Sex Dreams

This place is for any sexual dreams that you don't deem suitable enough for the regular dream page. Please (and I do say this with emphasis) post your sex dreams here; seeing as how we don't want any naive students of the wonderful Ms Morgan to wander upon them.

Sex at Work

(by Alex)

This one I had the other night, so the details are really fuzzy. :x

I was working at Memorial Union (here on campus) in the diner, which serves "home cooked food". Next to the diner is MCF, which is a sandwich shop. Working there was an older woman named Jackie, who was one of the first people I ever met working there. I kept running over and asking her questions because I had never worked at the diner before, and was all alone. She helped me out well because she's really helpful like that. Only…there came a point when I didn't wanna be near her anymore. I kept feeling euphoric, for some reason, and couldn't completely understand why; I just liked it. It was a light-feathered, happy and content feeling (something I feel from time to time and don't really know the source of). I kept getting impatient because Jackie wouldn't leave me alone and wouldn't stop telling me to do things. I didn't wanna do anything, dammit. I wanted to be alone and content. ^^;

So I eventually had to run away to the bathroom to find some peace and quiet. ^^;;; And, for whatever reason, I somehow deduced that euphoric feeling like that = horny = masturbation! yippie!
So….that's how the dream ended.
(completely…pointless. lawlz)

Talk About Awkward

(by Alex)

This was, by far, the most awkward dream I have ever had.

It took place in my dorm room. There was me, Jen and a guy I believe was supposed to be Adam. But he didn't look like Adam. He looked more like your archetype for an ROTC cadet: buzzed hair cut, muscular, powerful, etc. The three of us were watching a movie. I was laying on my stomach at the end of the bed, closer to the TV. Jen was beside me, only sitting on the floor. The guy was at the head of the bed leaning against the wall and reading. I assume he wasn't all that interested in the film.

Somewhere in the middle of the movie, "Adam" got tired of being bored. He tossed aside his book and started taking off his pants. I didn't notice anything unusual until he also tried to take mine off. I resisted and tried to push him away, but he was persistent. He whispered in my ear that there was no way Jen would notice anything suspicious. I wasn't able to resist his advances, but still kept sending really cautious glances in Jen's direction. I remember feeling my heart playing bongo drums with my ribcage. In the meantime, our favorite red-headed friend was completely oblivious.

It was several minutes of painstaking caution and anxiety on my part before anything major really happened. The one thing I do remember is that he tried to get on top of me. I kinda freaked out a little at this action because, even though Jen hadn't suspected anything already, she certainly would if we started having sex in front of her. It was actually my protests — more than the act itself — that drew Jen's attention to what was going on. She looked over at us and saw me struggling to pull away and try to act still like nothing was happening. Her eyebrows raised on her forehead and she just stared for a moment. Eventually she asked if we wanted her to leave. I tried to say no and pull on my pants, but "Adam" said yes (not in an asshole/"get the hell outta here"-kinda way; more in a gentlemanly kind of way). Jen didn't bother arguing and, shockingly, she didn't seem to care that she unintentionally caught one of her best friends having sex underneath her nose. She was calm, cool, collected and understanding. She just grabbed her things, said she'd see me later and left my room. I think I remember glaring and throwing a pillow at "Adam", but he didn't seem to care.

(this next part is in the same dream, but I don't know if it happened before the previous event, or after)

Jen and I were walking together to the library from class; only the campus didn't look much like UMO. We were walking through this faux-marble walkway that looked almost like the WWII monument in Washington, DC. We were talking like we usually are (AKA "fighting" lol) and we turned the corner. I looked up and, coming up the stairs about 20 feet ahead of us was "Adam". I instantly stopped talking to Jen, my heart leapt into my throat and I ran for him. I remember my face burning up when I approached him. He was just saying goodbye to his friend when I came up from nowhere and held his hand in mine. This was an unusual part of the dream because I saw it more from Jen's POV: I (in the dream) didn't seem to notice or care that "Adam" didn't seem to happy I was holding his hand. He was severely indifferent and kinda scowled at me when it first happened. Jen, on the other hand, noticed these things instantly and was none too pleased with him. She was glaring at him as she approached, but acted nice to save face. I remember feeling her resentment at his attitude and also seeing my completely oblivious behavior at his reaction.

The Deadly Cruise

(By Ian)

So its a graduation party for my Central Maine Community College classmates, we are taken on a tour of Casco Bay, but it turned out all Gilligan's Islandy by not ever coming back to harbor. Anyway, all my friends from CM were there. Will and Rory, my roommates, were drinking themselves into stupor, and several friends were joined together male and female in strip-dancing. Of course, it wouldn't be we if I was joined in on the fun! Nope, I was up top on the deck of the cruise ship, leaning off of the front of the ship, watching the sun set. It was incredibly picturesque, with golden coins of sea water stretched out before me, with a variety of blues both light and dark, framing the sky.

Short version: I'm up there, being all emo, and I start talking to myself, just like how I usually do when I'm in a brooding mood. I maybe had a drink or two in me, but nothing beyond tipsy. I was brooding over the fact, and I quote, "Of all the fish in the sea, why am I the falcon flying over head? Am I not destined to find love?"

A voice came from behind me, a female whom I found quite attractive at the time, but her name escapes me. Carrie, I think it was. She stood five-foot four-ish and had a wonderfully proportioned figure, with C-Chest and a tight posterior. Her legs were as smooth as like water, in great contrast to the open ocean I was observing, and they seemed to stretch a little, with what she was wearing: Her shorts, khaki-white, were maybe four inches down from the bottom of her waist. She wore a tight sweater, pink, that seemed to still manage emphasis her breasts, as well as the fact that she wore nothing underneath.

I turn to acknowledge her reply of, "Maybe you just haven't found the right person…" Completely unexpected, I turn back around and watch the water, hearing her step closer to me in her flip-flop sandals. Apparently I'm a sad drunk later on in life. She walks up next to me, resting her perfectly plump upper body on the deck railing. I sigh and again with the emo, I comment, closing my eyes, "I guess I'm just not cut out for romance." Here was where things got interesting.

Her hand caresses my arm as it slowly finds mine, her fingers plucking at my pants pocket. I look to the sky with open eyes, and it has gone completely haywire. Oranges and greens mixed and set in places where they shouldn't be, yellows and purples meshed in between: completely absurd, but mesmerizing with the marble white clouds mixing them. She turns me ninety degrees to face her in a very alluring voice, "Who says you're not?" And wraps her free arm around the back of my head for a passionate embrace and kiss: a powerful french that has me in complete euphoria. Five seconds later, she breaks away and smiles mischievously (not a good mischievously) and tosses me to the ground. I land on my back with a thud, and the aches and pains last only a moment. A split second after, she's over me, straddling my thighs and clawing at my shirt. I reach for her out if instinct to kiss her, when things truly get bad: she misses my mouth and lunges for my neck, biting down hard. Like a dagger across vital organs, the pain causes me to black out momentarily.

I wake up for a second time in the dream as a third person, a ghost watching the host frolic around. At first, I still feel myself trapped in my own body, able to think and only think. My body has lost all control, and I'm ushering myself to desist: something evidently was wrong. Very wrong.

My body on the other hand is busy straddling her, and being trapped inside, I feel every sensation, unable to detach my mental state. I'm pretty sure it was physically impossible to ream into her as hard as I was doing, but the clawing of her hands across my flesh did nothing to improve my mood. I was doing it out of anger, instead of passion. We were both screaming in complete ecstasy on this royal canopied bed, which I was assuming was her room. We were both stripped down, and covered in sweat: My guess is that we had been doing this for hours, judging by the dark midnight-colored window. Suddenly, I dive past her chest and lock myself into a second kiss, this time connecting perfectly, but not lasting long. Two more passionate thrust, and she came, embracing me in such a lock I feel my bones were beginning to break. As I finish as well, unable to contain myself any longer, the sudden warmth inside her sends her after my neck once again.

Finally, my mind breaks free, and I sit in the corner of the room, shaking uncontrollably, watching my possessed body unwilling to stop, continuing for hours for a third…. fourth…. fifth time.The entire bed-area is a mess of bare flesh, sweat, and love. My body eventually falls limp, my mind collapsing along with it.

The next morning, I wake alone, looking around to find her. When I go to stand, a sudden burning dawns on me. At sheer glance, I watch my hand ignite into flames and shrivel. I stare out the window at the rising sun, now shining on my face. Only moments before I explode, detonating in a fiery ball of death, I realize what happened. The heart-throb Carrie was a "Vampire", and I was her nightly meal and entertainment. I swear in pain before the detonation and my fatal dream ends with me waking in a shiver. To this day, whenever I partake in sex, I develop a ghastly shiver in remembrance to that dream.

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