Scavenger Hunt

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This is a photo scavenger hunt. It may or may not be on going. Please post all pictures on face book or something.

  • someplace famous
  • a city scene
  • a dazzeling view
  • a picture of an entire mile
  • something japanese

  • a rainy day
  • a sunny day
  • a snow storm
  • an ice storm
  • night and day of the same spot
  • a field
  • a mountain
  • a forest
  • a stream
  • the ocean
  • clouds
  • a beech
  • a field of flowers
  • a sun set or sunrise
  • a rainbow
  • a storm

  • something colorful
  • something bright
  • something dull
  • something pretty
  • something ugly
  • something cute
  • something clean
  • something dirty
  • an egg being fried on the pavement
  • a face or picture that is not drawn or otherwise made on purpose. Example: the virgin mary on a grilled cheese sandwich or jesus on some dude's door.
  • A picture of something that is common, but taken in a way so that no one can tell what it is.
  • make an innanamate object seem threatening
  • Something in a place where it does not belong.
  • a lonely fishing pole
  • a stranger's shoe
  • something suspended (like hanging from something)
  • a piece of beautiful architecture
  • a vanity plate
  • a silhouette
  • collection of something
  • a bedroom (any one but your own)
  • a kite
  • water (rain, a river, the ocean, a lake, the sink)
  • fire
  • smoke
  • a heart (or something heart shaped)
  • a pet rock

  • your most angry/scary face
  • your most happy face
  • a clown
  • someone's eye
  • you playing air band (drummer, singer, pianist, violinist, guitarist, conducting, etc)
  • a pirate
  • a ninja
  • a pirate battling a ninja
  • a viking
  • a pirate ninja and viking all in one photo
  • a leprechaun
  • a picture of yourself with a fake mustache (or milk mustache)
  • your favorite food on top of your head (spilled or not spilled xp)
  • a moron
  • Take a picture of yourself with the timer and try to get as far away from the camera as you can so that when the picture is taken you are fully in the shot, a considerable distance away, and you're standing still. (or at least not running.)
  • Clones
  • Take a photo of you crushing someone's head/an object.
  • you doing something you love

  • an animal stalking its prey
  • a herd of stampeding buffalo
  • a kangaroo
  • a bird
  • a primate
  • funny picture of an animal
  • an orial (black and orange bird)
  • a duck
  • a whale
  • Clones
  • A dancing animal.
  • An extreme close up of a bug.

  • say something in a picture without words (ex: for i love you, an eye, a candy heart, and a female sheep. (a ewe, pronounced you))
  • something you could not normally see (i.e. DNA or a cell)(a model is acpetable)
  • something that doesn't belong (like in the Sesame Street song :D)
  • a band name or song tittle as an image..(example: guns and roses: a picture of some guns and roses. Panic at the disco? Some one panicing at a disco.)
  • something having been destroyed
  • a birds eye view of something
  • a bug's eye view of something (twould be cool if it was of the same thing as the bird's eye view)
  • an oxymoron
  • Something ironic
  • What the world might look like through an insane person's eyes.
  • A picture of impending doom.
  • Reenact a scene from a movie or TV show.
  • Take an epic picture.

  • something scary
  • an emo picture
  • something boring
  • Picture of something funny.

Super Natural
  • a ghost!
  • the monster under the bed/in the closet
  • A unidentified flying object
  • Big foot
  • A sea creature (I.E. Nessie)
  • a scary shadow

  • Every letter of the alphabet but none can be one a sign or book or text of any kind. (Alphabet soup is ok, etc)
  • Every color

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