The Grand Stories 2

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Chapter 36: Life's a bitch then you deal with it…..

by nichole

"We should have a party for John," Nichole exclaimed suddenly.
"What? Why?" Amy asked as she continued to watched Ali run for her life away from the thing known as Jen.
"Because," Nichole stated simply.
"Because, why?" Sally asked.
"Because it’s a reason to party."
"Since when do we need a reason to party?" Amy asked as she finally glanced at the girls standing with her.
Nichole shrugged. "Dunno."
"Never," Sally said. "We just have parties for no good reason, those are the best kinds."
"Right, so we should have a random-I’m-sorry-you-dead-John-party!" Nichole cried. "Jen! Ali! We’re gunna have a party for John! Come on!" The three girls turned and headed for Yankee Lanes that just happen to be behind them. "John liked to bowl, lets do it there!" Nichole stated as she pointed at it.
"Sounds good to me," Jen stated as she stopped beside Nichole with a nod.
"We can bowl too! We’ll have something to do this time!" Ali cheered.
"Unlike some of our other parties that all seem to flop and we don’t do half the things we plan out," Sally said as she rolled her eyes.
"Come on!" Nichole said as she headed inside. With the bowling lanes so she wanted to get bowling, but others from her party didn’t seem to hold the same excitement as she did. Ali ran inside and up to the shoe counter, glaring at the dude that was standing behind said counter she demanded her shoe size. The dude blinked at her before quickly handing over the pair of shoes. Ali grinned at him then ran to the chair so she could put on her bowling shoes.
The others followed her example, only with lest glaring and with some ‘please’ and ‘thank yous’. Well, not really. They all demanded their shoes. Some with hard glares and some with little ones. By the time to dude got to the end of the party he decided he was going to quit.
Now that they all have their shoes on and their names were in the computer, the group of friends, minus John, began to bowl. The girls kept running up to the jukebox and feeding it money and punching the numbers of the songs they wanted it to play for them. After the second dollar, Jen made a flying leap at it and kicked it right below the glass. The groups to this day isn’t sure what happen but the jukebox stood up and ran out of Yankee Lanes, crying.
So the group now had no music and still had hours to play. With a shrug, Jen bursted out into song and sure the others joined in. Don’t ask anyone what the song was call or if the groups of friends remember what they sang, for they’ll tell you they have no freaking clue what your talking about.
After hours of bowling th group left Yankee Lanes, in search of…. well, none of them knew what they were in search of. All the knew was that they were searching for something……
And that little orphan boy was shot by someone else then run over…. several times. He died without getting his so call revenge on Ali or the other people that rekilled him, because lifes a bitch like that.

Chapter 37: Shoes

Jen paused from bowling to look around. She had felt it…just for an inkling of a moment, there had been a plot…maybe not a big one, but something..sort of resemblant to a plot. …something to do with hippopotamuses? she pondered…noo..hippopotamuses arn't real… Jen frowned and walked over to where John say at a table, eating Pizza by himself.

"you look down john, what's up?" "they think i'm dead" John glared bitterly. Jen tilted her head and squinted at him. "you don't look dead. " "that's because i'm not. ><" John glared even harder. "ah" Jen leaned back. "that's good. ^^" John glared up at her. "yeah, but they can't even see me. now what am i supposed to do?" "they can't see you?" Jen asked, leaning forward again. "why can't they see you?" "because they think i'm dead! I donno! I don't know what's wrong with these people!!" John raised his voice and slammed his fist onto the table, making it shake. No one looked up, despite the loud noise.

Jen smiled. John glared. Jen pulled a knife out of her pocket. John glared suspiciously. Jen gave John the knife, while smiling most evilly. John glared uncertainly. He picked up the knife, and somehow knowing what to do he flung the knife at Nichole. Nichole fell forward with the knife in her foot, screamed and turned around to see who the attacker was. Jen stood up and locked eyes with Nichole, who then realized it must be the work of a ghost, and therefor must be john. Sally yanked the knife out of Nichole's foot. "it says hippopotamus" sally explained gravely, and they gasped to realize that the hippo god had chosen a new evil doer to do it's bidding. Jen smiled wickedly as she watched Nichole, Alex and Amy run out the door in persuit of a ghost John they couldn't see anyways.

Sally say down with John and Jen and took a piece of pizza. "you can see me too?" JOhn frowned at Sally. "i can see the dead, of course. One of my three powers is to die, you know." Sally then abruptly died and the three newly appointed antagonists sat in silence while eating pizza. (jen was just putting pieces in sally's mouth for her) Jen frowned as she looked at John. "i still dont think hippopotamuses exist though" John shrugged. "you'd better start, apparently we're working for one."

Chapter 38: Socks

(by Alex-eth)

"So what does the map say?" Nichole looked over at Alex, who had her face hidden behind the map. Her eyes were squinting as she tried to make out the tiiiiiiinnyyy print.

"It says… sa…na….ta…a…na…" She read slowly. Gazing quizzically over at her friend, she cocked her head slightly to the side like a puppy. But she realized that the inside joke probably would not be understood by anyone… so she moved on. Looking back at the paper, she frustratingly shook it. "WHY DON'T WE KNOW WHERE WE ARE??!"

"You're looking at a map," Nichole explained patiently. "It's not like we would have little magical moving dots that would tell us where we are specifically on the paper."

,,"Well, the Marauder's Map does that." Alex grumbled.

"But this map isn't enchanted, 'Tomi." Nichole sighed. Alex pouted and glared coldly at the map in her hands. Deciding it was a waste of time to have a map that couldn't instantly tell you where you were via little zingy dots, she decided she didn't like the map anymore. It was a big fat meanie. And it was ugly, too. Hideously ugly. Fugly. So Alex threw it angrily on the ground and, like it so often happened in ATHF, the map combusted and turned into ash on the ground. Neither of them thought anything of this random breach of the laws of physics; so they simply linked arms and continued looking for…for…whatever the hell they had been assigned to randomly look for.


"But I'm beginning to wonder…" Sally pondered, looking at John.

"About who we work for?" Jen asked. "Or why it's a hippopotamus?"

"About John…" Sally continued, retaining her thoughtful air. "Are you really dead?" She leaned almost uncomfortably close to him. In reaction, John had to back off to maintain his *personal bubble*.

"As I told you before," John sounded irritated, though he looked paranoid about being touched. "I. Am. Alive."

"How do you know that?"

John snorted. "I think I would know." Sally found this answer intriguing.

"Would you?" She asked, still moving closer to him. In order to avoid Sally, John ended up falling off the chair with a resound THWUMP!! onto the floor. Satisfied, Sally pulled herself quickly into John's seat before he could get up again; thus unmasking her hidden agenda.

"I wonder who this hippopotamus is…" Jen wondered aloud, gazing quizzically across the now empty bowling alley; as if the required bowling ball and pins decal could give her answers.

"I think being called a hippo would be an insult to a lesser man…" came a voice from behind Jen. She turned around and her mouth fell open in amazement, wonder and shock. Which then reverted into giddiness, since she knew how jealous Alex would be since she wasn't there… and wasn't working for who she, Sally and John were employed by. The person who was speaking glanced over to his left. "What do you think, Teller?"

THAT'S RIGHT, PEOPLE! John, Jen and Sally were under the employment of the awesome Penn & Teller!!!,,!


After Nichole and Alex had been walking a ways (Amy was there somewhere), Alex suddenly got a flash of anger and what she interpreted as jealousy. Hmm… she thought to herself. I think I'll go beat Jen up next time I see her…

Chapter 39: Orange you glad to be here? (hahahahaxp)

by Jen

Alex, Amy and Nichole were completly perplexed. Something rather unexpected had happened, and now they didn't know what to do. They stood staring at a wall. Amy stepped back and glared menacingly at it. why wouldn't it get out of their way? She kicked the wall, but it wouldn't budge. "there should be a door here." Alex frowned. "look" Nichole pointed, two and a half inches to the right. "it's there." Amy sighed. "but it should be here ><" Amy was very frazzled, and Alex shrugged then rechecked the map Amy had taken from her. "yeah, it should be there alright" Alex frowned, scratching her head. "BUT IT'S NOT!!!" Amy yelled, eyes turning red. "you guys…" Nichole tilted her head to the side. "the maps just two inches off.." ''two and a half inches" Amy seethed. "alright, two and a half the the door..with the word 'plot' written in what maybe blood..i think that's the door we want, even though it's two and a half inches to the right." Nichole made a good intelligent point. Amy glared while Alex stared at the two of them, wondering what's going to happen next.

'We're not going through that door." Amy crossed her arms in front of her and nodded resalutly. "what?'' Nichole looked at her. "why?" "because no one is going through that door." Amy's eyes were turning redder and redder as she spoke. "it's a trap, we must not go through it." "BUT IT SAYS PLOT! WE'RE THIS-" (she held up two fingers pinched together) "-CLOSE TO FINDING THE PLOT AND MOVING ON WITH OUR LIVES!! WE CAN END THE STORIES! WE CAN MOVE ON!" Nichole was swinging her hands arouind in wild circles. "what fun would that be?" Alex shrugged, feeling compelled to allow this plotless story to continue. Nichole faultered and thought. "yeah…alright." The three of them then turned away from the door and walked back toward the bowling alley. Alex wanted to beat up Jen for some reason.

Jen twidled her thumbs while John and Sally discussed their new mission from the great Penn and Teller.

Chapter 40: The Soap Opera to End ALLLLLL Soap Operas (…except maybe "Chocolate Syrup")

(a random delusional dream by ALEX)

"Ho- how could you?" Alex asked, as her lower lip trembled. Behind her glasses, her brown eyes began to flood with tears that she struggled to fight back.

"It's… not what you think…" Nichole said. "We're… role-playing."

"But you're carrying my baby!" Amy shouted, pointing accusingly at Sally.

"I can't be carrying your baby," Sally stated, looking confused as her gaze traveled over to Jen. "Because I got in a horrible accident when I was little and the chemo treatment made me lose all my hair. But I did get super powers from the radiation. But, even so, I am suing my doctor for his horrible demeanor. Isn't that right, Dr. John?" Sally turned menacingly towards Murray.

John looked aghast. "But my little boy just fell down the well and Lassie tried to rescue him and ended up dying from a stray bullet from Dick Cheney's gun… how could I have found the time to give you chemo treatment? Perhaps it was… JEN!"

All eyes turned to Jen, and silence fell throughout the room. Jen stared at her friends like a deer in the headlights; her hands pressed to her mouth in shock. Suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, she toppled forwards. A stray knife was stuck in her back. She was murdered. In reaction to such a catastrophic event, the other five friends raised their arms above their heads and ran around the room screaming.

In the meantime, Penn and Teller were standing off to the side, witnessing the mayhem. They looked very primped 'n' polished in their three piece suits. The camera faded out into a wide screen shot before Penn Jillette looked directly into the camera. "Alex's writing," he started. "Is BULLSHIT."

Chapter 41: Lunch

(by jeneth)

Sally looked at Alex who had just wandered in from outside, without Nichole or Amy. "hey..what..happened to the others?" John frowned. "Sally wasn't carrying Amy's baby after all.." Alex let her head fall with a thump on the table as she sat down and the other three exchanged glances. "i could have told you that." Sally frowned. Jen stood up and looked outside, while pulling skittles out of a hat. "awesome skittles" she smiled and walked to the door, looked out, turned white and then walked back. "so where are Amy and Nichole?" Sally asked. "erm…."" Jen struggled, not knowing how to say it. "they're being eaten by Trogdor.."

Chapter 42: Supper

(by Alex-eth)

"C'mon! We're gunna miss the Spongebob Squarepants marathon!" Alex shouted enthusiastically. The friends who weren't being chomped on by Strong Bad's creation turned to stare blankly at their friend. Alex faded into embarrassed silence while her mind zoomed to think of something to cover her back. "I mean," she began frantically searching. "Let's watch… err… Outer Limits? Twilight Zone? Heroes? LOST? Queer as Folk?" In all her maddening desperation, Alex suddenly squeaked and collapsed onto a heap on the floor.

They all continued staring until Jen walked over and swiped the remote from Alex's hand. "I didn't want her watching Spongebob anyway. She always ruins the ending." Hopping over her old friend, Jen fell onto the couch and flipped on the TV.

Sally and John remained on the other side of the room; still staring.

"Err… shouldn't we be more concerned with the fate of our friends instead of watching some stupid Nickelodeon cartoon with obvious homosexual overtones?" John demanded, beginning to fume. Sally remained silent and didn't seem to care too much either way about the "fate of their friends". Amy had tried to accuse her of carrying her baby, She couldn't afford a lawyer to defend her against that kind of lawsuit; and she definitely couldn't provide child support.

Nah… Amy was better off massacred by Trogdor. At least she'd be included (if even only as a statistic) to an AWESOME nonsensical song.

While Sally remained lost in thought and Alex remained knocked out, John continued his wayward rant. Jen didn't seem to mind; he had only been talking through the commercials anyway. But when Weird Al started singing to announce the return of the yellow spongèd creature beneath the ocean blue, and John still hadn't stopped his temper tantrum, Jen glared coldly at him. Her eyes threw daggers in his direction as they seeped from happiness into outright soulless.

"Shut up," she finally said quietly, her voice echoing out around her, imprisoning all of them into a level of cold ice suffocation. John froze from the impact, but it was really Jen's wielding of the remote control bi product that silenced John's plight. Pressing the mute button, John's continued soap box speech (apart from his frozen veins) ceased immediately; although his mouth continued to move. It wasn't too long before John realized he was no longer vocalizing his outrages. Wrapping his own hands around his neck, he mourned the loss of his vocal chords.

Jen, however, was thrilled. "I HAVE FOUND IT!!" She shouted victoriously, holding the remote above her head in her enclosed fist. "I hath FINALLY obtained the Remote of the Land of the Occursèd Beetle That was Taken From Him by the Evil Roman Superior Officer from Nantucket who was Angered at the Man who Once Came from Nantucket and Make Their Entire Town a Nesting Ground for Tourism and Satires!"

Sally (now being the only one in the room aside from Jen with the ability to speak) felt compelled to say something. "So…. what are you going to name it?"

Jen lowered her arm and placed her free hand to her chin in a thoughtful position. "Dunno," she said after a moment. "Uhhmmmmmmm… Chuck?" Sally frowned, taking a moment to consider the name of Chuck for a mysterious (yet undeniably POWERFUL) remote control. Finally, she nodded her head.

"I approve." She stated wisely. And at that moment, they all froze in celebration and everything within eyesight turned into a sepia color with fuzzy overtones. In the center sprouted the triumphant words: "~Wonderous and Mysterious Remote of Legend (codename: CHUCK) now added to PARTY MENU!~" The words, sepia fading and fuzzy ocular vision subsided and everything returned to normal.

Chapter 43: Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

(By Nichole)

Somewhere, randomly, outside Amy, Nichole and Trogdor sat around a table drinking tea and eating biscuits.
"You know," Trogdor said before taking a bite of his biscuit then finished his sentence with his mouth still full. "I was suppose to be eating you." The girls brushed off the bites and pieces Trogdor spit at them when he spoke.
"Yes, but are these biscuits better?" Amy asked as she pushed the plate full towards him.
"Oh yes, even better when you put a little bite of blood on them," he sighed dreamily. "It’s just prefect that way."
"Right," Nichole stated as she glanced at Amy. "Well, I’m sorry but–OH MY GOD WHAT’S THAT?!?!?!" She screamed and pointed behind the funny looking dragon.
"What’s what?" he asked as he turned around. The girls both quickly ran away to find their friends. Trogdor turned back around. "Silly, girl there’s nothing…… Hey, where’d ya go?" He asked as he glanced around for his missing dinner partners.
Back with the others from their group, Amy and Nichole glared at them.
"I’ve already died once, what in all of the unholy world, would you think I would want to do that again?!?!??!?!" Nichole cried.
Amy crossed her arms over her chest. "Dying just not something I’m willing to do right now."
"No, but you’ll burry yourself," Nichole pointed out as he angry quickly vanished.
"Yeah, but that was fun."
"We could have died."
"But we didn’t."
Both girls turned back to their friends, standing side-by-side the others knew nothing good was going to come from this.
"What should we do to them?" Nichole asked.
"Do to us?" Alex asked. "But we didn’t do anything! It was all Jen’s fault!"
"It’s always Jen’s fault." Nichole pointed out.
"So?" someone questione.
"So, I don’t know, don’t ask me," Nichole crossed her arms over her chest and glared at them all. "What shall your punishment be?"
"GOOSE!!" Jen cried out suddenly. Everyone just stared at her. She sighed then ran around everyone bopping them on the head as she went. "DUCK, DUCK, DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE!!!!" She cried as she bopped Alex harder then the others and then ran away.
"Ow, Jen! That hurt!" the abused girl yelled at the retreating figuer that they all knew to be Jen. "I’m not running after her." Alex stated.
"Can you even run?" John asked. "I didn’t think witches could run."
"Shut up fur-face!" Alex cried as she bopped him on the head.
Nichole turned to Amy. "We didn’t get to carry out our unknown punishment."
"No, it ran away."

Chapter 44: It really was jen's fault…

by Jen

Jen ran off into the night, fully and terribly aware that they weren't chasing her, but they could be and that was enough to make her run. It was a pretty smooth exit, playing duck duck goose like that, and her useful knowledge that witches couldn't run. Yes, it had gone smoothly, but now she needed a safe place to hide, and hopefully prove it wasn't all her fault after all. She didn't even know what was her fault or why, all they ever told her was that it was everything. Was it because she liked the color orange? Are her eyes the wrong shade of brown or her feet too big? It didn't make sense….

As Jen was feeling rather lost as to what to do or where to go, she tripped and fell forward, spinning and landing flat on her face. "ouch." she stood up, ready to blame Alex for putting that lump in the ground somehow, when she saw what it was. "the mutton!" Jen gasped in happiness. "I should go see the dinosaurs, shouldn't i?" Jen did a happy little dance and then skipped off to Jurassic Park.

When she got there, however, she found the place deserted. "what happened?" She gasped. "did the t-rex get out and eat everybody?" She looked around and saw no evidence of this. "was it godzilla?" she gasped again, but again, saw no evidence of such an event. "the holy pineapple?" Jen didn't see evidence of this either, so marched over to the snack shack, where a bored looking cashier was hunched over reading a book. "i'd like a lollypop please." Jen smiled at the cashier, who looked up at her casually, did a startled double take, then remained fixed on her in horror. "you"

Jen glared at the cashier. she didn't like people pointing at her and saying you unless she knew the person. "yes, me". He stared at her again, then an angry look came over his face. Frowning, he reached behind the counter (jen braced herself for him to pull out a gun of sorts) but instead he pulled up a fossil of a baby. "is this yours?" he asked, glaring at her while holding up the baby fossil. "erm.." Jen frowned. She didn't recall fossilizing any babies… " i don't think so, thanks. look, i came here to see the dinosaurs, where are they?" The cashier looked very very mangry. "this, is from the past.." Jen nodded, she got was fossilized, it had to be old. "i dont think i'm old enough to have a baby older then me.." jen interjected, but the cashier continued. "And thisthis! ..THIS!!!! THIS TERRIBLE CREATURE! it ATE …it ATE ALL OF THE DINOSAURS!!" The cashier broke down crying, falling forward in a tragic heap on the counter, and jen fell to pieces crying as well. "WHY?! WHY?!" The wailed, crying arm in arm. "but how did this baby get to the past? how could it have done such a thing?" Jen asked, suddenly confused by the thought. The cashier stopped bawling long enough to look up at her, and said "there was a time machine, and a picture found in it. Whoever went in that time machine, they left this terrible baby behind. " He pointed behind Jen to a huge wall where a poster was hung for everyone who wanted to come see dinosaurs to see.

It read: These people are directly to blame for the early extinction of the dinosaurs, for leaving a terrible dinosaur eating baby behind. So if you brought your whole family to come see the dinosaurs, now you can't, because these four people ruined it for you.

Jen gasped as she saw the picture below it. Sally, Amy, Alex and herself all jeered back at her from the poster. "….no!… NOOOOO!!!!!!!" Jen cried in despair.

Alex frowned over a cup of coffee. She suddenly felt that she should offer Jen a lollipop, though wasn't sure why, Jen had just bopped her on the head really hard. She had better make it even somehow. Grabbing a fish out of her backpack, she marched over to john and hit him in the face with a fish. "IF I'M A WITCH THEN YOUR A BIG STUPID FACE!" she then proceeded to hit john again with the fish, so many times that eons from then, the place where John rests will mysteriously reek of fish whenever there's a full moon. And sometimes, on a cold windy night, you can still hear the sigh of "she's a witch! burn her burn her!" being whispered by a ghostly (but a little nerdy sounding) voice…..oooooooooo!! And even more so, sometimes you can even hear Alex's ghostly reply "you big stupid face" echo eeirily about the graveyard.

Chapter 45: The ending to ruin all endings (because this ending is a bastard of an ending)

(by Ali)

And just like that…it was all over.

…okay, so maybe not QUITE so much just like that.

But still.

Just. Like. That. it was all over.

The six friends awoke in a pile of daisies. And hummingbirds. And tulips. And butterflies. And bumblebees. And all sorts of other things that are oh-so-cliche and mundane and stoooopidly silly. They all awoke from a very long nap that could have quite possibly bipassed the 40-year streak Rip Van Winkle had held for so long. They arose slowly, all looking quite content. They all yawned; each in their own turn. And they smiled, nodding to each other in sleepy happiness. They all silently agreed that it had been a good nap. It was only Jen who decided to speak up for them all.

"THAT WAS ONLY TWENTY SECONDS!" She garbled, picking up a handful of dandelions and throwing them at random out in the open air. "We can't be expected to beat Van Winkle's record with a bloody twenty second nap!"

"But… it's hard." Alex whined softly before flopping back down into the flowers. All her friends stared at her for a second before it was decided she was best to be ignored.

"None of us are tired, Jen," Nichole pointed out, stepping in to be the voice of reason. "How are we supposed to sleep more than 40 years without being tired?"

"I don't know!" Jen snapped. "But we have to do it!"

"…why?" Sally asked.

They all took a moment to focus their attention on Jen. Jennifer stammered and fumbled for several minutes before taking uo more flowers and throwing them at her friends. When the bunnies came out of hiding, she picked those up and hurled them at her comrades as well {please note: no bunnies were harmed in the making of this mundane addition}.

"Well, this is dumb." Amy mumbled. Picking herself up from the flowers and misc. debris, she strode over to the wall. She found it odd that they had been napping in an open field…that also contained a wall. Placing her hand on her chin, she pondered this little delusion for several minutes before frowning. Raising her right hand, she knocked on the wall in a rhythmic fashion.

The wall knocked back.

Amy gasped. "EGAHD!" She screamed. She chortled! She hollered!!! And still no one paid her any mind. Still, Amy pursued her claim. Stepping even closer to the wall, she knocked again; only this time, she did it harder.

The wall gave way. It folded and crumbled outwardly (so as not to harm our *heroes*) and there was a petrified half scream right before the "CRASH/THWUMP" (which only seemed to be the crushing doom of a camera man; but we could sacrifice him. No biggie).

Amy dared venture forth as her friends fought amongst themselves. She peered cautiously around the door, tip-toeing as she walked. She eased herself into the world beyond and came in contact with……..*dramatic drum roll*

…a brick wall. With a door…

"Oro?" Amy voiced. She tilted her head to the side in animalistic curiosity. Moving closer, she read what was printed on the door "PLOT". It was at this point that her friends decided to mosey on in. No one could explain how they knew what Amy was doing; or if they even knew. All Amy knew was that she was alone one second, and surrounded by idiots the next. Amy growled low in her throat. "I wanted to solve the mystery of the plot alone." Her eyes flared.

"What was that?" Jen asked, leaning closer to catch what Amy said. Amy had to think FAST.

"Uhhhhhhh…," she killed for time as her brain spun out millions of different excuses; all diabolical. Think something stupid! They'll believe that! Keep it stupid! "I said I was…err…I wanted to try some mayonnaise…in a…..cone?" She looked hopefully at all her friends.

They stared.

{one Mississippi…two Mississippi…three Mississippi…}

"Alright." They all agreed, shrugging and looking to each other for approval. They all approved. Amy smiled sweetly before turning her back and letting her innocent smile turn into one of sinister foreboding. Ah-ha. I knew it was a good thing I went to school out of state, she thought to herself, ringing her hands together in an evil fashion. All these idiots couldn't tell I was lying. But I will show them. I WILL SHOW THEM!!!!

(Little did she know that Sally was standing off to the side, well hidden behind her wall of mutual friends. She glared at Amy suspiciously; for she, too, had chosen to go to school in Massachusetts. And she knew of Amy's ways… oh, yes. She knew.)

"So who's gunna open the door?" Alex asked.

"I don't think we should…" Nichole spoke warily, casting sideways glances at the chamber to the missing PLOT.

"Why not?" John demanded. "The door holds the plot, and we've been stuck in this place forever, and we'll continue to be stuck in here unless we find out the plot!"

Against his argument, they all stared blankly at him; as if saying Yeah……so? John was flabbergasted. His friends would rather stay in that mad house for an eternity instead of facing life without the need to write ridiculously outrageous things for a series of several (and sometimes long-lasting) cheap sources of entertainment. That's what they had Family Guy, Aqua Teen, Robot Chicken and South Park for. Did they really need a site on Wikipedia for it too? John groaned and rolled his eyes. Grabbing a passing soap box, he stood on it long enough to scream, "COME OUT OF YOUR HOLES, PEOPLE!" Knowing his *friends* didn't have the guts to do it (except maybe Amy, but her intentions were questionable), John stormed towards the door, put his hand on the doorknob and yanked it open.

What the six age-old friends saw was, quite simply, the most beautiful thing they would ever see. It was beautiful. Outrageous. Orgasmic. Brilliant. Spontaneous. Silly. Obnoxious. Affectionate. Heart-throbbing. Gut-wrenching. Stomach-churning. Face burning. Finger-tingling. Hilarious. Depressing. Touching. Blissful. Relatable. Nefarious. Cumbustable. Endearing. Action-packed. Suspenseful. Horrific. Squishy. Terrifying. Cheesy. Scientific. Awe-inspiring. Inigmatic. Glorious. Blood curling. Chilling. Sappy. Romantic. Uncomfortable. Cheesy. Vivid. Amazing.3

And Amy laughed, the kids laughed, the John laughed, and they each died a little inside.

Chapter 46: The ending continued

(by Jen)

But you've forgotten someone, haven't you? The narrator asked, glaring at her computer screen. the wretched mass..crawling and clawing its way towards you with revenge etched into its dead, beady little eyes. How could you have abandoned him? how could you forget?

"who?" Alex asked, looking around, not able (of course) to see the narrator. The nugget that hopped off the lunch plate one mid school morning, and decided he wanted to be DIFFERENT! The one and ONLY chicken nugget to don a trench coat and further more, look DAMN GOOD in it too. Betrayed by Amy, left behind and eventually mauled, stabbed, drowned, burned, wrinkled and eaten. The heroes of the story hung their heads in shame. "alas poor chicken nugget in a trench coat, you taught us to be different then that." Nichole shook her head in the sadness of it all. "you taught us that anyone can wear a trench coat and rise above the other non wearing trench coat people…" Jen exclaimed, and Sally gave her a suspicious look. "you taught us to glare suspiciously." "and to be evil" Amy sighed. "god damn nugget didn't teach me anything." John said defiantly. Alex turned and hit him in the face with a frying pan. "YOU BE QUIET FROG NOSE!" ><*

"fear not!" came a tired crumpled voice from underneath Nichole's foot. Amy immediatly knocked her over to see who the voice belonged to. "i am…..alive!" "chicken nugget?" Alex gasped. " dont look so good.." Jen frowned. "thanks for reminding me" Chicken nugget grumbled. "so…now that you're a live again..we have something to tell you, chicken nugget!" Sally did a little dance. "yes?" gasped chicken nugget. Sally knelt down so that chicken nugget would be able to hear her. "we found the plot" She smiled. "oh?" asked chicken nugget. "YEAH! AND YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT IT IS!" Jen yelled happily. "it's soo cool, and it was there all along!" John exclaimed. "well? what is it?" "it's! ITS!! IT'S!!!" (and then sally died.)

Nichole sighed, looked at everyone so ready to tell what the plot is but so unable to actually say it. "the plot of the story is-"

-The End-

"what? but i never found out what the plot is!?!" Chicken Nugget threw is trench coat down in anger and stomped on the ground with his tiny chicken nugget feet. "it's not fair it's not fair it's not fair!" "too bad." John shrugged, and flipped a trench coat of his own on over his shoulders. Sally, Alex, Nichole, Jen and Amy all followed suit, and they promptly walked out of the Grand stories.

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