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I wanted to create this page in order to keep my ideas in one place. It's so inconvenient to try and remember story ideas when they're scattered over several random pages in several random notebooks.

I have just one request: DON'T STEAL MY IDEAS.
(there is, of course, an allotted exception to this rule. I understand that several ideas can seem enticing to several different people; and everyone can have a different take to a certain idea. That's cool. If you see any ideas that "strike your fancy" and you wanna write them, just let me know please. Stealing is just not cool, man).

  • "Worst Job Ever". A man gets up and goes to work every day and isn't exactly happy with his life. He's really alone, but he gets through. The catch: he's really insane. (Mystery/Science Fiction)
  • "Imagine"[title work in progress]. Based on Spill Canvas' song, "Natalie Marie and 1cc". (Love)
  • "Hospital Trainee". In the near-to-distant future, robots are the only trained doctors. It was decided that humans are too emotionally attached to the patients to make clear decisions. But does it stop there? (Science Fiction)
  • "Heard You Wrong". A husband and wife have a fight one evening and the husband storms off to his car, intending to leave. However, he has a change of heart and returns less than an hour later but feels to ashamed to go back to his wife and apologize. He instead hides in the next room to overhear his wife talking about the faults of his and how she still loves him and wishes he would change. He is so touched by this moment and remembers how much he loves his wife…but she's talking to a plant/animal pet.
  • "Lady MacBeth Syndrome"
  • In a time when gay bashing was looked the other way and police raids on gay bars and nightclubs were the norm, a gay cop has to struggle day and night to hide what he is.
  • -Book Series- Based off of several (to be foreseen) characters, this is a basic soap opera parody. It's loosely inspired by our infamous high school story, "Chocolate Syrup". The first book is going to be called "Strawberry Milk" to be followed up with "Banana Daiquiri1". I only have a couple characters so far but this should be promising. [Parody/Comedy]
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