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The grandness..the storyness..the chicken nugget and his wretched inseperable trench coat…

This is for anyone who feels bored but doesn't know what to write in the currently ongoing story. This explains where we were after college and just before we meet up again in England. Remember, we don't actually see each other until the story finally lands us all in until then, we cross paths but don't actually see the other main authors ^^

Jen's box misadventure

Jen was in a box. She often found herself doing these things, getting in boxes without knowing why, and this was most unfortunate for her, since she currently worked at a box making factory. she'd be able to keep herself out of a box for most of the day, but around lunch time when her defenses were low, the boxes would begin speaking to her. you may think it odd that jen didn't find it strange that the boxes were talking. but a month ago right after graduating college, she had watched a particulalry scary movie about aliens and the very next day she saw two of her old high school teachers, whom she was convinced were aliens anyway, just right out of the blue. they made some suspicious comments and even asked if she'd seen the alien move. she said no, she hadn't even heard of it, or of aliens either. they didn't buy it, and ever since jen was mortified they would come for her and make her work for them in their spaceship…which, might be fun, but she held an uncanny fear about it so much that jen no longer slept. she was highly delisional, and so everything talked to her. she'd grown used to it.

either way, the box had pleaded with her to hide in it, the aliens were coming, it was sure of it. so without a second thought and a great leap of what looked like bravado, Jen swung up into the conveyor belt and for the 8th time that week, disapeard from her post as box counter. Ducking into the box, Jen sat twideling her thumbs and wondering what lead her to such a place. Truth was, she had been delusional when she walked into the place. she was tired..very very tired, and couldn't remember how to sleep. it had been two weeks since she'd done it, and because she couldn't remember she became convinced she'd turned into a zombie. she hated zombies. so she had to stop herself from being a zombie. that's why she walked in to the box factory and applied for a job. at the time, it made absolute sense. working would make the zombie sickness go away. so she counted boxes, and drank energy drinks till she started vibrating, and slowly, minute by minute, the boxes would begin pleading with her to hide.

the managers wouldn't notice jen was missing until the end of the shift. the first few times they got scared, thought she fell into the great box maker which would surely have killed her. but searched for a full day before they found her hiding in a box and meekly asking for food. they sent her home not knowing what to think, and sure enough, so far jen had managed to hide on a box everyday she'd worked there. they for whatever reason hadn't gotten around to firing her yet. probably because it was a moral booster to the other workers to play a game of find jen on their breaks, since there were so many boxes it was never easy to find her.

while Jen sat in a box wondering why she was working in a box factory in the first place and if this did, after all, make her a zombie or not, a familiar face was not far off.

She walked in to the box factory, sun glasses gleaming and a cool stride. Smartly dressed though a little eccentric looking, she walked up to the executive director of the box factory himself. "Hello" She smiled, pulling her sun glasses up onto her head and squinted at the Executive. "Sally Gorrill, President of the Social Misfits Karate Club." She extended her hand to the executive who took it with a raised eye brow. They shake hands. "What can I do for you Sally?" The executive smiled broadly though ensurely at his guest. "I have a friend in the desert who is in need of several large boxes, about refridgerator size, give or take." "oh? What do they need them for?" He asked politely. "My friend needs to make a large card board box house. It's a special event for the social misfits karate club, and they plan on making it a meeting place in the local village." "well, alright sally. We'll load you up with some larger boxes. Then let's handle the amount of cost once we see how many you need…" He put a hand on her shoulder and guided her toward the many boxes they had available.

Minutes later, workers were piling boxes into the Social Misfits Karate Club truck, and of the boxes that were thrown in, Jen's was one of them….

As the truck full of boxes went lazily down the road, Sally watched a moment then hopped into her sports car, a rather dashing looking car by anyone's standards, but Sally had made sure it looked a little different as well. Painted all over the car were paw prints and two epic looking dogs with their paws outstretched and one had a huge dog bone and the other had a tennis ball, and they both looked jealous of what the other had in it's mouth.

Jen wondered why her box was moving. all she knew was that it was dark, and she couldn't get out of the box. "whats going on?" she asked the box. "we've been eaten" The box replied. "is it bad?" Jen gasped. "well, isn't good.." The box might have shrugged, but i believe everyone included jen is in agreement that boxes can't shrug. So it just sat there, and jen wondered what was going to happen next.

An out of box feeling


She cut some holes, one to see through, and four more to stick her arms and legs through. Then she climbed unsteadily to her feet and marched out of the truck into the desert sand. The truck was still moving, of course, jen hadn't stoped it or waited for it to stop, so she found herself quite flung and then rolling on the ground. After the rolling stopped she decided to lay there for a few hours. after about 6 hours the box Jen had imprisoned herself in became impaitent. "well?" Said the box. "well what." came Jen's bored reply. Her face would be in the dirt if there wasn't the box in the way, and Jen found this bothersome. the box was in the way of her feeling completly miserable. She however didn't remove it and instead lay there feeling almost completly miserable. "isn't there something you should be doing?" "like what?" Jen frowned. "like..i dunno..moving?" The box asked rather frustratedly. "i'm too depressed. i think i'll keep lying here." "why are you depressed?" the box asked. Jen shrugged. "i dunno. but i'm not going to argue with fate. i'm just going to lie here, depressed, and maybe i won't be depressed anymore."

If it was possible for a box to glare angrilly, this is what the box would be doing right now. But since boxes can't do that, it paused in sulky angry silence, hoping Jen would notice it's anger. Jen did, but was too almost completly miserable to care. "you know.." it said after a long and angry silence. "depression is like learning how to walk. while you're learning how to live, sometimes you fall down. it's just all a matter of getting back up again." Jen glared angrily at the cardboard box pressed up against her face. "what motivation do i have to get back up again? I'm perfectly comfortable lying here." It was true, Jen felt comfortable enough lying face down on the ground, hidden from the world in her card board box. "that's disappointing." the box said in a frowning voice. "that's life." Jen mummbeld back. The box thought for a moment.

"but what if there's some place even more comfortable over there?" The box inquired. Jen opened one eye and looked at the dirt through the eye hole she'd made in the box. "it's comfortable here." Jen replied, and closed her eye again. Then she opened both eyes and looked at the dirt again. Yup, without the box in her way, she could be compltly miserable with her face in the dirt. good desert dirt too. "what if there isn't any place more comfortable than this?" Jen glared at the box and closed her eyes again, letting her head fall with a thump. "that isn't the point" the box sighed. "what if there is and you want to get there? You'll have to learn to get back up again." "can't I crawl?" Jen whined. "no. that isn't allowed." "why not?" "because you'd get your clothes all dirty. " The box replied flatly, and Jen felt even more depressed.
"Don't you want to see what's over there?" the box asked. "no." Jen glared even harder. "someday, you'll find something worth getting up for you know." "like what?" jen asked. "how about food?" the box inquired. Jen considers this, then decides that might be a good reason, though a weak reason.

She stood up and then toppled over. "ow." Jen mummbled, thinking that maybe jumping from the moving truck hadn't been such a great idea. She tired again, and this time lept up so fast she fell backward. In complete annoyance, she laid there staring angrily at the sky through the eye hole in her box and decided food wasn't a good enough reason to try to move. "why am I really getting up anyway? food can't be my only motivation." "well, it's very important." The boxed said ominously, so that Jen would listen and not ignore it in her anger. "it's important that you be true to your origional goal. " "which is?" Jen sighed. "the only thing that's ever meant anything to you. the stalking list." Jen's eyes widened in realization. By god, the box was right! The stalking List!! Jen stood up with great determination this time and managed to kind of hobble. "i think i sprained both my ankles.." She frowned. "it's ok." The boxed said in a smiling voice. "you have a goal now! ignore the pain and fight on!!" Jen nodded and continued hobbling down the road, smiling with evil anticipation. the stalking list..

another day in Paradise…

Alex had done well for herself since leaving college. Although for the most part uncertain about what she wanted to do with her life, she did have a kick ass job right now. She smiled and leaned back, coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other. She'd been assigned to watch a suspicious character who hung around the corner of a local Starbucks. Even if the starbucks smelled funny, like they all do, Alex smothered a grin because for the moment, she was a detective, and she was on a case to find the murderer of a certain well known and very, extremely rich old lady. The suspect in question was her pool boy, Eldwardo, who on his days off liked to dress in rags and beg for money from saps who thought he was really a hobo. Alex could see a situation arising if any of the other hobo's were to realize he was in fact middle class and not poor at all, and this was why she watched her suspect from a distance, waiting for any clues to the crime.

As Alex watched and sipped her coffee, hoping he'd accidently drop a murder weapon from his tattered rags, she frowned as a sudden shadow past over her shoulder. Alex turned to see a giant walking box stamped with the letters SMKC skip into the starbucks sining "i've got a golden ticket! I've got a golden twinkle in my eye!" Alex frowned at the singing box, then turned back to her work. Eldwardo was leaving his begging corner, and she wanted to follow. As she got up, the box was in her way, so she hurredly pushed it away. "outta my way, hobo box!" she cried. Jen, inside the box, didn't recognize Alex with her disguise on (a fake mustache) and became tremendously offended. She slapped Alex. Alex stopped in her tracks and turned around. A glare was shared. But Alex had to hurry, Eldwardo was getting away. Thinking fast, Alex picked up a creme pie and flung it at the giant box. It hit Jen right on and she toppled over, while Alex ran off to chase after her suspect. As Alex ran away, she was humming the Batman theme sing to herself . ^^

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