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Is This What They Call "Transfer Shock"?

(by Alex)

So frustrated.
Stressed. Exhausted.
At my limit.
Panicky— breath gets choked up
I want to bolt.
I want to sleep.
I want this all to go over.

I have a list..everything written out
Some type of linear logic
Something to prove I have been making
Futile progress.
But I can cross off one, two
A million things on that list
And I still feel so overwhelmed.
Is this what they meant by "transfer shock"?

I struggle to write my paper.
Ten to fifteen pages.
I've done this three times before for Dana.
How can this one be hard?
And yet I stare at the documents…
Blank pages stare back.
I freeze; fingers poised over the keys
My mind goes blank.
History? What is history? Bah, to history.
Who cares about Cuba and the Philippines
And WWI and McKinley and Roosevelt.
I have never heard of such events or people.

I get angry. Wish I was a witch.
I could bring my computer to life
And then strangle it.
I continuously wonder if all this stress
Will kill me at age thirty five.
The only thing I know for certain:
Procrastination is exactly like masturbation.
I just went and fucked myself again.
Good for me.
I'm no longer "queen of the castle".

Muy Dangerous-o

(by Alex)

Dangerous flirtation hour.
Or should I say hours?
My head is all fuzzy from
Sleep deprivation
It's really warm in this room
Unsure if it's from the heat outside
Or the conversation inside.

I struggle to stay awake.
Each new minute
Brings new explorations
Adventures renewed
Bursting to life again.
In the back of my mind I wonder
If I shouldn't be engaging in this
If I should call it quits
And find solace in sleep

But minute after minute..
Hour after hour..
I remain glued to my computer
And my dangerous conversation.

Muy Dangerous-o: Part Deux

(by Alex)

Almost four am again.
Watching the minutes slip by
Seeing the hours pass on
Without a second glance.
Another look at the clock:
Another quarter hour gone.

And yet here I remain
At my computer
Glued to my dangerous conversation.

My eyelids resist
They grow heavy with each second
Yet I continue to fight them
Unable to turn away
Refusing to surrender to sleep
I just keep waiting

As each minute disappears
Never to be seen again
Another minute witnesses
The continuation of my dangerous conversation.

I Just Want to Scream

(by Alex)

I just want to run until my legs give out
Drink until the room grows dizzy
Smoke until my lungs start to bleed
Sleep until I can't feel pain
Cry until my tears run dry
Vent until I lose my voice
Shake until I find stability
Scream until someone listens
Fly until my wings grow tired
Fade away until I'm surrounded by nothing

I want to find peace in the silence
Be OK with being alone
Be strong enough to be independent
So I don't need to rely on others
To give me strength when I feel none.

Fires of love and hate

(by Jen)

despite the weary hours
that the faceless foes did wait
to conjure up an enemy
to unleash to all their hate

they wasted all their precious time
to mask their true desires
and all they have accomplished
was to start another fire

both fires burn and swallow up
young lives are burnt and lost
all for their lust for hate and love
has brought the highest cost

and all they really had to do
was smolder out the flame
but those with lusts for hate and love
always light the flames again

There's No One There

(by Alex)

Screaming into the night
Reaching out for comfort
Arm breaking through darkness
To find nothing
No hand to hold
No body to caress
No one's there beside me.

Tears glisten in my eyes
Blurring my already scattered vision
The light from the moon
Shining through the window
Casts shadows on the floor
On the bed
Making me more aware
No one's there beside me.

Heart breaks
Hands shake
Breathing grows quicker
Surrender to the feelings
Of ultimate loneliness
Curling up on my bed
I sob into my pillow
Crying out into the night
Because there's no one there beside me.

Space and Time

(by Alex)

If you're not going to pay attention
To the Space-Time Continuum
Than neither shall I
Who cares about rules?
We can travel through the galaxies
Fly hundreds of miles past the stars
Touch the rays of the sunlight
Feel the cold of the darkest planet shade
We can travel through time
Looking for eras long since gone
And those yet to come

We can meet the dinosaurs
Have tea with Agatha Christie
Learn all about William Shakespeare
Even discover something new in history
We can have a picnic on the moon
Or risk our lives surfing a black hole
Listening to the quite of the blindingly big space
Gaze at all of it's beauty
Fall on our backs, watching it all
Simply grow, live, flourish and fall around us
So much beauty
So much wonder
So much light

So, really. Let's be honest.
If you're not going to pay attention
To the Space-Time Continuum
Than neither shall I.
Let's go see time and space
Live a little through the ages
And see all the beauty the world has to offer.
After all, life is so very, very short.
Unless…of course
You have a time machine.

Bad Haiku

(by Alex)

Within the darkness
Tears fall under the moonlight
An animal cries.

Quiet fills the air
Your soft breathing fills the room
My heart is content.


Ladies and Gents: A Limerick

(by Alex)

Livers and onions
Pickles and beans
Wake me from this nightmare
Or just kill me, please.

A Darkened Prince

(by Alex)

You can't grasp the senses
You can't feel the darkness burning
Your eyes shine bright
And freeze your bones like ice
Watching the haunting images
Of the sky
As the sun dies away
And surrenders to the black of night

The red eyes glow
The yellow eyes glare
A little lost traveler
Trips over its feet
To run away from the
Shadows of the night
The monsters and daemons
That break into the world
Allowed through only when
The light no longer shines.

You are so cold and lost
Seething with so much power
And evil ability
You alone spot the fearful child
And spread your black wings to strike.


This is an Analogy for Love

(by Alex)

Crossing the road
Glancing both ways
Searching for someone
Whose willing to cross, too
Waiting for the right moment
Tapping my foot to the silent beat
Keeping an eye on the crosswalk signs

As soon as the light turns green
My foot steps onto the pavement
Another foot steps beside mine —
A stranger takes the same step
Without saying a word
Our eyes lock
We share a smile
A single glance
And we continue walking —
Only now, neither of us
Are walking this path alone.


Clock Watching

(by Alex)

I stare at the clock
A minute feels like an hour
No..not even an hour.
Like an eternity of hours
Countless hours transforming
Into days..weeks..months..
Years begin to pass as I stand here
A decade gone before a minute passes.


(by Jen)

time wandering away
through fields
swaying slowly in the wind
heart is beating
and life is so…

when it rains it feels like it used to
close your eyes and smile
it's so beautiful
and so very very sad
because we can't hold on to everything forever
but at least
for a time
we had something wonderful
something amazing
despite all of the tears
i won't ever give it up

ocean breathes in and out
always changing
like life
and everything else
nothing stops
it just flows like time
always a new direction

and always
with so much to be thankful for


(by Alex)

You're looking for love
I'm willing to give it
You're constantly searching
When you don't have to look.
You're seeking out passion
I can light your candle
You want someone to caress you
I'll make you melt beneath my fingers
You want the kiss of a lifetime
I'll make you drop to your knees.

You're looking for everything
That I can readily offer you
But yet your gaze always
Passes straight over me.


Love's Lost Cause.


I hate that my mind keeps wandering back to you
I hate how I can't seem to shake free
I know all these feelings coursing through me
Are nothing I can ever capitalize on.
I stare at you from across the room
Hoping our eyes will touch;
Hoping our minds will sync
And hoping, above all
That you will be there to make a move

I watch you secretly
Knowing there's nothing I could ever do
To get you to look back at me
We are just way too different.
So much different that our opposties
Cancel each other out
Instead of attracting us together
Every time my eyes pass over you
I know I have no chance in hell
But I can't help finding my heart leap about
Wishing so much that you would sense it.

Why does love have to be such a complex feeling?
Why can't you fall for people who will guarantee
To love you right back?
I suppose in the long run
That would take away a bit of the adventure
But it would make things much easier
And I would be saved this momentary heartache

I want to go back to knowing
My heart won't speed up when you walk past me
I want go back before I wished any moment
That you'd reach out and hold my hand.
I'm too scared to make a move on my own
Fearing the inevitable rejection of the event
But I still can't help wishing— begging
That you will make the moves for me.

Love is a silly emotion
Everyone thinks their own experiences are unique
When all the lines— no matter how true—
Always have the same arouma of cliché.

Is there anyway to forget?
To remind myself that these feelings will
Surely never come to pass?
Maybe if I just keep telling myself
That it's never going to happen;
It's never possible in this plain of reality
Then maybe…
Just maybe………
I can stop these feelings from consuming me.

Haiku 1.0

(by Alex)

Your eyes are staring
Butterflies are fluttering
Are you watching me?

The Good Inside

(by Jen)

Last embers of the day
Drifting far away
Reaching out of touch
From what we love so much

Try to touch the stars
But they seem so far
To grasp them in our hands
Will we ever understand?

What matters most to me
Is all the good i see
I hope it never dies
Amidst these screams and lies.

Don't carry all that weight
To die is not our fate
To live we all must see
The good in you and me.

Free Verse Poetry

(by Alex)

Deep breaths
Calm down
Nothing is out of focus
Close your eyes
Relax your body
Free your mind of stress

Your heart beats as one
Longing for another
To duplicate your beat
To drum along with your own
Your heart beat sounds
Oh so very lonely
Constantly calling out
For a mate.

Your cold eyes burn through me
Causing my shattering heart
To disintegrate into ash
My throat gets choked up
With infinite sadness
As I realize those beautiful eyes
Will never look kindly on me again.

So out of reach
Unable to touch
Watching you fade away
Eyesight blurred with tears
My heart crashing in my chest
Fingers trembling
Lungs aching
I accept my defeat in misery.

I see you far ahead
Laughing with someone else
My heart flares with jealousy
Blood boiling within my veins.
My breath shortens;
My fists unclenched
I walk by with an air of annoyance
Ignoring you as I pass
Trying to pretend
That nothing bothers me—
Knowing very much that I've failed.

Bad Haiku 2.0

(by Alex)

Your song lives through me
Closing my eyes in silence
My heart beats for you.

My eyes watch you pass
You fade into the distance
Loneliness engulfs.


(By Jen) 7-8-09

when you find the sun is falling
and it's time to rest your head
clear your mind of troubles
and drink in dreams instead

outside the moon is rising
the clouds a frosty glaze
your chariot awaits you
and you ride off into the haze

you find fields of blooming flowers
far as the eye can see
skies of blue and roses red
you're as happy as you can be

beyond the blooming flowers
enchanted forests lye
filled with elves and fairies
and trees that hug the sky

sometimes if the wish is great
rainbows meet the earth
to drown your sorrows deep inside
and fill your heart with mirth

beneath the always sunny sky
strawberries grow all year
and clovers dance upon the wind
and there's nothing there to fear

but if the sunlight falters
and you find a place that's dark
you've got a sunbeam in your pocket
and the love within your heart

no darkness here can reach you
no monsters to attend
for in this place of dreams
all creatures are your friends

and when you find the moon is falling
and it's time for you to wake
let the dreams you had inspire you
for the world is yours to take


(By Nate)

I am sick of hearing about great men. Men who have accomplished things. Men who mattered.
I want to scream and shout "I have accomplished things too!" but I have done nothing.

I cannot pick up a gun to take revenge on those who have killed my family.
I cannot learn the ways of the samurai in order to make a heroic last stand against an army.
I cannot fly, shoot fire from my eyes, and battle monsters and villians.
I cannot study the magic necessary to combat demons and skeletons.
I cannot become a knight and go out killing dragons. There are none.
I wish to pick up arms and face villans in combat, but there are none.
I wish to go out into the world and rid it of demons, but I cannot find any to fight.
I wish to put up a heroic fight against an overwhelming, unscrupulous, tangible evil. But it does not exist.

What I do not want, what I fear the most, what I hate most of all, are the evils you cannot fight, if you can even find them.
The slow slide into a stupor, the seduction of serenity, silencing the song of the soul, the still small voice, beacon for our actions overwhelmed by the torrent of the world,
the whispers that take hold
stilling the heart
numbing the mind
stealing the soul
to leave,



i light the flame upon my hands
why can i never understand
the pain i sow will follow me
the pain i reap will swallow me

and i have wasted time and life
carrying hate, burdened with strife
but i can't deny what's deep inside
the monster screams and will not hide
but fire burns and all things die.



Can't fight the sadness
The silent heartache that screams
Tears threaten to fall as you watch her
Scared to death life is all a repeat.
Can I seriously hold onto feelings for you
When I am always worried she
Might steal your affections away?

I know I shouldn't think such horrid things
I suppose I still try to prepare myself
And protect myself in case I get hurt
All my life, I've been running from pain
Only to find it around every corner.

Is that true irony?

There are days I think I might love you
There are days I can't understand why we're friends
And then there are other days where I think you care
And you feel the same way I do

The Occam's Razor of this situation
Would just be to tell you how I feel
Some days the words are on the tip of my tongue
Other days they couldn't bury themselves deeper

I doubt and re-think and doubt some more
Even if you did get stolen, I couldn't complain
I would have had my chance to say something
And, like the last one, I would have deserved it
Never speaking up is always the worst crime.

Love's Grand Mistake


She smiles as the sun sets
But the smile is not real
She walks to him with feet of habit
Knowing full well what's concealed
He sees her and she knows that she
Truly does make him happy
But she doesn't feel the same way
Gone, with him, is another day

He kisses her and grins as he
Holds her hand against his chest
He professes his love and affection
While she knows she couldn't care less
She hates the state she's in
She knows she's really killing him
There isn't a reason to condone
Being with him so she won't be alone

That night, as he thrusts inside her
His breathing becomes intense
She starts to unfold with him
And open to feelings she hadn't sensed
And as they finish making love
He sees her start to cry
Overcome by the feelings
She simply can't deny
He holds her tight
Trying desperately to console
Not knowing that she
Was the one who just lost control

Her world was slowly falling apart
She didn't want to be the bearer
Of all this overwhelming pain
But she couldn't speak to tell him
She could not open up
And tell him honestly
That she had had enough

The rain falls on the windows
And once again her heart breaks
As he lies beside her smiling
Oblivious to her mistakes

Love on a rainy day


I will hold you in my arms
for as long as my arms are able
let nothing keep us from love
let no pain shadow us
because there is the sun in your eyes
eyes that see straight to my heart
and there's nothing I can do about it
but hold your hand and smile

The Mad Geneticist

-by Jen

She tinkers in the dead of night,
with crocodiles and feathered kites.
She mixes things that should not be,
the likes of which you won't believe.
Genetic things of great mutation,
cursed beings, abominations.
Playing as the hand of god,
she creates a fire breathing frog.
Ducks with teeth and snakes that fly,
and a cat that will not die.
Genetic code is her obsession,
her sacred quest; to answer questions.
Why do we age? What is youth?
Is there a god? Where is the proof?
These experiments will not end
until some answers she can comprehend
and so she tinkers in the night
with crocodiles and feathered kites..

Sleepy Sonnet


It’s two AM, and I can’t get to sleep
My restless soul doth keep my mind inflamed
And while my thoughts did Ne’er get oh so deep
My eyes, they droop and wish for rest in vain

For Lo, though I do wish and want for rest
My brain spins on and weaves its knotted tales
I cannot stop, though now all seems a jest
I’ll just go on and on ‘til thought-ship sails

Right now the ship is bogged in rhymey brine
the oarsmen yawn and doze off at their task
and yet I cannot stop this ship of mine
Until in berth’ed glory I can bask

And here it is, my journey at its end
And here I rest my weary head, my friend.

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