Read This Before The Stories

This page was created in the hopes that people outside our "little circle" can understand the weird references and inside jokes in the stories. We are going to try and explain things as best we can. If you have any questions about the stories or its content whatsoever, please contact one of us and alert us, so we can better explain it.

This will be a long and slightly arduous process, since the stories themselves have been around for a long time. Please bare with us, but we will do the best we can.

A note to the authors: this isn't going to be one of those chapter at a time stories. We have a lot of fill in the blanks and it will become pointless signing your name to what you've added. It's like a painting, many layers and all that. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that while we are trying to explain the stories to our readers, the only ones that will be confused is us, the authors, because we don't know who wrote what. but that's ok. I think it's a reasonable sacrifice.
also, please remember the events will not be exactly as they happened, certain things will change to make explaining them easier..


Introductions and first impressions…

It was the first day of school in a whole new town. The brown eyed girl of Irish decent, Amy Lynch frowned to herself as she walked down the pale blue halls of Gray New Gloucester High School. It wasn't impressive, so she wasn't at all impressed. She was originally from Massachusetts, and she'd been through a lot of moves and been to a lot of schools in her time. This one was the least noteworthy. Perhaps, she pondered, it's the fact that the name of the town that this school resides in is Gray, an altogether bleak name to begin with..and it didn't help that the students all seemed to share the same empty..blank..expressions.. Amy felt herself begin to feel tired just from looking at them.

Coming to the end of the hall, Amy was met with a decision. The 7th grade was divided into two sections, the Frog Squad, which was the hall on Amy's right, or the Dragon Team, which was on her left. She found herself tempted to turn left, that being the Dragon team, and clearly must be the more ferocious of the two…however…Amy was evil..that was her thing, you see. To do evil things, to be evil, these were her aspirations. Life is short, so you'd better have a good time, right? Of course. Although everyone knows this, few dare to follow the path of evil. Amy was one of these people. So, after a bit of thought, Amy felt that the more evil thing to be involved in was the Frog Squad. Her reasoning was that frogs needed some corruption..and she could bring that corruption to it…

Smiling evilly, Amy turned right and marched dutifully down the Frog Squad hall. (Admittedly, she didn't have much choice in the overall decision of this, as the teams were pre-assigned..but luckily Amy had picked the one she was assigned to, so no one scolded her for being in the wrong place.) At the end of the hall to the right she found her adviser. Mr. Stash.2

Being evil, Amy was the kind of person who did what she wanted. A leader type of personality, she thought she might scope out some minions from her new adviser class. So she marched in and walked past Mr. Stash, vaguely acknowledging him as she took a seat in the back corner of the room. She noticed immediately that there was a red headed girl who had refused to take a seat. She was sitting, but on the floor, ignoring the many empty chairs around her. Mr. Stash frowned at the girl then shrugged. He had better things to do then wonder why the red-headed girl refused a seat. Amy was about to ignore the girl when she noticed the red-head was sneakily tying the shoelaces together of a quiet looking girl sitting near her.

The quiet looking girl seemed oblivious to this, instead reading some nerdy book about physics or science fiction or something. She was completely entranced, her eye glasses glinting as she turned the pages and moved closer and closer to her book, as though she wanted to fall in. Amy had to admit, that aside from these two the rest of the advisees seemed boring and carried no potential. Mr. Stash finally stood before the class, looking important and informational, purposfully standing directly in front of his giant map of the world that was taped to the wall.

Mr. Stash was an ex navy seal, and taught both history and science. This year he was soully teaching history, as it rotated every year or so.3

He explained how things were going to go down this year. "This is the Frog Squad. The Dragon team are our rivals and we must be better then them. We have to be smarter, run faster, smell know what I mean. Just better then them. By being good students you receive frog bucks. That's our currency. No, you can't bribe teachers with it. (like we need your money) You can spend it on auctions that we hold from time to time, you may be able to buy no homework coupons so you don't have to do certain homework assignments, so on and so forth. Do not eat your money, I don't care how hungry you are or who dares you to do it. Do not deface our currency. And most importantly, Do NOT let the Dragon team get a hold of our currency. I don't care if one of your friends is on the Dragon Team and he just wants to see it. If he's on the Dragon Team he's not your friend. He's a dragon. Well, I think that about sums my speech up. Time for role call"

Amy paid no attention to the names of the students called except for the two she had noticed earlier. The red-headed girl responded to "Jen Hussey" and the quiet nerdy girl identified as "Ali Chaya". Amy decided she would confront these two during lunch.4
yes… Amy thought, they may make good minions indeed. The bell rang for the start of the first class and Amy stood up to leave. She saw Jen dart out of the room in a bit of a hurry, and behind her Amy turned when she heard a squack and a Thump! Ali had tried walking without realizing her shoes had been tied together. She confusedly dusted herself off and wondered how her shoes had managed to tie themselves together. Amy chuckled and marched off to her first class.

The red headed menace meets the curly blond future karate master

Jen snickered to herself as she darted from Mr. Stash's class, barely hearing the 'squack' that came from the girl named Ali. She wasn't sure what it was, but something about this nerdy looking girl..the smell of her? Jen pondered, or the aura about her perhaps? but it tempted Jen toward pestering this person. She hoped this Ali would be massochistic enough to want to be friends with her.

Marching happily into Home Economics class, Jen paused to take in the sent of potential cooking goods and food. It was a relitivly small class, and Jen recognized a curly blond haired girl from somewhere, but couldn't place her.

meanwhile, Sally Gorrill had just sat down in Home Ec when the red headed girl marched in, still grinning to herself about something. Sally knew this girl. Her brother and the red headed girl's brother were friends, and often suggested to them that they should be friends. She had first considered being her friend in Tech Ed last year, when everyone was supposed to make a bridge out of popsicle sticks, and then destroy it. Afterward, everyone had to rebuild their bridge out of the broken parts. Sally was in her class then too, and the red headed girl refused. And to make sure the teacher couldn't make her rebuild after her bridge had been destroyed, the red headed girl piled the pieces together, dumped massive amounts of glue over the whole mess, and diligently began coloring the pieces with a marker. Her rebeliousness impressed Sally, but her friends at the time did not, so Sally had made no effort to befriend her.

Sally noticed her looking for a place to sit, and she offered the seat next to her. Jen took it gladly, smiling and trying to remember where she knew Sally from. Sally noticed that the friends Jen used to hang out with were not around, and hoped that she had abandoned them for less mean and selfish people.

The teacher greeted the class, and informed them they would not be cooking the first day, but they were to pick out a recipie and practice making it to get an estamite baking and making time. Since they were sitting together, Jen and Sally decided to be partners, and picked out a fancy looking cookie recipie.

They took out the big bowl from the cabinet, and Jen began spooning imaginary flour into it. “WATCH OUT!” Sally suddenly cried, making Jen jump three feet backwards. “you spilled some.” She said, pointing at an imaginary spill. Jen laughed. “This is going to get, you add the eggs, and I'll get the water..”

And so they continued making their imaginary cookies, and spilled about half of it on the floor after Jen fell into the bowl. They made a second attempt, while the teacher ignored them, dreading when these two would be actually making cookies for real.

While Sally and Jen were cleaning up their mess off of the floor, they heard a strange noise coming from the cabinet. They looked at each other and frowned. Cautiously, Sally opened up the door, and they heard the strange noise a little better. “if a train is going 33 mph north, and a second train is heading in the opposite direction at 66mph..” Jen gasped. “The cabinet is asking us math questions!” “What?!” “yeah!” Jen nodded in horror and excitement. “hmm..” Sally thought, and then asked the cabinet a complicated math question in return. “is the answer 23 miles?” an uncertain and higher pitch voice came from the cabinet. Sally shook her head at it and closed the cabinet door. “Not even close” she sighed in dissapointment.

Aliens in the classrooms…

Time passed and Ali, Amy, Jen and Sally all got to know each other bit by bit. Although Ali and Sally were more gentle, pacifist sorts, Amy and Jen soon found they both enjoyed fighting, and practiced attacking each other in the halls whenever possible. Whenever Jen would attack Ali or Sally however, she was dissapointed to find that they refused to attack back. Ali especially felt that it seemed wrong to attack her friends, despite Jen finding small ways to torture her. (Such as Jen stealing her things and putting it in someone elses bag so they would get blamed for stealing ali's stuff, etc).

Perhaps it was the paranoid minds of Jen, or the overly suspicious mind of Amy, or the nerdy mind of Ali, or maybe even the wise and all knowing mind of Sally, but over time the group seemed to notice strange things about some of their teachers.

It began with Mrs. Morgan, their highly informed and lover of frogs english teacher. Rightfully dubbed the Frog Queen, her room was decorated with tree frogs, wood frogs, bull frogs, peepers, frogs of all kinds to such an extent that they had never seen before. They hung from the ceiling, they were on the walls, perhaps there were even some hidden under the floor boards beneath their very feet.

Although being a lover of frogs alone is not entirely suspicious, Mrs. Morgan was the first of a few teachers to exibit a strange and highly suspicious behavior. Whenever Sally, Jen, Ali or Amy happened to be talking, and should mention of the frog queen happen to come up in their conversation, right on que she would walk into the room.

This was only the beginning of a long string of apperant mind reading that caused the four to begin considering the possibility of Mrs. Morgan and a few other teachers to perhaps be from "out-of-this-world".

They could not get away with note passing, she knew if they were not paying attention in class, and was always one step ahead of their schemes. It got to the point where they were even suspicious of the motives of an ordinary and harmless frog hopping across the road, wondering if it might be an agent of the frog queen who was checking up on the evil deeds of the group.

The next teacher to become suspicious was Mr. Stash, their history teacher. They noticed the same evil mind reading abilities with him, his ability to walk in the room when his name was mentioned, and more notably a giant map of the world located on the wall, something Jen and Amy both agreed made it easy to plot out which parts of the world he wanted to take over first.

The last teacher to have these evil traits was Mr. Lindstedt, their physics teacher. Not only was he evil in the homework he had given them, but he had also been their tech ed teacher some years prior.

Along with mind reading and an evil barrage of homework, all three teachers also had the same gray colored eyes, something that Jen, Sally, Ali and Amy considered to be a trademark of alienness.

Unable to contain themselves, Amy boldly stated to Mr. Stash that she was suspicious of him and believed him to be alien. Mr. Stash gave her a wicked and evil grin in return to this. Thus in Amy, Sally, Ali and jen's minds at least, these teachers were in fact aliens..and they had to be careful…very careful…

Currency kidnapped

Mr. Stash had warned about it for some time, but it had finally happened. Some sap had been conned into handing their Dragon dollar to a Frog Squad member.

Mr. Stash held the enemy's currency up with a triumphant grin in his eyes. "what happens now?" a voice came from the back.
"We black mail the Dragon Team!" Mr. Stash grinned, and began writing down his ransom note. He then pointed at a random kid and made them messenger, while Mr. Stash skipped off to go make copies of the Dragon dollar to ruin their economy.

The Dragon Team's history teacher to which the ransom note was directed, was a jolly old man who loved architecture and often taught more about houses than history in his class. He also had a habit of singing "Oh what a beautiful morning" down the halls of the school every morning, scaring any middle schooler who was not yet awake. He was a relaxed person, but not unwitty himself. When Mr. Cook received the black note from Stash's messenger, he smiled mildly and locked eyes with the timid looking messenger. "Is Mr. Stash in his room now?" "uhm, er, uh, no?"

Mr. Cook nodded and sent the messenger away, and turned to his class. "Follow me." He smiled.

At that, Mr. Cook's history class got up and was lead to Mr. Stash's room, which the circled and knocked over some chairs, and then Mr. Cook did something unspeakable…he took Mr. Stash's apple.

You never take a teacher's apple…

and so the war raged between the Dragon Team and the Frog squad…

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