The History Of Histories

Introduction: The history of the Colour Countries, wars, conspiracies and witch trials made, created and enjoyed by all of us. These are the epic stories you have heard about (or perhaps have never witnessed, but are viewing here for the first time). These are the tales that we will pass down to our children. These are the legends that are told to friends, relatives and enemies alike. But beforewarned before you read these tales, my friends; because (surprisingly enough) every single history that is written here is utter fact. Nothing here is merely a fable or an act of fiction. Everything on this page has happened and will continue to happen.

The First Color Country: Crimson

December 4th, 2000. It was the day of Sally's birthday, and a small party was being held at her house. Amy Lynch, Jen Hussey, Mary Porcarro and Sally Gorrill were all eating cake while Sally was opening presents. It was a calm and normal day, but such days do not always stay that way when these people are involved. While the icecream and cake were being consumed, Amy dissapeared upstairs, and eventually Mary went up to go get her.

"She won't let anyone in your room, Sally." Mary told her. Sally stood up and marched upstairs to her room to examine the cause of Amy's refusal. She would not admit Sally into her own room either, and jen eventually (after finishing her bowl of icecream) wandered up to figure out what was going on. "Amy, could you please let me in?" "sure ^^" and Amy let Jen into Sally's room.

Apperently, Jen had been the only one to ask nicely, and that was just cause to keep the others out, Amy felt. Jen agreed and Sally and Mary were not addmitted back into the room. After much fussing about, war was declared and Sally and Mary got serious about trying to get back into her room.

DuckSoup was playing in the background, and in Sally's room (then being refered to as Sally land) Amy and jen had found a tape recorder and they recordered the screams and barrages on the door with every attack that took place. Amid all of the screaming, meanwhile, Sally's parents and grandparents were downstairs drinking coffee and trying to ignore the sounds of obvious warfare between the four warriors.

In the lulls between the attacks, Jen would mournfully play the harmonica while Amy narrated what was going on in her head and potential war strategies. They would claim this room once and for all. For a time Jen and Amy thought they were safe from the attacks and had been granted a break, but suddenly they heard a noise at the window…

An arial attack!

Jen and Amy flew to the window before Sally could open it and locked them out. "SAFE!"

Eventually Sally requested that someone was sent down for peace nogotiations. Amy decided she would go and took a walkie talkie with her so that Jen could hear the entire conversation. Sally attempted peace, and Amy considered this. But when she turned to go back up again, Mary wasn't going to allow her passage. "You're not letting me back up?" she gasped, and more screaming insued as a particularly bloody battle then took place.

By the end of the day, the four battered souls meet in Sally's room after Amy and Jen let sally and Mary inside and Jen and Amy agreed that it would be named from then on Crimson, not Sally Land. after this was decided, they all went outside to play in the snow. And that is how the first color country was founded.

The History Of The Witch Trails

(as told by Jen)

It all started with a careless word. An insult that was too close to truth to be brushed away. No. You just don't joke about someone being a witch and expect it to end there. Not with friends like us.

In the year of 2002 there was a temporary lull in the wars between the countries in the Color Countries. The Evil Empire was just being established, and it had a new arch nemesis: a freshman named John. While there were a few minor battles that raged in the beginning of that year, like when John initiated an act of war by throwing his shoe at Amy, the leader of the Color Country Crimson. The shoe was then almost sold to a certain confused track coach when John stole it back again.

This was an age of conspiracies, back stabbing and even the occasional Chicken Nugget in a Trench Coat1 .

Although original documentation has been destroyed, sometime in the beginning of that year Alex and I had one of our many fights. She may have done something witch-like to cause me to use this specific accusation, or it may have been the complete random insult I so often use. Regardless, Alex was dubbed a witch.

It was John, more then anyone, who realized that there may be truth to the statement:
She has a black cat.
She can ride a broom.
She scares children away with her evil powers.

The argument eventually became more and more heated as time went on.
"Hey, witch."
"I'm not a witch!"
"Yeah, you are"
"No, I'm not!"
"Yes, you are!"
"NO!!! ><"
*then there are sounds of explosions and screaming*

Finally, an answer had to be found so that everyone could sleep at night. So a pre-witch trial was set.

It was decided that John was now the accuser, and Alex was the defendant. Amy became John's lawyer which left me, the original accuser as Alex's lawyer. The all knowing Sally became judge over the issue.

In preparation for the trial Amy and I went to the honorable Mr. Boggs, who helped us write an official search warrant for Alex's house. We then told Alex we were all coming over for a board game meeting, in which we would play board games and not attempt to burn her at the stake. Little did she know this was exactly the opposite of what was going to happen. We would try to burn her at the stake. dun dun duuunnnnn!!

The PreTrial:

On that fateful day John, Sally, Amy and myself all went to Alex's house with the search warrant to find some evidence of her wicked doings. The proceedings were soon distracted, however, when Sally went insane and buried the search warrant somewhere outside (it has never been recovered).

Sally then had to be taped up for the remainder of the proceedings, but she still tried to make a break for it on Ali's bike. After Sally was un-taped (we felt bad because she crashed the bike) she shot a gold fish. A funeral was held.

This then set forth other devious actions, in which Alex tried to get rid of John's lawyer, Amy, by pushing her out of the window. Amy survived and blamed me, and then tried to beat me to death with a shovel. She then took Ali hostage, and the gun had to be wrestled away from her.

So during the pretrial nothing about Alex's innocence was discovered.

Events leading up to the actual for real trial:

Recently the school had put a ban on us eating in the hallway for lunch, which had been our favorite place to eat. So we attempted a hunger strike and Sally brought in Little Ghandi, a 3 foot tall skeleton Halloween decoration to help us with our cause. It yielded no results. = (

About that time there was another outbreak of peace between the countries and Amy and I were becoming restless. About a week before the end of school in 2003, we stole Little Ghandi from Sally's locker and put a taped together ransom note that we cut out from magazines in Ghandi's place. Sally, without a second thought, blamed John and emptied out his locker and hid it's contents.

Alas, poor John had no idea where all his stuff went.

During that time, Sally and myself decided to go on an informational trip to Salem, Mass. We didn't discover much, but it was fun.

The Trial..Did we burn her or what?!:

Finally, it was the end of the school year. John was having an end of the year party, so we felt it would be the perfect time to finish the trial once and for all.

At the time, Sally still didn't know where Little Ghandi had gone to and was considering wanted posters to help find him. I brought him with me secretly, and when we got there we all went outside. We all got lost in the woods, and whilst everyone was distracted, I ran back to John's house and put Little Ghandi under his bed. When we all came back to his house, Sallywas suspicious of John's actions.She investigated his room, where (you guessed it) she found Little Ghandi.

Right when the trail was supposed to take place, John was instead found guilty of kidnapping and Alex was not burned as a witch. That day, at least.

To be honest, because I distracted the judge during the trial, a judgment was never made on Alex's innocence. This means that it is very possible that the witch trials may one day continue.

The end. I hope you learned your history today. = D

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