The Adventures Of Lucky And Cocoa
The Adventures of Lucky and Cocoa, Chapter 1: How It All Began.

(by Jen)

It was a bright sunny Tuesday and a little boy stood frowning at the ground. Oblivious to the perfect weather all about him, the boy stood in a silent misery that no passerby could ever hope to understand.
From time to time a person would walk by the boy and simply shrug or shake their head in pity and continue on their way. He stood out but it wasn't his choice. His mother made him wear a paper bag on his head whenever he went outside. Well, it wasn't his real mother, but whether he liked it or not, this is what he had to do.

From time to time he sat down and impatiently pawed at the ground with his feet. This
was play time, and play time meant sitting outside on the corner next to a sign his mother had made for him and his sister. His sister sat on the other side of the sign. They weren't allowed to talk. She was his real sister though, and she too wore a paper bag on her head. She sat quietly humming to herself while people walked by.

The little boy shook his head in boredom. Inside there was a screaming voice that told him to run and play and dance no matter what the consequence might be. He amused himself with
thoughts of what he'd like to do if he could only get away from his mother.

He'd pretend to be on an adventure in a dangerous rain forest and his sister could help
him find the secret treasure in a lost temple. Or he would be a monster hunter and he could go track down famous monsters like Dracula or the wolf man and save people from harm. He sighed as he imagined all the things he's like to do and be. But his mother didn't allow imagination. She hated it and any game of pretend resulted in punishment.

Nearby the little girl was also imagining all of the things she'd like to do. She wanted to
build a time machine and go see the dinosaurs, or travel through space on her very own spaceship. Or she could be a famous scientist and her brother could be her partner and co-inventor. What fun they could have! She frowned though as she remembered that such games were not allowed.

A sudden clinking noise broke the children's thoughts and the looked up to see someone look at them in pity and continue down the street. The looked at the hat in front of them filled with some coins and a few dollars, and the little girl shook her head as she glanced at the sign their mother had put next to them. “Ugly Children in Desperate Need of Major Plastic
Surgery. Please Help Us So We Can Take These Paper Bags off Our Heads!

Later that evening with playtime ended, the two little children collected the money they made
and went inside where they could take the bags off of their heads. Their mother looked at the money first and then the two children. “This is less then yesterday” She said. “You little wretches had better not have taken any for yourselves.” The two children shook their heads in unison. “No dear Mother.” “Let me see your pockets!” She snapped, and reached for them. After a close double inspection, she let them go and glared at the two.

“Do you know why I named you children what I did?” “No Mother.” They said again. Indeed they did know, but she would tell them no matter what they said. “I called you-” And she pointed to the girl, “-Hag, and you-” she pointed to the boy, “Haggis, because one day you'll turn into an ugly old lady and you, dear boy will become less liked then the food haggis.“ She nodded to herself as though she had made some sort of point and then sent Hag and Haggis off to bed.

That night haggis snuck out of bed and hurried to his secret compartment in the wall. His
mother didn't even know it was there, and it was his own personal treasure. For one night, while
cleaning the attic, he found his mother's diary from when she was a teenager. He read a page every night, and it was frightfully funny. After he collected it, he woke Hag up and they sat reading one of the pages.

Dear Diary;
I can't take it anymore! my life is so terrible.
All I ever wanted was a first name, but my parents
never gave me one! It's just Flushunkbargle. What
kind of name is that? I'm sure that no one will
ever love me because of my terrible name. It makes
me want to get revenge of my own someday. Maybe I
will! The people will stop laughing at me! That's
what happened today. I was crying by the river
because Danny Rogers called me “Flushunkly ugly”
when this strange looking man asked me what was
wrong. I told him not to laugh when I said my name,
but he did anyways. So I kicked him. I've never
kicked anyone so hard before, but he must have gone
into orbit! Ha. That'll teach people to laugh at
me. I can be just as mean as they are!!

Hag and Haggis exchanged looks of sudden understanding. It seems that there was a reason for their mother's meanness towards them. They closed the book and Haggis re-hid the book back into it's hiding place.

The next morning Hag and Haggis were sent out for playtime again. Putting on their paper
bags thy sat down next to the sign and sighed as the hours dragged by. After quite sometime however, they heard a pitter patter of feet screech to a halt in front of them. A little boy about 6 years or age, like them, stared at the sign and then at them. “Hi!” he said. “We're not allowed to talk.” Hag said quietly, watching the little boy. “Why not?” he tilted his head and looked at them from the new angle. “Our mother says we have to be silent. She's watching though the window.” Haggis pointed back to their house with his eyes and the little boy looked to see. “Oh.” He stood for a moment, then grinned. “Then I'll talk, and you can listen!” Hag and Haggis exchanged looks and shrugged. The little boy took a deep breathe.
“Hi! My name is Leovinchi the Great! I'm an artist and I can paint anything!” Leovinchi then
set about drawing in the sand in front of them with his fingers while Hag and Haggis looked on in
amusement. He drew a pirate ship crashing into a lighthouse and stood back to admire his work.


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