Karate master. Dojo owner. Long time friend of the three above. She is all powerful and has many mysterious powers that are yet to be cataloged (or even discovered). One power she seems to have in everyone's favor is the ability to resurrect her friends from the dead— something that was left over from previous story attempts. This is beneficial, since when an author gets bored (or has no idea what to write next), everyone eventually gets killed off. Thank god for Sally, if she were not with us, then we would never find Hawaii.

Parts Of The Story With Sally:

Fearing the worst, Jen picked up ali's phone and called Sally. "Jen," sally sighed before jen could say a word. "it's 5 in the morning. what do you want?" "oh, hello Sally." Jen smiled pleasantly. Sally put her cell phone away and walked over some broken glass to where Jen stood. "how did you get in when Nichole and Heather couldn't?" "Remember the German music." Sally gestured to the fridge, which was cowering in the corner. Jen nodded. "so where are Nichole and Heather?" "in the fridge." Sally sighed. "it ate them." "oh" Jen nodded, then pointed to john. "I think we killed him. You can fix that, right?" sally nodded. "yeah, it can wait until tomorrow though. it's been a long night."

The Grand Stories Chapter 5 Unfriendly neighbors

"well, horse's no good with n' broken leg..guess i'll have ter put er down" and before anyone could stop her, Sally shot Nichole. "NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Ali cried in dramatic horror.

The Grand Stories Chapter 11 The Plot Baby

After lunch they followed jen and Alex's armor clad footprints back to the castle gates. Here they both gasped in horror at the scene they walked into. "my god…why would they spill so much ketchup onto the ground like this?" Amy gasped. "We needed those for our sandwhiches!" Sally cried angrily.

The Grand Stories Chapter 16 A Twisted Fairy Tale

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