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The grand stories summary
openeing (by jen)

Possible narrated by Nichole?
opening part one: a solemn rainy day in whick the last of the storeis had been written (show origional 4 authors, sally, amy, alex and jen.)

opening part 2: alex has a house in England with Heather. she worries about jen and the others stalking her.

opening part 3: sally in China spins a globe and decided to go to england. she founds her own dojo and it's right across the street from ali. ali sees it and signs up, and wonders why sally is in england too. i mean, what are the friggin chances??

openeing part 4: Jen and casey board a plane to go to japan. Jen complains about being old, and remembers that many mnay years had passed since the last of the stories had been written.

openeing part 5: john grows tired and needs change. he packs will and moves to england, sine it's next door.

opening part 6: alex comes back from karate exhausted to find herself home alone and hearing things. still edgy from sally's sudden apprearance back into her life, she suspects jen has finally come to do her in, but finds amy instead. amy warns her that the stories still hold a power over them and promptly vanishes while ali panics at the news. at amy's disapearance, ali falls in horror and cries dramatically, "oh god! what have we done?!!"

opening part 7: Jen and casey grew tired of flying and so jen decided to get in a fight with the flight attendant before falling out of the plane. Killer bunnie appears on her shoulder just before she hits the ground.

opening part 8: john and will move next to the dojo and happen to hear the news of jen's jumping out of the plane. john suspects her but does not know for sure.

openeing part 9: Alex is dileriously mumbeling in a rocking chair after seeing john and will move in across the street. she turnes the tv on to comfort her, only to hear that jen had jumped out of a plane and now was in england too. she blames jen for being evil and gos to get her keys to drive to the hospital to question jen, when she finds Chicken Nugget in a Trench Coat instead. She runs from her house screaming while john wonders if that really was ali he saw running by.

opening part 10: Jen is released from the hospital and finds ali screaming and running in circles. She immediatly hits her with a rock and ties her to some train tracks. John realizes it was Ali he saw and goes to investigate only to find Jen caught in the act of tying poor ali to the track, and as they are about to fight each other, both sally and amy wander on to the scene. Amy explains that they're caught in the stories spell and they have to find the plot of they dont' wanna see each other again. They decide to search for the plot.

opening part 11: Jen wanders off by herself to contemplate plot, when she's hit on the head by a coconut. She finds a message and then finds the box that the message came from and after making small talk attacks it and rescue's nichole. Nichole mentions a waitch that put her there, but jen is not interested in finding witches. so they go back to sally's dojo, where sally allows them to stay.

opening part 12: while they're all inside, ali points out that john is buidling a sinister looking mechanical moose outside. jen thinks he's trying to be more evil then her, and storms outside to yell at him. he informs her that it is a plot finding moose, and that he is eviler then her, killer bunnie said so. at that killer bunnie apears on his shoulder. Jen becomes mortified and kicks john;s mechanical moose in anger before running off to the forest. She then runs into 'master frog' and he informs her she needs to be more evil. she deciedes ali must be her enemy. john couldn't get the plot finding moose to work because jen had kicked it nd offended it, so he had to go find her and make her appoligize, but didnt find her in time for dinner so he went to ali's house.

part one (by nichole )

part one of part one: sitting in the kitchen (everyone but jen) nichole blames the muffins for the missing plot. a stranger walks in, whom they recognize as jen';s mother from one of the stories. nichole becomes bored and orders ali to tap dance (ali does not comply) and then trhey race to ali's kitchen.

part 2 (by jen)

Part2, part one: Jen storms into ali's kitchen covered in blood. she hits john with a frying pan and then barricades the door with a fridge. after some time passes sally asked jen why they were barricaded in ali's kitchen. jen realizes where she is and appologizes, and leaves taking the fridge with her. Jen finds a cottage in a field and it reminds her of the trogdor games. she decided to wait for trogdor to defeat him, and takes over the little cottage.

part 2 part 2: After dinner, joghn and willo come home to find that they're home has been taken over by jen. When she's ordered to come out, nichole responded instead with a badly faked french accent. they fight which innevtiably makes sally wander on to the scene. to remove the fridge from the door she plays angry german music, which makes jen come outside. John hits her and jen begins sneezing uncontrlably until amy kicks jen to make it all better. They argue some more, realize the music scared ali's fridge away, and ali comes out of her house to ask why they were outside yelling at 3 in the morning.

part 3 (by Alex!)

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