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Real-Life Adventures!

When Nature Fought Back
(By Ian)

Young Child's Spare time consisting of living in an imaginary world of swords and chivalry, Often would you spot me dueling trees with but a lone saber of wood. Never did I ever fall victim to my foe's feeble attempts at subduing me. One day, when my shoes were outgrowing my world, I decided to romp through the neighborhood forestry and find myself a worthy foe.

It wouldn't be long before a dying, falling paper birch was in my path. Never before did I fell a full tree! An achievement worthy of my age and wisdom. I would scoff at this thought later…

Well, jumping up onto it, I realize it wouldn't budge without further force. Using my heel, I begin repeatedly stomping it, until it eventually fell flat. I landed straight up, riding the once-tree safely to the ground, and enjoy a second of celebration before dreadful realization.

The tree hadn't fallen because it was stuck in another tree, and it fell because the force snapped it in two. The second half, with the precision of an elite archer, struck me directly on the third-eye of the forehead, knocking me unconscious for a full six seconds. I awoke on the ground, trying to stand and staggering too badly to walk straight. I managed the trip home safely, and I found no bodily injuries. I haven't traveled recreationally into that part of the forest sense.


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