The Adventures Of Eclipse The Cat

In the year of 2008, not long after Thanksgiving had ended, Ali's beloved black cat ran away from his temporary home of Jen's place in Orono Maine. He was not seen until just under a year later when on November 4th he was rescued from the wild life he was living by Jen and Ali on their way to Forensics class. It seems that he had been living around campus for a year…but how did a cat who hates the cold survive? How did he cope with the drunken college students, careless deer, hungry coyotes and ambelling bears? This is his story, or at least what we suspect may have happened, during his year of disappearance.

Table of Contents

The grand escape


At last, the stupid blond haired boy let me outside a certain black cat thought to himself. It was colder out then he liked, but he hated the boy who did nothing but mope since Eclipse had been forced to live with him. Eclipse had been there a week, and to show his displeasure, whenever he was awake he howled and complained as loud as he could. Where had his owner Ali gone? Why was he stuck in this place?

None of that mattered at the moment however, as now Eclipse was outside and freedom was imminant. He cast a glance behind him and saw that the mopey blond boy was sitting and staring at a colorful boy. Eclipse flicked his tail, this will be an easy escape.

He stood up, and checked behind him again. The boy hadn't moved. Eclipse placed a paw on the step below him, and again, no movement from the house behind him. He moved his other paw..and the next paw, and the last paw…he was now on the grass, waiting to be at least challenged in his escape, because he couldn't help but feel a little bored…

As Eclipse was making his grand escape, he was distracted by a rather plump squirrel eating bird seed in the neighbor's yard. lunch? He pondered, hunched over as his tail flicked back and forth…

Eclipse charged at the squirrel and with a flurry of squirrel insults it barely got up a tree in time to avoid the black cats claws.
Eclipse glared up the tree and decided to continue his boring escape. He padded across the street and into the forest beyond it, having no idea where he was or where he was going, but at least he was free.

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