Stories Of Friends

Because we all have a lot of friends and not all of them are interconnected, I thought it would be a good idea to profile some of those people.

This is different than the author/character pages set up. This is more of an Inside Joke Reference, if you will. People tend to remember stories better than just a name here and there in a conversation; so to help us all to get a better idea of these friends not everyone knows, I figured it would be beneficial to add this page, as well.

Please DON'T post full names (for security reasons) UNLESS having permission from the person first. First names and last name initial are sufficient (I only request the last name initial because we do have several people whose names are the same).

Feel free to add to these pages!! It is much encouraged to share stories because, hell, that's what this page was created for, right? I mean, it is the Grand STORIES.

Before you update anything, please take a look at the Sample Format.

Jen H.
Ali C.
John M.
Amy L.
Sally G.
Katie W.
Will R.
Ian S.
Brie D.
Megan B.
Caitlin H.
Jamie P.
Nichole P.
Steph H.
Todd M.
Ron R.
Nate H.
Cam M.
Andrew R.
Geoff T.
Bill S.
Nick S.
Matt B.
Tiffany R.
Evans G.
John T.
Whitney B.


Karen M.
Michael S.
Robert L.
Irv K.
Dana H.

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