Sex Talk Section

There was a recent complaint that this part of the website hasn't been touched. Moreover, I think all of us have complained that, but no one could think of what to say. So, I'll start this section with a random question i was asked a while ago.

Question: What kind of food does sex remind you of? (and don't leave us hanging..tell us why you think that too ^^)

Jen's answer: I guess it's like homemade cookies. Sweet, addictive, hot, fun. It's better to make cookies with someone you love, and sex is the same way, I think. And sex is never really just sex. I mean, theres a lot of different things you can do to keep things interesting. Maybe being spontanious, maybe being romantic first, etc. So with cookies, there are a lot of different kinds that you can make, so cookies never get boring either^^. Not to mention, it makes you feel good, but I think sex is better for your health then cookies are.

Alex's Answer: I'm not sure. Although I saw this Discovery Channel special once where they diagrammed the brain waves of couples while they're experiencing orgasm, versus feeding each other chocolate. It was awesome that the chocolate aroused more sexual stimulus in the brain than orgasm did. The one thing I could think of would be something like s'mores. It's kinda the same reason as Jen's answer. S'mores are warm, sticky, fun to eat and enjoyable. The only difference would be, the s'mores you can't eat a lot of…and sex, well. Sex is always fun.

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