Sex Feminine Related Objects

oh, btw, this isn't porn xp

This is a test to see if I can figure out how to make this movie thing work on here. But really, this is Angela Shelton, one of my role models, and she's showing off a neato product that's ..i guess it's really a that time of the month kidnda thing, but I thought it was hilarious how she showed it off. xp. Also, for those men and women who are sorta grossed out by the prospect of sex during a ladies period because of the mess and all, this seems to be a way to avoid that problem. Anywho…it looks like it beats pads and tampons though, that's for sure.

Jen updated a video of her own from one of her role models…as usual, I wanted to copy that(lol). This kinda fits right here, and is probably one of the best skits from The Carol Burnett show. It's all about a man who cheats on his wife, and how she responds to it. I highly recommend it. The video stars Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman.

Another video!

We all hear this joke about how the more drunk you are, the hotter people become who would otherwise be unattractive to you when you are sober, yeah? This video plays off that. It's from the first season of the Catherine Tate Show on BBC, starring Catherine Tate (who also plays Donna Lewis on the amazing BBC show, Doctor Who) and…some other guy. ^^;

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