screen (a girl and a guy were falling into a pool together, laughing, happy loving couple) Geoff and John run by the door. I shout that the gore's about to start and they race over to watch. The girl is pulled out of the pool and covered in blood, despite the fact she was just in water. The guy is gone, and believe me, we can assume he's dead..because assuredly what happened to him was much, much worse. They pulled her out of the water and she's dying. You know it by all the blood of course…and she says (very climatically) "I'm so cold…and I'm so scared….and I…and I.." and then my alarm woke me up. I wanted to know what she had to say, damnit.

Beware the black wolf

(By Jen) 11/2/2008

It's been a long time since a black wolf has appeared in my dreams. When I was little, I had nightmares of one that lived in back of my house near where we kept our rabbits. It always had a mean vibe to it, and so I had nightmares about it until one dream I was able to offer some sort of friendship to this wolf and it no longer wanted to hurt me. That was years and years ago. Last night the black wolf was in my dreams again. I was with my dad, I think. I don't remember why, we were driving somewhere, I think. We kept seeing different kinds of animals on the side of the road, grazing or whatever. Then all of a sudden we turned a corner and there was the black wolf. All of a sudden there was a feeling of such hatered and evil, it clearly wanted nothing better then to kill.

I remember that we were safe in the car, but i wasn't about to stay there with such unwanted company. When the wolf dissapeard for a time I went into a house. It tried to follow but I made it inside. It glared and snarled at me through a window, and I had to make another escape. I went to the other side, someone was following me. It may have been my dad still, but I don't know. Running outside I saw a white wolf sitting on a doorstep. I knew I was safe as long as the white one was around. I ran down the street to a car and yelling at this oher person to go to safety too, because the white wolf wouldn't stay long. He didn't listen to me, and went over a white fence as if it could keep him safe. Turning behind me, I saw that the white wolf had turned black and it started to run after us. I made it into the car and turned to see the wolf about to tear the man to shreds…then I woke up..heh..it was 6 am, which is weird because whenever I wake up feeling scared from a dream like that it's always 6am..hmm..but the feeling of pure rage the black wolf held was what scared me so much..I kept thinking that if I turned and looked out the window I would see it..

Sleep walking? Sorta?

(by Jen)

Apperently I do funny things if you wake me up while I'm sleeping. One of them being a while ago now, Casey went to bed way after me, and when he came to bed I was trying to pull the lamp into the bed with me. My eyes were open and looking around, but I was asleep because I don't remember any of this. He thought I was awake and asked me what I was doing. I have him a mummbled responce and grouchily threw the covers over my head. he asked me what I said and I didn't make sense again. This was when he realized I was probably..sleep..talking…lol.

Last night apprerently I did it again. He came to bed and I sat up completly and looked at him. I said "hello". He told me to go to sleep, and I responded "I did." and then went back to sleep…9

small teacher…

(Jen) 11/9/08

I was at school, and I'd just left the library (the entire college was one huge building) and Alex was helping me find this music class I was going to take. But it was practically impossible to find, and while looking Alex and I passed by Mrs. Fitzpatric. I think she was one of my middle school teachers. She was standing in front of an astronomy class where her students had gone to for a feild trip. Strange thing was though, was that she was about 2 feet tall and I accidently called her Mrs. Fitzgerald in the dream…

Christmas Comes Early.

(Alex) 10 Nov 2008

I was heading home for Thanksgiving. I know Jen and John were there with me. It was perhaps three days before the holiday, only we were setting up for another holiday. We were putting up Christmas lights and decorations and even stockings. I remember we had a tree already and I was helping Jen decorate it with tinsel while John worked on the lights and my mom helped out with the paper cut outs of Christmas decorations.

And then came the actual preparing for Thanksgiving. My mom wanted to have the holiday at our house three days earlier than anyone else. I don't remember her reasoning, but apparently it was enough for her. I got upset with her because my friend, Amanda, was supposed to come over for Thanksgiving and "how could she come over and eat with us if we've already celebrated it?" My mom said that I shouldn't worry, and there would be enough food left over on Thanksgiving for her to enjoy. I was still upset she couldn't wait three days, but no matter what I argued, I couldn't convince her to be patient.

Stuck in the Elevator

(Alex) 1 December 2008

I was in an elevator in Estabrooke Hall. I got on with a nice older lady and we were chit-chatting on our way up to the fourth floor (where I live). Everything was fine on the ride up…until we got to the fourth floor. In that elevator (as in most elevators), it dings on every floor we passed. The elevator chimed a bell when we passed every floor but not the fourth floor. For some reason, the elevator just relaxed and almost heaved a sigh….and stopped moving. It took a couple seconds, but the lights went off in the elevator before a calm voice broke out over a speaker: "don't worry. The elevator has stopped for a while, but it will begin shortly. If the time stopped exceeds three hours, please use the phone to call someone to get you out."10 The voice was a very sweet female voice. I know the lady and I weren't panicking, but we were kinda annoyed. Apparently this was not a new thing with the elevator in this building. I do remember thinking that I was annoyed because I hadn't grabbed my cell phone from my room before leaving, so I couldn't call John to come help.

And then, lo and behold, John showed up. I could hear him from inside the doors of the elevator (I think he was talking on his phone at the time). I called his name and soon got his attention. He asked why I was holding up the elevator and I told him the story. I remember him laughing at me.

The other dream I remember having involved a lot more people. John, Katie, Geoff, Jen, (I think) Yusef, Amy and I were sitting in a cabin. I think we had rented it out for a weekend, or something. It was a nice log cabin with a huge table and dining area, which is where we were seated. I don't remember much about what happened except for John mumbling something and getting up to go get a drink. On his way, he did this weird little dance, and I joked that the dance was ugly (the dance, not him. This is key in a moment).

When John came back, Jen told him that I'd said he was ugly; like one of those sibling tell-tales who tattle on their brother/sister as soon as the mother/father come back. I reacted in the same way: "le gasping" and denying the accusation up and down. John glared at me for half a second, then seemed to ignore the whole situation. He shrugged and started talking to Geoff. He seemed fine, so I eventually ignored it and forgot about the event.

A little while later, somehow the subject got brought up again and John did not look pleased. He told me that he really didn't appreciate me calling him ugly like I had. I told him I hadn't called him ugly at all; just teasing about his dance. But he didn't seem to believe me (which got me pissed at Jen. lol). He said it didn't really bother him all that much (which was a lie), but he just didn't appreciate the insult. I just remember being flabbergasted (for a better word for it, there is not) and being pissed at Jen; who, in the meantime, was laughing a storm for getting me in trouble. Just like a sister. lol.

Alternate Dimensions.

(by Alex) 21 December 2008

I was at the dump in Gray with my sister, Alicia. She was driving her car and I was along for the ride, there to help her throw out the garbage. While I was throwing away some bags, Alicia was freaking out that she was going to be late for work so she kept telling me to hurry. Well, hurry I did but I guess not enough because when I was finished throwing out the bags, I looked around and Alicia was nowhere to be found. There was a car backing up closer to the disposal unit, but it was not white, nor was it really a car to speak of. It was a navy blue old-looking jeep. I ran out from behind the car and looked around frantically for my sister. She was gone.

Getting annoyed (and cold, since it was winter and I was standing in snow), I grumbled to myself as I pulled out my cell phone and fumbled with the numbers to call her. When she finally picked up, I told her she had a lot of nerve to drive off without me like that. There was a moment of silence, but she finally said, "I didn't drive off without you. You're right here." I thought she was teasing me, so I revoked her for it and said she wasn't being funny; but she sounded genuinely confused.

As I was talking to Alicia on the phone, I was also looking around the dump; in case she hadn't left the premises and was just parked in recycling, or something. I eventually spotted her car in the corner over by the landfills. I interrupted Alicia in the middle of her sentence and said, "Never mind. I see you. Bye." And hung up.

I should've noticed something was array when I talked to Alicia. She never would play a long-standing prank like that against me, nor would she have sounded so genuinely confused if confronted with evidence. Upon walking to the car, I should have also gotten another big clue. On the other hand, I was only mildly suspicious, at best. Her car was no longer covered. It was a convertible. And it wasn't the square nuisance of a vehicle it is now, but rounded. More sports-car-like. I stood outside the car for a moment, staring at my sister behind the wheel. She was my sister….but she wasn't. She looked the same and sounded the same, but she was wearing different clothes. The sister I had just talked to on my phone had been bundled up in LL Bean winter attire. This one was wearing capri pants and a Hawaiian shirt. She also didn't seem to mind the snow, being that she had the hood down. I was a little apprehensive about getting into the car, but I did so anyway.

On the ride home, Alicia and I got to talking. She was telling me how Elayna had called her a little while ago and said she was doing well on her master's degree in Chemistry. I stared at her and said, "..no….Elayna's married and has a son now." Alicia sent me a glance that said she thought I was some type of alien creature. I wasn't sure why, but I felt like I needed to shut up. After several minutes of silence, Alicia continued again. She told me how she was getting ready to be an undergrad in mathematics. I stared at her and said, "What about being a cosmotologist?" She had no clue what I was talking about, and I was starting to scare her.

(I don't remember too much beyond that, unfortunately. I think we did find out that we were living in alternate dimensions, but I don't know if we ever switched back from that)

80 Hours a Week.

(by Alex) 21 December 2008

I came home from UMO for the Christmas break. I was going to be working back at Gray Marketplace for the few weeks I was home. It turned out that Perry had gotten the school schedule from offline and had already given me my hours for the entire break. I visited GMP a few days before I was supposed to start working there again, and Perry handed me a piece of paper that outlined the hours I had. It listed off the four weeks I would be off, and how many hours I got per week. The first three weeks I would be working eighty hours/week. The last week, I got fifteen. I stared at the sheet for a while, thoughts floating through my head (mostly "that's gonna be sweet money") before saying, "Well….at least I get a break on the last week."

A New Robotics Scientist.

(by Ali) 19 January 2009

I just had the weridest little dream. The details are fading fast, so I will try to remember all I can before they're gone.

I was in a stadium— like the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester. There was Matt, Andrew, John, Geoff, Jen, Cam and Ian there with me. I don't know exactly what we were doing there, but I think we'd all arrived for a conference of some kind. Towards the end of this conference, there was an announcement made by one of the engineers who had worked on the set of the most recent X-Men film. He was saying how there was a position opening up in robotics and that he was representing his company in looking for a suitable employee. Everyone in the audience cheered and tried to get his attention. I was sitting in an asile with all my friends, and we were perhaps thirty feet away from the guy. I remember cheering for this (as everyone else did), but thinking I didn't have a chance (I'm a physics student. What do I know about robotics?). However, my thoughts turned against me when he looked over and pointed directly at me. He said that he wanted me to be his prodigee. I sat frozen while all my friends around me clasped me on the shoulder and congratulated me.

After the conference ended and people were starting to steadily move towards the doors, I was standing up in the asile with everyone I was there with. I was standing near John, Ian and Jen, but my focus was elsewhere. I remember hearing them trying to talk to me about what a great honor it was for me to be chosen like that, but there was a delay with my thought processes (I would hear something several minutes after they said it). I was more concerned with keeping my attention devoted to the man who had chosen me to work in the robotics field at this extremely accredited company. I told my friends I would be right back and wandered off towards this man.

He looked kinda like Carrot Top (that was the most unfortunate thing. I couldn't have someone who looked like Shia Labeouf, or Patrick Dempsey….no. I got Carrot Top ^^;). But aside of this man's appearance of really poofy orange-tinted red hair, he was a really nice guy. Intense, yes, but nice. When I went up to him, a smile slid across his face and he said, "ah, yes" when he recognized me. I introduced myself but he already knew who I was; so I asked him why he wanted to hire a co-worker who was a physicist and not someone, you know…who is an engineer. Who works with robotics. He asked me then if I had any special interest in the engineering field, or in robotics. I told them I did greatly (on both counts) and he smiled and told me: "that's all we need." He then took my hand and I started walking with him. I kept my hand slack in his because I didn't want him to think anything of what he was doing (mixed signals are a bitch. lol). He told me about what I would be doing at the company, who I would be overseeing…that sorta thing. I still couldn't understand why they would need a physicist to run a robotics department, but every time I asked that he would side-step my question and keep talking about something else.

Eventually I heard my phone ring— and it was John's ringtone. I glanced back from where we'd walked from and saw my coat lying across the seat. As the man told me I was not to be a co-worker but a successor, I was trying to think of a way to get out of that conversation and get to my phone. I knew it would be rude to just grab my phone and start talking to John; but on the other hand, I kept thinking "I have been doing so well answering when he calls! I need to get to that phone before I miss it!"

…..and then I woke up, because there was a beep coming from my phone. All it was was a missed text message reminder, but (from my sleepy state) I thought I really had my phone go off and I'd really missed a call from Buttons.

Overall, a pretty cool, but bizarre, dream. ^^

Injury and Artistry.

(By Ali)

I was in a convention area. With me were John, Jen, Katie, Geoff, Cam, Todd and Andrew. We were there to listen to this guy give a motivaional speech of some kind. Before he came out, we were all talking and laughing; the auditorium was filled with noise. When the guy finally arrived, everyone cheered. He looked like a bi-regular customer from GMP: gray hair, gray eyebrows, gray facial hair, skinny. Maybe in his mid-40s and roughly 5'7". He had a headset mic attached to his ear so he could free-hands speak to us. Well, he came out on this scaffold and was talking. Not two minutes into his production, he slipped on something up on the scaffold, managed to fall horizontally through the bars and plummet the 15-20 (or so) feet to the bottom of the stage. I remember being mortified at seeing this and throwing my hand over my mouth. I think I started crying at the sight, too.

People came and rushed him to the hospital. We later got a copy of the X-ray, trying to see what bones of his were broken, and what woulda caused them to break. I remember saying that there were a couple broken fingers and a broken rib; but that was natural for a FALL FROM A SCAFFOLDING. (lol)

Well, to make this guy feel better, my friends and I set out on this quest. We were going to make him a series of art pieces to lift his spirits. It didn't matter what we did: sketches, paintings, sculpting, etc.; just as long as we could give it to him as a present. None of us really had a lot of difficulty accomplishing this task. Everyone except for Andrew, anyway. He would start it, but he would always get frustrated and say something along the lines of "screw work". In the end, though, his piece was the best. Bar none. I remember going into the auditorium right before we were supposed to deliver our gifts to this man, and I as with Geoff. We saw Andrew's piece finally unveiled. It was a mural. No joke. Maybe 10x20ft. It was a black and white painting, painted to look like a photograph from a distance. It was a man relaxing against the arm of a couch, no shirt on, tattered jeans, one hand straddling his waistband and a cigarette in his mouth. I think the painting was supposed to be of Andrew. Geoff and I were shocked at seeing it, and very much impressed.

(….and, sadly, that's all I remember ^^;)


(Jen) 2/13/09

I was at my apartment and the whole group was over (Katie, Ali, John, Andrew, Geoff, Matt, Cam) and most everybody was in the kitchen getting food while I hung out on my couch reading. Suddenly Geoff ran over and threw red jello on my. >< Andrew also ran over and had managed to put green jello cubes on his teeth (which was very impressive). Eventually Katie had to get something from somewhere (like a store or something) so everyone went with her (except Ali and me.) Ali sat on me because we were finally alone together. XP

Halloween and a few others

(Jen) 08/2009

I dreamt that while getting ready for school, and just after I moved into the new apartment with Katie, I realized that the first day of school was on Halloween, and I wasn't at all prepared! I went to what I think was a family Dollar, and managed to find some sort of thrown together costume (it was now all of a sudden halloween) and I realized (again, in horror) that there would be no time to decorate for halloween!
I woke up mortified…this being in August…


I was at my parents house, and we were supposed to go on some kind of family trip. My grandmother was alive in the dream, and I was sitting alone with her at the dinning room table. It was great that she was there, but sad, because she knew she was going to die soon. She started crying in the dream, and i just felt helpless…I mean, what can you do in such a situation? Somehow she stopped crying before my parents came in the room, and we all got on a sleigh..there were no horses or anything pulling it, and the ground was bright green, with white flowers everywhere on the trees. We were driving through the woods, some kind of short cut no doubt…
(this dream might have had soemthing to do with a show i saw the night before, House, where a woman knew she was going to die, after being in a bus accident, and her husband or boyfriend woke her up to tell her..to spend those last hours with her..geez, it was sad..)

This Tiny Little Thing Called…..Love?

(Ali; 18 September)

I had a really strange dream last night that involved Cam (strangely enough). I went wandering over to Kenne to attack him and he leaned closer to me with that Mountain Goat face he makes to "scare people" (it's really just silly looking. lol). As a joke, I thought it would be funny to impulsively kiss him.

So I did.

What I remembered next was that I was laying next to Cam on a realllyyyy large King Size bed and John and Jen were on the other side (it was a HUGE bed. They looked halfway across the room from where we were). I remember kissing Cam more and, as I did, he didn't kiss me back. He just remained stoic. He enjoyed it but was learning? from me kissing him.

The last thing I remember was pulling Jen aside and saying, "hey. I have an Engineer boyfriend, too".

Weird, huh?111213

I Will Cut You, Bitch

(Ali; 6 October 2009)

I don't remember all of my dream last night but I do remember that there was this really tall skinny brunette who had come to steal James away. I remember we were on a beach and I saw her strolling around nonchalantly and looking back at me and smiling because she knew she what she was doing. I chased after her. I think she was some type of Siren, or something.14

I also had another dream where I was wearing no shirt or bra, just pants. I looked everywhere for a shirt and couldn't find one; so I eventually had to leave where ever I was and go shopping for a shirt. I ended up at a huge Goodwill/Salvation Army that looked more like a huge surplus laundry room than anything. No one seemed to pay attention to the fact that I was half-naked.

Losing the Boyfriend

(Ali; 18 & 19 October 2009)

Both these dreams kinda fit together…in a way.

Gone to the Ex(18 October)
I went to the Maine Mall to see Adam. My reason was to go brag about James because I wanted to rub it in Adam's face that I had this amazing guy for a boyfriend. I did end up bragging about my boyfriend, and Adam congratulated me. Yet somehow, he and I ended up back together. We ended up screwing around and I was left to head back to Orono and try to find a way to keep secret the fact I had cheated on James with Adam. I was very upset about it and could not believe I was stupid enough to go for my "ex" when I have someone so much better in my life.

Stolen Boyfriend(19 October)
It somehow happened that John and I got together. Several years down the road, the two of us spontaneously admitted that we loved each other and decided to hook up— although I was still with James and he was still with Jen. All I really remember from the dream was that John and I were holding hands and he told me that we would "be amazing" together. I also remember approaching Jen after she found out what happened. She asked me, upset and angry, how I would feel if she tried to take James away from me. I didn't have to think about it long before I said, "I would kill you."

…wow. I am a bitch. lol. Cheating on my boyfriend twice? No way. XP

Russian Mobsters

(Ali; 26 October 2009)

Jen and I were hired as correspondents for the FBI in order to track down some Russian mobsters. We had to prevent them from hiding Halloween decorations by decorating everything with Christmas decorations. James was also apart of this. There were three main Russian mobsters (outside James) and they all had really beautiful classic muscle cars. They would do drive-by shootings in their cars, but the bullets would be candy. Although the atmosphere of too much testosterone and competition were lingering in the air.

Three Words

(Ali; 26 October)

The other night I had a dream that I was resting my head on James' stomach and kissing his chest when he told me he loved me. I smiled and blushed and, all fluttered, told him I felt the same way. The only issue is that I don't know whether it was a dream. lol. I mean, I'm pretty sure it is…but that is such an easily imaginable scene that I can see it happening.

I Miss You

(Ali; 8 December)

I had a dream last night where I had crashed at John's apartment. I was sick of feeling alienated and alone, so I went over there to crash on their couch and avoid being around Tina (I felt like she resented me for something, but wouldn't tell me why).

Well, in the morning, I woke up and I wasn't sleeping on the couch anymore. Instead, me and all my blankets were on James' bed. The thing I found most odd was when I started to wake up, I could feel someone lying really close to me and kissing my cheek and neck. When I opened my eyes and looked over, I saw James.

He told me he'd missed me and was so sorry how he had dumped me an wanted to get back together with me. I had my reservations because I was still pretty sore about how everything ended; but despite that, I did want to get back with him because I did miss him a lot and I hated always being alone at night.

However, I told him he had to wait. Instead of giving him my final decision on my own, I felt I needed advice. So I climbed out of bed with him and went down the hall to John's room. I knocked on his door and asked to talk to him. He was sitting on his computer, playing SubCom and I blurted out everything that had happened. John just smiled and said, "Do whatever you want to, Ali. But I am happy for you. You guys make a cute couple."15

Too Fat & Surprise Ending & Clothes Bonanza

(Ali; 28 January & 29 January)

Too Fat

*in real life* I bought an Aeropastle sweatshirt and have been wearing it since I bought it.
*in the dream* I was getting frustrated because I was working out at the gym at least three times a week and I was still losing no weight. I was watching what I was eating and I only seemed to get bigger. It wasn't until I complained about this to Steph that she pointed out it was only my sweatshirt that was making me look so huge. She explained it as something like Aero makes clothes for amazingly skinny people and, since I wasn't one of those, I looked huge in their clothes. She suggested I get rid of the sweatshirt.

Surprise Ending

It was around Valentine's Day and myself and a bunch of my friends were sitting in a circle in the lobby of Kennebec. We were handing out Valentines and playing a game that was sort of like Spin the Bottle. I was sitting between Jen and Ian. Ron was on the other side of Ian and Steph was sitting across the circle from me. When it was Ron's turn to be picked on, someone suggested he kiss someone. Steph gave me "the look" and acted all excited. I knew what she meant and she was excited for me because she was sure he was gonna kiss me. Butterflies were flying around in my stomach and I was anxious for this to happen.

But then something REALLY surprising took place: Ron smiled, looked at Ian and said, "Hey, Ian. Come here." He put his hand behind Ian's head and pulled him closer to kiss him. The whole room went dead silent. It was a drawn out kiss but was beautiful to witness. When Ron pulled away, he looked at Ian and asked if Ian was happy that he preferred boys over girls more now.16.

Later, I remember Stephany pulling me aside and asking me if I was OK with what happened; like, if I was upset Ron was gay. I remember smiling and saying, "No. I was just happy I got to see two guys kissing."


Clothes Bonanza

I don't remember a lot about this dream because Jen called me this morning and interrupted me from it. What I do remember is that I was working in some type of clothing store and I saw a bunch of clothes (mostly tshirts) that looked like clothes Elayna (my older sister, for those who don't know) owns. I kept thinking as I was folding those clothes that I wanted them so i could have the same clothes as Elayna.

(in reality, none of the shirts I remember "seeing" in the dream looked like any shirt I've ever seen Elayna wear. XD)

Stupid Athlete

(Ali; 14 February 2010)

I was hanging out with Steph, Jen and I think Todd was there, too. I don't remember where we were but with us was some athlete— I think he was a snowboarder, or something. Anyway, we all knew who he was and thought it was awesome that he was hanging out with us. We were sitting around, having a few laughs when the athlete asked if any of us had anything to eat. I always carry around a couple of Nature Valley granola bars in my bag so I offered him one. He ate it and got all kinda of excited because it tasted so amazing. Without even asking, the jerk took my bag, sifted through everything in order to find the other bars I had and started eating all of them! We all yelled at him to stop stealing my food but the guy was in a craze and gulping the bars down like he was Cookie Monster.

I was not impressed.

In Love

(Ali; 23 February)

I had a dream last night where the guy I like told me he loved me. Most of the details are gone, but I was in the lobby of Kennebec with Ian and I believe Jen was there, as well. I was standing next to Ian and talking to him when the guy I like came back to the dorm. He was holding a basketball or a hard hat, or something..weird..like that…… Anyway, he asked to talk to me in private and he looked really nervous. He kept shuffling his feet and shifting his eyes everywhere around the room as long as it wasn't on me. I asked him what was wrong and he asked me again if he could talk to me alone. I don't remember why I didn't go somewhere with him. I think it had something to do with me being in the middle of a discussion with Ian and I didn't wanna be rude to him. I THINK I asked am if we could talk later and he said we couldn't because he wouldn't have the courage later.

He then spilled it all out and told me how he was in love with me and wanted to tell me and didn't really expect me to say anything back, he just wanted me to know….and when he was done, he felt so embarrassed or shy and he ran off. I told Ian I had to go after him. I ran after him and hugged him; I guess that was my response in "I love you, too", or something. lol.

spilled candy

Jen, 2/23

I think it was easter…and I had to go to some stupid family thing at my parents, and for some reason, I brought Casey along. A very odd idea, considering they all hate each other.

So, since it was Easter, we were all getting presents, or at least my little brother Josh and I were. They were not wrapped, and no one bothered getting presents for my parents. They gave me a box of fruit roll ups. I Would guess they were fruit punch as they were blood red.

Josh got a very big box, in which I guess there was a present in, but I never saw it because instead of using packaging peanuts, my parents had used candy. They tiltled the box to get the candy out of the way, effectively spilling it all over the floor. Much to my surprise, suddenly Josh was 3 years old, and screamed at my mother to stop, because she was wasting food. For some reason this whole situation was incredibly mortifying and awkward. My mother actually looked remorseful (for once) and i started wiping the dirt of the candy, trying to say it wasn't that bad. (The dirt was actually colored sprinkles) but no one believed me. odd dream, heh.

We need a break. You like me too much

Jen 2/24

I was at work, I think it was a new job, I don't know what I was doing there. There had been a saftey meeting, and they asked my oppinion on a new "safety dummy". It was an inflatable man. (nothing sexual mind you.) Aparently this job had been issues with safety, something to do with an early dream about people falling out of trees I think, and small chasing, bitey things….

I told the safety instructor I knew a lot about safety since I had worked at Mardens, and we didn't need an inflatable man there. The instructor was very impressed.18

After the safety meeting I was getting very annoyed however, because they told me we'd be done by 1, and it was now almost 5 and I wanted to go to Mardens before it closed to do some shopping. (must have been the weekend). I annoyedely asked the manager if we could go yet, and my coworkers looked at me in horror. No one asked the manager that!!! But he dismissed us. (Hurray!)

I left work and was in a big, mallish looking building. I think it was like a mall, but instead of stores it was filled with offices and meeting places of different big businesses. This is where I found John.

He had just gotten out of a big meeting where he had presented, or lead the meeting, or something important like. He sat down on a bench and looked very sad. He then proceeded to tell me that we had to have a break for a while, because I liked his statuses on facebook too much and he needed space. I felt kinda sad, but also wasn't really upset because I felt this didn't change anything. I'm not that easy to get rid of.19

I told him I was going to love him forever anyways, kissed him on the forehead, and marched off to see if I could still make it to Mardens in time.

I don't think I did though, because I had to go on a search for my jacket and backpack which had ended up in the meeting room John had presented in (I think he hid them there) and eventually made it to the parking lot where I once again found John, who offered me a ride. No idea where we went though. The end. = )


(Ali; 24 February 2010)

I had a dream last night where I StumbleUpon(TM)'d our little Wikidot site. About a month ago, I put the site up on Stumble so random people could find it's awesomeness. Well, I did happen to Stumble on it myself and I accidentally Stumbled past it because I was hitting the button furiously…only I couldn't go back to get to the Stumbled version of our Wiki site to somehow prove it had happened.

It was very sad. :(20

A dream of duckies

(IMSans; March 10th, 2010)

Let me explain… I had a nightmare that should have belonged to Ali.

Ali and I were walking along the side of a grand pool, presumably the one between the Capital Building and the Washington Monument. Ali had been silent the entire time. I don't even know what I was doing there. Suddenly, we turn to the pools to see them full of duckies. Like… chalk full. They were tending to themselves and doing ducky things.

Suddenly, Ali squealed in joy, "OMG SO CUTE!" and at the exact same time, EVERY duck turned to look at Ali with lightning speed. At first, I thought it was because she was so loud. When they all swam slowly, closing in on us, I knew I was wrong. I looked to Ali, only to find her screaming at herself. She had turned into a bread-person.

And the duckies were hungry.

There was nothing I could do to save Ali… but every ducky was well fed. I walked off, shivering at the morbid turn of events and woke up.21

Two Dreams from Vacation

(Ali; 10 March 2010)

Books From the Devil

Cam worked for the devil delivering books to rich Manhattan-ites who couldn't be bothered to go to a bookstore and get them themselves. This was during a school vacation but that's what he was doing for break. I'm pretty sure Borders was related somehow…maybe it was sponsored by the devil. I dunno.

So I went down to New York to see him and Jen was with me. We met up with him at a lawyer's office where he was chatting up a secretary. He saw us and smiled before whisking us away to see where all his deliveries went. He gave us a tour of the HUGE law firm we were standing in. It was all swanky and nice and looked suspiciously like Wolfram & Hart22

And then, all of a sudden, Jen and I saw one of those toy machines with the claws to grab the toy you want from inside. Cam had disappeared somewhere. I saw a Squirtel in the machine and just had to have it. I remember Jen was trying to reason with me as I shoved money into the machine, but I insisted Cam had to have it because it looked just like his Facebook profile picture.

I won it. Eventually. I hugged the stuffed animal as Jen and I wandered around to re-find Cam.

We eventually found him again and then Jen ended up disappearing again. Cam got his Squirtle and then told me he wasn't sure if he would be transferring to the Borders in Bangor so he could continue working for the company. I got scared for him and tried to reason with him that he was working for the devil and should be concerned about the consequences of quitting such a job. He didn't seem to care at all.

I then gave up because it's impossible to talk sense into him— so I just blandly asked if he was gonna give up and quit. He said he'd give them at least a day's notice. I then lectured him on how he shouldn't do that and he should give them at least two weeks' notice because he might wanna work for them again a little down the line.

Secret Admirer

Jen, John, Joel and I were on a quest somewhere along with the person I like. It was very Wizard of Oz based23. I don't remember what the quest was FOR, though.

The thing I do remember was the group of us (I think Evans and Whit were there too) were in a place that looked suspiciously like Kennebec Lobby but..shnazzier. More classy and castle-like. Anyway, we were all standing around the table and I remember the person I like was standing off on his own cuz we had to do something that was pretty dangerous. I walked over to him and hugged him, pulling him out of his distracted state. He looked down at me, smiled and kissed me before we walked off together. Joel, who was his adviser, or something, tried to keep everyone back and away from us as we walked off.

The details after that get really fuzzy but I do remember he was trying to figure out how to change his relationship status on Facebook. I remember when Jen saw my changed relationship status, she and John tackled me with questions about how this person and I hooked up and how neither of them knew anything about our feelings for each other.

Bizarre Nightmares

(Ali; 18 March 2010)

I have not had nightmares in YEARS except for the last couple nights. Last night's were some REALLY bizarre and screwed up dreams.

The first one I had involved Krystal (my first college roommate). I don't remember all the details about it but I remember there was some random guy there..and then Krystal and I were kinda cuddling in the corner. And outta nowhere, we started making out. And then things got really…heated. I remember I kept teasing her a little…and then she had to disappear to her room to go change. I was left with the awkward boy I didn't know. He just kept watching TV, or something.

When Krys came back, she had changed her whole outfit and looked really hot. We ended up going to her car and the rest would just be fill ins because I can't remember anything else.

The second dream involved Whitney. And I don't remember why she was doing what she was, but Steph, Jen, Cam, Matt, Evans, Whit and I were all on the first floor of one of the Stevens buildings here on campus. All of a sudden Whitney had to go through this whole rock opera like performance and she disappeared down a hallway only to imerge a little while later and be dressed like Dr. Frank-N-Furter24. The lights in the hallway all went out and a spotlight shone on Whit while she did her song and flirted with the guy (who, according to the reference, could only be the Rocky type character) standing in the shadows behind her. I think the whole point of this was to try and charm the devil, or something weird.

The third dream was probably one of the strangest and misunderstood. We were all in Colorado and were staying at Elayna's house. But instead of her, James and their kids living in the apartment they do now, they had a HUGE house. I think my mom, Leonard and my sisters were staying in the house as well, but they were in the far back of this huge piece of property; so it was almost as if they were separated. Anyway, Cam, Andrew, John, Jen, Steph, Will and I were all hanging out on their huge deck that looked more like the bus stop outside the Union. I found Nick who was about three by the time this dream takes place and I picked him up. He was over 50 pounds though and the longer I held him, the heavier he felt.

While I was talking to Andrew about my nephew, all of a sudden Nick turned into Chloe. Although Chloe wasn't Chloe anymore…I knew it was supposed to be, but I was holding a tiny little baby boy. I asked Elayna if she'd had a kid and why I didn't even know about it cuz I talk to her all the time. She said, "No, that's Nick's younger brother." I asked about Chloe and she responded with, "…who?"

I also remember Cam was off in the corner with his head down and looking really emo. Andrew kept trying to playfully punch him and make him feel better but Cam wouldn't even smile.

I know these dreams aren't really terrifying-sounding, but they were very creepy to dream and so bizarre…and what bothers me even more is that I keep having these insane dreams and I can't tell what any of them mean at all.

In Band Class

(by Jen) 4/17/10

We were all in band class, and were trying to pick out a song to play. I suggested the song "Moth Man" (which apparently was what Iron man is called in the dream, because that music began playing in my head, but with "I am Moth Man!! dun, dun duh-duh-duh! der-ner-der-ner-der-ner-ner- dun dun dun!"

And Ali said "everyone knows moth man is just a rip off of bat man!" To which I was greatly offended. I suspected she was right, but didn't want to lose, so I sat down in a chair and sulkily said "everyone knows moths are just rip offs of bats!"

This somehow changed into being on a bus again (Two nights ago i dreamt i was on a bus and a moose charged it and was trying to kill the kids on it) anyway, the bus dropped us off at a pool, in which Stephanie and I discovered we had the magical ability to change into different sea creatures. While the others were still on the shore, (the pool was one of those giant wave pool things) Steph and I turned into great white sharks and charged the shore and began scaring everyone. Then I turned into a dolphin, and then threatened to turn into a blue whale, which wouldn't have ended well since a blue whale is much bigger then the pool…

That's about when i woke up. = )

The Evil Cousin (Part I?)


I'm in bed, due to a paralytic illness. Each of my family members have come to pay respects, keep me company, because this had just happened. However, Jer (My mom) was a little more upset than usual (you know, because her son being paralyzed by unknown diseases wouldn't do it.) And when I talk to her, it is revealed to me that my cousin Kim has come down with something too, but it's made her incredibly moody; almost like a shadow had fallen over her face like in those emo-moments to all those anime shows… Well, I later discover Kim is well enough to move around, but her attitude and dark demeanor hasn't changed any, nor have the anomalies that had been happening where ever she roamed.

As my mother, my grand-parents, and everyone else come to tell some sort of tale to me to put -my- mind at rest, I'm too focused on Kim to care: She stands in the corner of the bedroom with her arms folded. She's… glaring at me. This is where things get a little confusing… My aunt Jo comes in with these… brussel sprouts. I -hate- these things, and I hadn't even seen one for about two years up til this dream. One suddenly leaps from the platter she brings them on, rolls across my bed, up the wall and across the ceiling. Jer freaks out, Aunt Jo sighs "Not again," Kim's at attention, and I shrug the whole thing off. I end up pointing at it, telling it to get down from there - the ceiling is no place for a brussel sprout to roam. It stops moving, stunned, then suddenly hops down.

Well, after that, the family gives me some space… except for Kim. The dark shadow over her is now more apparent than ever, but she's no longer glaring… she's intrigued. I took the abnormal pretty well. Might of been I had been subjected to stuff like Call of Cthulhu, there was no way a psychotic vegetable was driving me insane. She… smiled, after that and nodded. She told me that she respected me enough to let me live, and that I should run away from here - I now recognized this place as my grandparent's house in So. China, ME - and if I ever returned, that I would have to be ready to deal with the consequences.

It was to my surprise that it was not some disease, but HER that had me paralyzed. She was plotting to murder the entire family, and she needed me paralyzed because she thought if anyone would be squirrelly enough to get away, it would be me… that and she might have a harder time killing a peer, but regardless… I could move again, and the moments distraction it took for me to come to terms with this, the world had clouded over with a menacing darkness. To keep the eerieness going, it was still and forever was as bright as day. I started to hear members of my family scream, and sickening sounds only equivalent with murder. I did what any person instructed by a demonic presence would if they told me to run - I listened. I got up, fully dressed, grabbed my backpack, jacket and a walking stick (I recognized it as one I had shattered a few years ago I carved myself, true story) and ran. I got about a half mile up road before the scene was majority forest, cut by a single road. There were supposed to be houses, but if there was a clearing, it was a tomb or graveyard.

I then rested for a moment, knowing that sometime soon, I'd have to eventually face the demons that controlled my cousin… whatever she had become was not her own, but the work of something sinister - and I needed to take my time in order to discover a way to free her, before she took my life herself… after all - she spared me because deep down she knew I had a chance.

Evolution (9 May 2010)

I had a dream that both Jen and I failed Evolution. There was a question on the final that said, right in the question, "if you can convince me why you deserve one point on this question, you get a free point." Obviously everyone in the class wrote something. Jen got the one point (so a 1 on her final exam). I was happy because I was confident I passed…until I got the test back. I got a zero. Apparently my answer wasn't convincing enough. It was too "long-winded".

One the front page of my test, Kornfield had written: "Ali — I noticed you put a lot of effort into this class. If you still want to get the credit for it, see me."

When I saw him later on, he told me that he would pull some strings in the College and allow me to retake the class with him in the fall. I could even do it for free. The only problem with that is that I would have to devote myself to learning physics as well as another biological learning area…..I don't remember what it was anymore, but I did know I was excited about it. And, since I wasn't planning on going back to school in the fall due to financial pressures, I accepted his offer.

The Troupe from Hell

(18 May 2010; Ali)

I had this really bizarre dream last night. And, of course, most of the details are missing.

I was part of this county fair like troupe…we were a singing group and there was eight of us: four women and four men. The whole dream was more like a flashback because it started with me telling the story to Alicia, and remembering the singing troupe at the fair.

I do remember part of the song we sang. This was (roughly) how the troupe was arranged:

(me ->)xx xx xx xx

[The guy I am talking about was the second x in; so one down from "me"]. We were singing something about Halloween because I think, at that time of year, it was near All Hallow's Eve. Anyway, he did this thing where he could bend his neck all the way back so it looked like his head would disappear. He did this because he was singing about Icabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. When I was retelling this story to Alicia, though, I told her that the man's head wasn't some silly parlor trick; it ACTUALLY disappeared. And then there was this other woman, who stood third x from the right (so near the end). She was well over six feet tall and looked almost like Marie Antoinette. I remember there was a "close up" in the dream [as if I was watching a movie] on this woman when she sang, "how do you feel when your at the gates of HELL?"

And I remember knowing that she was the one responsible for everything I was going through. Because there were possessions going on around me. I had left the group shortly after that performance; it was just something about it that didn't sit well with me. But leaving this troupe was not something that was easily dismissed, apparently. I remember seeing this girl who was running up this Gothic Era styled staircase and her face was all contorted25. She had her arms waving carelessly above her head and she was just singing to herself and skipping down the stairs. No one else seemed to notice anything amiss, but I did. I saw it.

The last thing I remember is telling Alicia that I needed her to do a favor for me. She had to be there and witness what happened, because I was starting to wonder if I wasn't just truly insane. I just had to know if anyone else saw what I did. But I wasn't going to drag her around, waiting for something creepy like the little girl's face to randomly happen. There was a "curse" they (I suspected more so the woman) put on my dresser…

The top drawer of my dresser was devoted to books. Just piles and piles of them. One of the books inside was about the troupe. It was preaching religious freedom and "going with god" (it didn't specifically state a deity, but you assume there usually assume there is one in a religious book)…and all that. Well, there was also another reason I had left the troupe: was because of that thing in my desk. The troupe leader (that tall woman) had assured me that I could read any book that I wanted. She knew I loved reading, so she didn't want to hold me back. However, there was a catch to her "freedom statement". Apparently, I wasn't so free to choose what I wanted to read at all. I had chosen a physics book. I didn't really know why, but it looked interesting. But the book I chose had portions in it that greatly defied and went against everything that the troupe book for lack of a better wordpreached. So to punish me, the woman put a curse on my drawer of books. If I went for anything in the drawer that wasn't the "troupe handbook", this massive, sinister looking creature that looked similar to a rake, came out and would bite at my fingers, bite at my books, tear pages out of the books, snarl…etc. But, to that day, I had been the only one to have seen this thing. Or anything else really freaky going on.

And, unfortunately, I don't know how it ended cuz I got woken up by a text from Steph saying she wanted to go on Survivor.:[

Show and Tell

(Ali; 11 June 2010)

I was in a massive classroom (like Nutting 100 or DPC 100. Stadium-like classrooms?) with tons of other kids. The strangest thing was that most of those kids were kids from Glee. Brittany and Santana were there with a bunch of people I didn't recognize. They were all clustered in the back row. Puck was there with some football jocks and Mr. Shu and Quinn were partnered up together to do a presentation.

I think I was the teacher. I was standing up on stage and looking through something. I had a book with me that had a passage I really liked. The trouble was, even in the dream, I couldn't remember if I was the one who wrote it. The author's name was missing from the book and it had that intimately familiar feeling to it when I read it. It just sounded like me.

While I was reading it over (regardless of who had written it), I remembered how much I loved it. It was a little long, but it was this epic poem about the conflicts that surround us and bring us together. It was really dark and twisted with that slim glimmer of hope to it. It was called Murderers and…something. I can't remember.

Anyway, while I was reading it, a gust of air swept open the door and, when I ran to close it, it shifted the pages in my book and even dropped the book to the floor. The oddest thing was, when I went back to look for the piece, it was gone. I couldn't find it in the contents page or even when I searched through every page in the book. It was just missing!

As I kept looking, everyone in the auditorium started to get impatient. I tried to hasten my search, but still found nothing. At that point, I was getting kind of pissed off because this wasn't the first time that had happened to me. Every time I had wanted to find that piece in the past, I couldn't. I knew what book it was in, but it always seemed to disappear when I tried to show it or share it with another person.

I tried to calm everyone down by assuring them it would just be a few more minutes, but they only got more irate. Quinn actually stood up and left the building. When I went to follow her, I found her crying in the courtyard. She broke down and told me that she was so frustrated and that her life was over. When I told her it wasn't, she burst out how she was doing a presentation with Mr. Shuester because no one else wanted to present with her. She also said how she couldn't go home or back to her regular life. Apparently, even though she'd already had the baby and put it up for adoption, her parents would kill her if she came home.

……such strange dreams I have. :/

The Hospital

(happened three nights ago, finally writing it now, lol.) 8/3/10-Jen

The dream starts out at my parents house. I couldn't see the house I just knew the whole thing was on fire, everyone charred and dead (probably just my parents though I didn't see anyone's remains) and a younger version of myself was walking away from the burning house into the smoke filled forest. (perhaps insinuating that I caused the fire?)

I end up at the hospital where I worked, and was talking to one of my real life coworkers Sara. She asked me a question but didn't use a complete sentence and it angered me, so I yelled at her. She, being over emotional because she's pregnant turned around and hit her head on the wall in frustration. Her forhead was bleeding when she turned around and she started yelling at me. She apparently always wanted to be a cashier and it wasn't fair that I was all the time. It was then decided that there would be a shift change and every one of us would get new jobs.

After this was decided though, we had to hide, because there was a serial killer coming. He was killing everyone in the hospital. I found a hole in the roof of the stairwell to hide in, but couldn't get all the way hidden. I was lucky he didn't see me, and I only saw the back of him as he passed on his murder spree.

After the serial killer passed, I went outside to meet up with John and Jamie Perry. We had a charred dead body (perhaps from the fire earlier) that we needed to switch with one of the ones in the hospital. We made it to the tower where the dead bodies are kept fine, and even got back out fine, except by the stairwell one of us joked to remember to lock the door to the tower. A worker appeared out of nowhere (some geeky scrawny looking kid) and said he'd lock it for us, since he was doing rounds. Of course, he discovered somehow the bodies had been switched and once we were outside we had to hide the body. We put it in an old car (which strangely shrunk to the size of a six year old) and began covering it with snow, while a police officer stopped to look at us suspiciously before he decided we couldn't be the body snatchers and he moved along. /end

I think I had this dream because i'd been stressed lately, but all in all it was a good dream. XP (pissing off coworkers, blood and stealing bodies? good times…)

Food issues

8/3/10 Jen

I was living with two of my coworkers Lacey and Brittany, and it was my job to buy all of the food. The prevailing argument (or at least all Lacey and Brittany cared about in the dream) was Jelly Bellies. We had some at Mardens, but they weren't the right flavor and we couldn't get them at Shaws or something because Mardens just plain had a better price. While they were arguing back and forth about the Jelly Belly Issue, I kept trying to show them the ridiciously huge blueberries that were in the fridge. They were the size of apples! Where did they come from? Why are Lacey and Brittany not as interested in them as I am? Seriously! How are they so huge?! /end

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