Dreams 2.0

There needed to be a second dreams page cuz we are dangerously close to filling up the first one. lol.

If you want to read those Dreams, by all means feel free. :)

Douchebag Bike Stealer

(Ali; 8 June 2010)

I was staying with my family. We were living in a little shack on the side of the road; kinda like my old house but smaller and more run-down. I was coming back from the bike ride on my green bike and pulled into the driveway where I met Elayna. We were talking about our plans for the evening, or something, when this guy came walking up. Our mailbox was across the street (just like my last house) and this guy found a purple bike by our mailbox; which just happened to be my old bike. And the guy took it. Elayna and I just stopped talking and we were watching the guy. He pulled the bike into our yard and tried to hide behind a big old boat we had. He was standing five feet from us and was acting like we weren't even there. He then picked the bike up over his head and started smashing it to bits! I told Elayna I would be right back and I left my bike there while I went to talk to the guy. I asked him what the hell he thought he was doing and he said he was destroying the bike he'd found. When I yelled at him that he'd stolen my bike and was destroying it, he pointed to my green bike and said, "Well, you have the other one."

I was so pissed I started moving towards him and was about to punch him in the face when he all of a sudden dropped my bike and put his arm like a sleeper hold around my neck. I struggled with him and started screaming for my mum to call the cops. She didn't hear me at first because she was too far away and I kept screaming. She eventually noticed and picked up the phone. At that point, the guy let me go. I turned towards him and let him know what was going on and that he should be sorry. He just shrugged. When I ran off, he started following me.

The next thing I remember, I was just so pissed at him and he kept following me around like a puppy (not harmful, or anything). The cops still hadn't arrived but I needed to get away from him so I hid in a ditch around some trees trying to hide. He found me anyway. He came up and sat down beside me. I had to fight to hold back my tears and I sat, legs to my chest and my arms wrapped around my knees. He tried to apologize to me about making me upset, but he didn't apologize about smashing up my bike. I moved away from him but he just moved closer. I warned him that I was going to punch him in the throat if he didn't get away from me, but he didn't move.

I remember he was pretty attractive. I mean, he was wearing a red plaid shirt over a muscle tee and had black hair with black scruffies around his face. So kinda rugged-hot. And I hated that I felt attracted to him because he'd fucked up my bike. I also remember thinking that it would be a great "how we met" story if we ever dated in the future.


My dreams are weird. :/

Friend Jumble and John Faces a Dragon

(Ali; 10 June 2010)

I had a really bizarre dream last night. Ron, Matt, Jen, John, Cam, Olivia were all there. So were Allison Gallant and Marcey Pendexter from high school.

I think we were all up in Orono and I was getting my stuff packed up to leave. I was having Ron help me cuz I think my bag fell and dropped half my clothes and books all over the floor, so Ron stayed behind to help me pick it all up.

The next thing I remember, Ron and I were sitting across from each other at a study table.He was looking over some textbook and I was trying to study BMB. Allison and Marcy kept coming up to Ron and sitting really close to him, all cozy like. They were trying to flirt with him and then kept sending me really nasty looks when I wouldn't leave; like I was interrupting them, or something. But I didn't move because 1) they were acting like the same bitchy selves they were in high school and 2) it was obvious Ron wasn't interested in either of them and I didn't wanna miss the entertainment.

Meanwhile, Olivia came up to the table and sat next to me while Allison tried to recruit Ron's help in finding her dog. While I was taking some notes, Olivia looked over my text book and found a picture of a woman researcher. She asked who was going to be the researcher in the fifth year. It took me a while to try and figure out what she was talking about but when I finally did, I told her that a text book is nothing like Harry Potter and the researchers change on almost every page; not year by year.

I then overheard Matt talking to John about "rudely crashing at OT". I think he was trying to ask where Will was and what their plans were so he could crash at their apartment. Apparently they were all going bowling that night. John said he didn't know what Will's plans were and then they proceeded to talk about Cam and rides to the bowling alley.

That's all I remember from that dream, but there was another one where Jen, Steph and I were all in a contest against John and a group of other people. It was kinda like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where riddles are used to find out the challenges. All I remember from that dream is that Steph and I had run down this long stone hallway and found a door that was surrounded by blocks of stone with words and pictures. We found one four or five up from the bottom and it was talking about dragons breath, or something. After we both recited it, the words illuminated and burned in fire before the stone door opened. We looked inside to see a colloseum and John at the center of it on stage. The dragon he'd been face-to-face with was disappearing. He was all bruised and dirty but smiled and waved when he saw us.

I also remember getting yelled at by someone later for helping out an opposing team member, but Steph and I both said that John was our friend and if he was in trouble, we were going to help him.

Camping With the Stones'

(Ali; 13 June 2010)

I was with Rick and Kim again. I was in a cabin and I'm pretty sure it was around winter time because it kept snowing on/off. And whenever I saw Rick, he was always dressed in a layered LL Bean jacket.

I went there cuz every year the two of them got together and helped clean out their friends' houses for junk and donated it to shelters or Goodwill, or something. I was there to help.

The first thing I remember about the dream was that Kim and I were in the kitchen and we were both making dinner. I was sitting at the table, staring down the pan I had in front of me cuz I couldn't think of anything to make. One of Kim's friends walked in and walked up to me. We started chit-chatting and then she asked what I was going to make. I told her I had no idea and she suggested Sheppard's Pie. Thinking this was a brilliant idea, I got started. I made the potatoes too runny with the hamburger meat and only then did I remember that I really didn't have a clue on how to make it. (I found out later that Kim was making the same thing but it was too late for me to start another dish. Although I felt foolish because we were both making the same thing for dinner).

I looked online for a recipe for Sheppard's Pie. I went to "recipes.org" (which I don't know if it exists, but I'm sure it does), but the browser directed me to another site. You know how sometimes you type in the wrong address and it redirects you to the weirdest "search" page known on the internet? Yeah. That kept happening. So I went to Google and typed in "recipes" and every link down the list took me back to that same webpage. It was as if all the links for Sheppard's Pie on the internet were down.

I did finally find a link. It was via webmd (which is weird enough), but it gave me the recipe so I started working.

The next thing I remember, I was looking for oak wood. Rick was helping me and were walking around the forest behind their camp home. He finally led me to this little elevated shack where I was sleeping. He stopped and pointed upwards and when I looked, I noticed that he'd axed slices into the four thick pieces of wood that was keeping my small cabin off the ground. He then told me to get inside. I didn't want to, but I did anyway. When I sat down, one of the limbs snapped and a corner fell to the ground. I yelled out at him what would happen when they all came apart. He told me not to worry and that, even if they did, the ground was really topsy-turvy and everything would be alright. I didn't like the sound of that; and I more so didn't like the sound of another limb snapping.

Anxiously and horrifically, I had to sit there and wait for all four limbs to snap and the cabin to fall. It wasn't a really long fall to the ground; the scary part was what would happen afterwards. One of the reasons the small cabin was suspended was because it was on a hill. As soon as the last corner hit the ground, down it went.

I don't know if it was because I couldn't see, but the whole ride was terrifying. Like a rollercoaster; but not fun because you know, in a rollercoaster, where it's going and that it will eventually stop. I didn't have that kind of reassurance with this cabin. Would it find water? Would it crash into something? Would I be hurt? How far away would I end up?

After what felt like an eternity, the cabin finally crashed into something. Jostled, I had to wait a few minutes to gather the strength to stand up. When I did, I emerged from the cabin and looked around me. The small shack had busted through a wood paneled wall. I was at the bottom of a set of curved stairs. Everything around me looked pretty elegant…but somehow familiar. I creeped up the stairs and, when I had almost reached the landing, I saw two doors. One was closed from the inside and had a sign on it that read, "GUESTS ONLY. ALL OTHERS PROHIBITED." and another door that, upon closer proximity, could be heard to have a snoring man inside. Somehow I knew the snoring man was Rick, so I knew I hadn't traveled too far.

That's all I remember from this dream aside from an "out of time" moment where I think I was still trying to figure out the dinner preparation and Rick came in. We were talking and he was looking out the window for a while. He finally commented on how it was snowing and something about the snow's presence really troubled me.

But that's all I remember.

10 August 2010

Cult of Kornfield

I awoke from a very odd dream this morning. I will try to remember most of it.

Of what I do remember, I was going to a seminar held by Kornfield. I was supposed to meet Jen there. Right before I entered the room, I was looking through a drawer of things. I think I was looking for a measuring cup. This girl came up beside me and, after waiting three seconds, went on this drill sergeant bitch fest about how I was so useless because I was taking too long. So I left. She followed me, though, and continued to harass me. I eventually sneaked away to a darker corner of the room so she wouldn't be able to bother me. She didn't seem to notice my sudden disappearance and moved to the front of the room near Kornfield.

I sat down next to a couch. The whole atmosphere of the room was a little Trelawny-like. It was very musky and dark with too many tapestries..and the couch was kinda falling apart… I pulled out a small paperback book (I think it was Phantom of the Opera) and started reading.

But then I noticed Nate. He was laying down on the couch, just chilling and playing Game Boy. I was confused why he was there but I kept trying to talk to him. He would respond with listless and short answers, never really talking to me. I eventually gave up.

And then Evans appeared. He came over and sat beside me. We chatted back and forth for a couple minutes before we laid down on the floor. He put his arm over my stomach and we just kinda..cuddled. There was nothing even remotely sexual about it, and everyone else in the room was doing the same thing.

The next thing I remember, there was a little girl about three with white blond hair who was trying to get my attention. She was laying on the floor next to me and her mother. When I looked up at her and said hi, she smiled and declared that she liked me before curling up in my arms like a puppy and falling fast asleep.

And then I heard Nate get off the couch and start walking away. I glanced over at him and asked him where he was going. Josh had appeared, so he told me he was following him up the stairs to the roof. I eventually got untangled from the little girl and Evans without disturbing them and walked up to Josh and Nate. I asked them why they were going and Nate said how he'd been feeling melancholy for a while and emo so he and Josh were heading up to the roof to smoke some cigarettes. I told him I wanted to go up with them and he shot me down and left.

I think I also remember something about Jen being mesmerized by Kornfield, to the point of worship. I knew we were all there to "see the ways of Irving Kornfield", but I was surprised how well Jen was bought into it.

(and as for some "analysis": I think the only reason Nate, Josh and I were all unaffected by the cult was because we were all miserable. lol)

Roads of hay

October 15 2010

I was in the union waiting to go take my biology test, and just outside there was a road covered in hay. The hay was apparently frictionless, because every now and then a car would drive by sideways. One of these cars that drove by sideways was Professor Kornfeild's. He stumbled out of his car in shock, and after sitting in a bale of hay I asked him if he needed help. He said he needed the nurse, Janet. Thinking this was strange, I ran into Hannaford to find this Janet he wanted.

I found John, who apparently worked there, lounging in a green couch at the end of one of the registers. One of my biology lab partners was a cashier there too, but her name was Jill not Janet… I found Janet, she was the cashier working in front of the register John was lounging in front of. she looked like she had down syndrom, with bulging eyes, a short frame and dark skin. She ran off to attend to Kornfeild, and I sat down with John. "You know you have a line, right?" I asked John. John looked up but apparently didn't see any of the customers waiting at his register. "No I don't." The customers had to wait for Janet to get back, and I couldn't help but think that John is terrible at retail..

(also, it bothers me how the last post was about me being a Kornfeild worshiper, and then two months later I happen to have a dream about him. Why is no one posting their dreams? )

Bloody Machete

November 19, 2010

It took place in an old abandoned building, as any horror story would. I don't know who I was with, but we were being chased by a crazed women with a machete. It was supposed to be a game, only she got serious. I was running down a hall when I stopped and saw her, she was dripping with blood, her machete was covered in it, and the person I was with was nothing but a head and part of a torso, with one arm attached. He was trying to pull himself away from her with the one arm he had, dragging himself across the floor towards me. That's when I woke up.

I don't consider this a nightmare because it wasn't scary, just bloody. I woke up feeling intrigued, how was he still alive?


20 December 2010

I was in a house that looked remarkably similar to Wouldbe. I was outside either having just gotten home from work or relaxing when a shuttle bus came up the road. It stopped just before the driveway and let several people off. I didn't think anything of it until a number of them started walking towards the house. I looked at them suspiciously and asked what they wanted. One man said he was at the house for an appointment. While I tried to explain that my husband and I lived in the house, a woman ran up the steps behind me and started jingling the door handle. I whipped around and demanded to know what she was doing. She shouted something about needing something that was inside. She picked the lock and flew inside the house. I ran after her and ended up tripping on the stairs but I made it in.

Once I got inside, I looked everywhere for her. I couldn't find her. The people outside were slowly moving towards the door like zombies but I had closed and locked it behind me. Feeling terrified, I took off for the stairs and ran up to the upper level and my bedroom.

In my room, I found my husband, who was listening to music and putting shirts away in his closet. He asked what was wrong and I asked him if he'd seen a strange woman with messed up black hair run through there. He was really concerned about me and said he hadn't, but asked what was wrong. I muttered something to him and then ran to our dresser, furiously looking through the drawers. I came across a leather bound journal that had information on several different subjects. I think a couple of them were information on cults. I kept muttering to myself that I was enabling, but I didn't care because I just wanted these people gone.

I rushed out of the bedroom before my husband could stop me and I searched through every room. In the last room I came to, the bed was all messed up and something was shaking beneath the sheets. I was cautious as I approached it but the closer I got, the more I heard the mutterings underneath.

I ripped the sheet off to find the crazed woman underneath. She started screaming at me about crazed things and I ended up throwing the book in my hand at her because I didn't know what else to do. She flapped around a bit but grabbed for the book and opened it. She flipped through the pages and her crazed, wide eyes kept scanning each page. She kept mumbling to herself and was acting quite insane but I kept pleading with her to take the book and leave my husband and I alone. She eventually did.

Several days later, I was finally starting to feel a little more secure at my house when all of a sudden, the power kept flickering on and off. My husband went to go investigate it but couldn't see anything wrong with the circuit breakers or anything, in general. I started panicking when I realized that the book I had given the woman had the information inside it to control the power to our house. The terror the woman ensued was never going to stop.

And I'm sure I would have dreamt more but Kai knocked over one of the lamps and that was enough to scare me out of my nightmare.

Dreams from the week of/after midterms

Work for an hour

(february 21 2011)

I was late to work at Public safety, and was trying to catch up to my coworker. First I went to Barrows (now a large hotel/class room where the Child Study Center is ((across from the adventure barn))) but I couldn't find my coworker (seth) there, so I went back to public safety to locate him. On the way there, I got a call from Mardens. Aparently, I was supposed to be at work (even though I am done at Mardens in real life, on good terms of course) so I told them I'd work at Public Safety for an hour, and then be at work.

I sort of instant transmitted there, and not long after showing up at Mardens, I got a call from another store (something to do with the color red, maybe Target, where I'd worked before, or K-mart where I'd never worked but like because they sell Jones) they too told me I was supposed to be at work that day. I told them ok, I'd work at Mardens for an hour, and then I'd be over.

So I show up to work with my red shirt from Fanfare, the band I play in over the summer and jeans. They yelled at me for not wearing the correct uniform, and I relatiated that I didn't even know I worked for them, much less what the dress code was. The dream ended with me being put in the corner on my first day of work at this new place.

Public indecency.


Wouldbe had been moved next to a beautiful park, which ran along side a lake with lots of canoers and bikers and the like utilizing the trails and river. I was talking to Nichole in her room and noticed a white fox frolicing outside, so I pointed it out excitedly to Nichole. Nichole sighed, "you show me that every day! it's nothing new!" but I was too excited to see the fox so i ignored her and went outside. I was playing with some of the dogs in the park next to Wouldbe, when I realized I had to pee. After spending the weekend at Annie's camp (in real life we'd just gotten back from her camp when I had this dream) and was used to going to the bathroom outside. So I pondered and looked around, and everyone, even the dogs, had dissapeared. However, I decided against going outside since I was right next to my house, and I went around the corner to go in when an officer stopped me. He told me that I was being charged for "public nudety" thugh I think the correct term would have been public indecency. I was perplexed since I didnt actually go pee, but he took me inside and explained to Nichole what I'd done wrong (as if she was my mother). after he left Nichole laughed at me, and I went upstairs to talk to everyone else in the house. In a small room upstairs everyone was chilling on the bed (Nate, Annie, Ali, Ian, John, Nichole). Ian was talking about how lonely he was, and how he wanted someone to be with. I told him he'd be fine and find someone, and he turned to Ali and asked her is she thought he was hot. Ali looked startled and horrified to be asked this, so I interjected that he couldn't ask just anyone this, people have different types. The dream ended with us arguing over wether or not people have different types.

Inner-Party Conflicts

3/8/2011 (IMSans)

In the eyes of a DnD character, playing with a group consisting of four other members, plus a DM. Actually, there was probably another party member, and it was John rolling Oblivious rolls all the time, and not caring. The group had gotten separated at the beginning of the session, and the teams consisted of team A: Jen, Nichole, Nate and John - and B: Katie and myself. While Katie and I were going through hell and back trying to find the group, Team A confronts the evil antagonist that we've been searching for the entire time, and prepare to fight, when to their surprise, it turns out he's acting incredibly nice to them. Even ol' skeptical John seemed too intrigued to question the villain's motives, as to play along would be both in character for him and the most profitable. (I think he might have been playing a dwarf fighter or something…)

Each party member of Team A receives untold power and potential from the antagonist - the villain pulling a Voldemort and bestowing part of him to each of them for an Immortal Fallback. When Katie and I learn of this, we get super pissed off irl, having dealt with three times the encounters and near death experiences team A dealt with. by the time we arrive to join with the rest of the party, it's in the villains antechamber, where only they stand, and playing in character, I decide upon viewing the transformed monstrosities that were my character's allies, basing that they're tricks being played on us by the antagonist, Katie and I would have to pass through them in order to fight the boss. This is where john started rolling obliviousnesses, as I charged forth and struck Nate's character upside the head for the First Strike.

Jen saw that it was us and began panicking, going "Why are you doing that!? Stop it! Stop it! It's us!". Nichole on the other hand had no problems attacking stupidity, and launched a Fireball. Katie and I both made reflex save and with our evasion feats, took no damage. Katie was morally confused - while pissed at the DM that everybody but her had super powers, and her druid had gone through hell and back, being Ian's heal-bot, basically… She didn't really know what to do for her character… Something, however out of game, called her attention, and she had to leave for a moment - she threatens me not to get her character killed. (She <3s it. =D)

Nate swings for a melee strike and catches me, but not enough to damage me, thanks to a small bit of damage reduction I had picked up along the way - every roll they had been getting was a third at least of my rolls. I used an attack able to hit three targets at the same time, striking Jen, Nichole and Nate. Despite the fact their powers also increasing their health by more than 200%, we were all level fine or such, so there was still not much to go through - and when I struck, I was dealing in crits. Jen and Nichole took about 25 damage a piece, give or take, wounding them significantly. Nate on the other hand… well, I crit him, then threatened a death strike, and succeeded… and his character gets atomized.

Nichole casts Flame Strike, dealing ~30 damage to myself and Katie, who just now returns from her urgent call. i was in the single digits of HP and on a last leg, Katie wild shaping and restoring some of her own HP, fairing quite well. As she goes over to maul Nichole, I get dealt a physical strike dropping me to the negatives by Jen, who is furious that I killed off Nate for no good reason. (Probably jealous that she didn't do it herself =P)

I am given the chance to strike again - due to Diehard, a feat that keeps me conscious when near death… it would be a strenuous action, but I knew my character wouldn't give up in any endeavor he believed in. he backed up and readied a charge… and then the roll. Trip 1s… and the closest character was the oblivious John, now not paying any attention to the game and talking to Geoff and Andy in the background. As my character unsheathes John's character's weapon, and guts himself and John's character in a killing blow, my character breathes his last, wishing that katie continue on to avenge her fallen comrade and to find our party, most likely trapped in the clutches of the antagonist who… in all honesty was going to let us be, afterward, cause the party themselves always make an excellent final boss. Oh yes, and John was pissed, so he smacked me irl and told me to stop being an idiot… I suppose not engaging in diplomacy wasn't a good solution after all…. was fun tho! Fun dream ^^

Worst Date Ever

(Ali; 28 April 2011)

I went on a date with Cam. It was nice at first. He was really sweet and there were puppies involved. I just remember I was about to ask him out when he asked me out, saying he had little time left to do so.

I think we ended up renting a camp with people for the weekend because I remember John, Jen, Annie, Nate, Ian and Nichole being there.

It really did start out nice. We had a picnic and we held hands. It was very cute.

But then it started going sour. I don't know what happened or how it happened but Cam changed really quick and turned into a total jackass. The strange thing was, I don't think he was aware of it at all. It's almost as if he blacked out and something evil took over his body. He was mean and nasty and kept embarrassing me a lot in front of my friends (when I complained about this to my friends, John said there was nothing I could do in front of them that should make me feel embarrassed because "they'd known me forever and have seen it all". I think it was supposed to be a reassuring thought but I didn't feel it).

The next thing I do remember is that he made me look a fool for the last time. So I stole his car. After he went to sleep, I sniped the keys and went for a joy ride. It was supposed to be just a short little ride so only I would know I'd taken it. But I ended up going for a lot longer than that. I guess we were somewhere near Auburn (at the camp) and I took the car to Orono. Then, for some reason, it changed into a bus and I was driving on the wrong side of the road for a while because I'd forgotten how to drive…. I don't know.

The only other thing I remember happening before I woke up was sitting in Cam's car next to Jen. It turned into a convertible and Jen was sitting in the passenger's seat looking at a map while I was driving. She asked me why I wanted to steal Cam's car and I explained that I was upset with him so I needed him to know I was upset. She then got a call from Nate who nonchalantly told her Cam didn't know where his car was and asking if she knew where he'd left it. I was disappointed (but relieved) that Cam wasn't threatening my life.

Buffy Dream

(Ali; 29 February 2012)

Willow made some deal with…something and instead of being a really smart witch, she ends up being an airhead (like Harmony). She ends up creating an alternate reality where Giles is Buffy's real father. He's like Bruce Wayne in that the Giles family are billionaires and live in a huge mansion in Sunnydale.

Willow ends up in this alternate reality not really knowing what happened. When she searches for Xander and Buffy, she ends up finding Spike instead. Spike picks her up and spins her around. He kisses her and starts to tell her how much he's missed her when she freaks out on him. She demands to know why he's acting that way. He looks at her all puppy dog eyed and says that he loves her. Willow, too shocked to handle the information, just shakes her head in disbelief (and a little disgust) and runs off.

Eventually Willow makes it to Buffy's house. She figures if no one else would understand what was happening, her best friend would.

When reaching the Mansion du Giles, Willow realizes there's a huge party going on. She weaves in and out of the people there looking for either Giles, Buffy or Xander. But not knowing where to start looking for them, Willow is unsuccessful. She does, however, eventually find a door. It leads down to the basement and she follows the stairs down.

As she's going down, she has to cling to the walls because it's too dark to make out much of her surroundings. As she walks further and further down, a little glow of light starts to show. As she makes it down to the basement floor, she sighs in relief. She starts asking aloud for Buffy; calling her name over and over. When Buffy never responds, she tries Giles. Then Xander. But even though the basement is lit by somebody, no one responds.

The basement turns out to be a little bit of a labyrinth but when Willow finds her way through it, she stops dead in her tracks. Sitting across the basement floor near several candles is no other than Angel. He's reading a book and looking a little less than friendly. Willow barely finds her voice to speak when she says his name.

Angel, quite furious, turns and glares at the red headed witch. Willow gasps when she sees the blood soaked around his mouth but her fears are quashed when she sees the half empty wine glass of blood sitting on the table by the vampire.

Angel starts demanding why Willow's there. Scared, Willow starts to back off against the wall but that does nothing to calm Angel. He starts to rise from his seat. Tossing his book aside, he starts walking towards the witch. Again he demands to know why Willow has disturbed him. She starts to stutter out a response, getting more and more scared by the moment. She continues to stammer, "I…I…I…" while frantically looking for a way out as Angel draws nearer. He eventually closes the gap between himself and Willow. He takes his right hand and reaches out to caress her cheek. Terrified that she's about to be bitten, Willow struggles to pull away but Angel holds on ever tighter.

Then Angel does something totally extraordinary: he starts to tell Willow how beautiful she is. The hardness of his eyes fades back and is replaced with affection. He studies her as he tells her how he always thought she was as beautiful as a flower. As he continues to serenade, his face moves closer and closer to hers. Her eyes are still looking for a way out but, because of the hold Angel has on her, she can't break free.

Right before Angel gets the chance to kiss Willow, Buffy arrives. She enters the scene screaming, "You filthy bitch!" In one motion, she grabs Angel off guard and hurls him across the room. Before Willow could move, Buffy had her pinned to the wall with a rage in her that resembled only Angelus. She starts tugging at Willow's hair, calling her a skank and asking her what right she had to steal her men like she was. Willow, scared and having no idea what her friend was talking about, began to cry involuntarily as she tried to talk Buffy down. Buffy wouldn't have any of that, however, and informed Willow to "stay the hell away" from Spike and Angel because they were hers.

..that's the most I remember. I embellished a little bit, but most of it's true to form.
I think I may turn it into a fanfic, though. There have been a couple times when alternate realities have been the basic plot for an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but not enough episodes, I think. ^^;;

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