The Strange Story

This might be book two or three of our evil writings, but i recovered some of it off of and old disk, never typed much of it up, but here's what i did type.


THE STRANGE STORY1 Jen, Sally and Amy were sprawled over some couches. They'd been left with the burden of watching over Cogen, Sally's younger brother. All of
them were great friends, and Sally and Jen were related, but it was a little confusing when you got into the Z-Fighters. (Do Not Try To Understand This Next Part!!!)

Sally's dad is Gohan, who is Jen's dad's first son. Jen's dad's name is Goku. Goku had one other son, and that was Goten. Gohan, Goten, and Jen's mom is Chi-Chi.
When Gohan and Goten were young,
Chi-Chi practicly beat on them to get them to study. She wanted them to be geniuses, not fighters like they were. She gave up on Goten, but when Jen was born, she regained hope. Jen was a genius!!!
At first, Bulma, Amy's mom, dated Yamcha ,
but later on got together with vegeta,(Who once tried to destroy the world).
Another person who tried to take over the world was Piccalo, but some how Gohan made him change his ways and now he's good. Piccalo is from Namic, a planet far away, so that might explain why he's green.


Another Z-Fighter is TN. He's cool. There's also the midgets of the group, Crillen and Chowsu. Crillen is married to Andriod 18, who once was part of an evil plan to destroy the world, but she too, turned good. They end up having a daughter, Marin.
Last, but not least, is Trunks, Amy's older brother.

Recently, Bulma made a time machine. It was to be saved for Trunks when he became older, to warn everyone about something, but Bulma would'nt say.
At the moment, the conversation was at a high point. "I wish something really big would happen." Amy mumbuled. "What?" answered Jen. "That's nice" replied Sally. "Hey!! Where's Cogen?!" Jen said getting up. Then they all got up. "He's in the time machine!!" Amy Said. "Aw, that's cute." Jen stood looking at him. "Hey! Isn't that the button that activates the time machine??" Sally Gasped.
"Quik!! Grab him!!" They all dashed into the time machine, and suddenly there was a blinding light.


The door opened. The sun seeped through. Sally was holding Cogen, Amy and Jen stood next to her. There, in front of them were the very confused faces of the Z-Fighters,
but something was wrong. Gohan was still a kid, Goten was nowhere in sight, There were two Trunks. One, a baby in Bulma's arms, the other, an older Trunks, older then the Trunks from our day.
There could only be one answer. We had traveled back in time, and the seconed Trunks, was our future Trunks, who had traveled back in time to warn the others about the important thing.
If you can imagine it, Gohan was about 11, The old Trunks about 20, there was no Marin, no Android 18.
Not knowing what to do, they just stared at each other. Amy looked at Vegeta, then Bulma, then Trunks, then at Vegeta again. "Dad?" "HUH??!!!" Everyone stared at Vegeta. Jen and Sally panicked that Amy had given away our cover. So Sally covered
Amy's mouth, while Jen said, "Is going to kill us for falling into his time machine, heh-heh-heh."


More staring. "Look Here!!" said Vegeta, "just who do you think you are?" "Tourists?" Jen said hopefully. "Wait! Isn't that my time machine?" Trunks asked. "No, our mom, Valaday….made it , we're from the year,….5000, and we're all sisters, except for the baby, he's our brother." Sally replied.
"His name is JoeBob." Jen finished.
"JoeBob?" Amy whispered. "It's all I could think of" Jen hissed back.
"I'm Kahtusamie, and this is Shaytano, and Naketa." Jen gestured to Sally and Amy.
"Hmp!" Vegeta grummbeled and left. "Never mind him" said Goku, "Hi! I'm Goku, this is my son Gohan, this is my wife Chi-Chi, and my friends Yamcha, Piccalo, Crillen, TN, Chowsu, Bulma, Trunks, and Trunk's dad Vegeta just left."
"Hi!" we replied.
"How did your mom make that?" Trunks asked, looking at the time machine. "She was a friend of Bulma's in the future." Amy Covered.


"Oh, I see." Trunks said coming over to inspect it.
Sally, Jen, and Amy moved away. "uh, we're from America." Sally said suddenly. "where are your parents?" Goku asked. "Do they know your using their time machine?" "uhhh" "They are in the future, year 5000, we kind of mum-"2Amy covered Sally's mouth. "they told us to warn you."
"Warn us about what? " pondered Goku. "well, Umm,-" "About a big, hairy scary monster that's going TO EAT US ALL!!" Jen screamed, while everyone stared at her. "Jen, you really have to think about what you say, Before you say it." Amy whispered. "What are we doing" Sally whispered/yelled "We should'nt be doing this!"
"Listen, I'm going to be in trouble with my mom when we get back, I don't need my mom from the past, and my brother from the future, both lecturing me on that we should'nt play with the time machine." Amy shot back. "Yah, me neither" said Jen. "Hey, uh, girls," Trunks said, "It looks like you're not going back anytime soon."

63"Why?" asked Jen. "Because it's broken." Trunks answered. "Broken!! Oh No!! We're All Doomed, And It's The Baby's Fault!!! Wait! I'm a genius!! I can fix it!"
More staring.
Jen started to fix it, then stoped. "Wait a minute!", paused, shrugged, then continued fixing it. Then Sally said "I thought Amy was supossed to be the unpredictable one."
More staring.
"So," said Gohan, "what about this big scary monster?" "Big HAIRY scary monster!" Jen corrected.4"Oh fine, what's this about a big HAIRY scary monster?" Gohan asked. "Well,… Ummm, (did Jen have to say that?) you see, he comes from the great sun…" Amy started.
"The great sun Sirius." Jen continued with out looking up from her work. "yeah, and he uhhh, distroyed everyone, and there is hardly anyone left." Sally finished.
"Who's left?" asked Trunks curiously. "Well, let's see" said Amy, "Well mo-, I mean Bulma is still alive, and so is-"5"and so is Vegeta. In our future, he's the Earth's only hope" said Sally. Suddenly Vegeta returned. "Is that why you called me dad?" he asked looking at Amy.


"She just wishes you were here dad." said Sally.6 Meanwhile, Jenny had found a lollipop in the time machine, and stuffed it in Amy's mouth. As Amy screamed out in horror, Jenny explained "It's a very good lollipop."7 "It's a Dumb-Dumb for a dumb-dumb!!" Amy glared at jen. More straring.8Suddenly, Jen yelled out in anger, "Stop Staring At Us!!"
More staring.9Then Jen yells at the machine "Work Dang You!!" then kicked it. BANG!! It blows up, throwing debre everywhere.
"Oh no, our only way back. We're doomed!" Sally said.
"Mmmhh! Good lollipop!" Said Amy. "Amy! What Are You Doing!? We'll All Die!!" Then Sally died. "What's her problem?" Asked Vegeta. "I think it's going to rain." said Sally. "Hey! Are'nt you dead yet?!" asked Amy. "Oh yeah." Then Sally died. Then Cogen started crying, so Jen picked him out of the tree he was in.


Suddenly, Amy said "Can I have your autograph Vegeta?" "Get away from me you insolent fool!" yelled Vegeta. "Aw please!? You're my role model!" "Eh!"grunted Vegeta, looking at her as if she were a slug.
"Well, you're better then that guy you keep mentioning, Kacorote was his name I believe?" More Staring. "Really?" asked Vegeta, "Well of course I am." "Yeah, you're awesome!"said Sally. Then Sally died. "STOP
IT!!" yelled Amy. Then Goku asked, "Is she okay?" pointing at Sally. "Oh
that's just one of her three powers. 1, she can die on purpose, 2, she can
reserect herself, and 3, she can hypnotize people."
"Wait!" said Piccalo, "how can a monster be hairy and live on the sun?" "Ah, a smart one we have here" said Jen. "there is no monster."
"What?!" yelled every one.


"you see, we lied." Amy tried to stop Jen, but it was too late. "We only had the time machine because Trunks was supposed to warn you about …..somthing…., and sally's younger brother Cogen, NOT Joe Bob, was the one who got us stuck here in the first place. THERE! I DID IT!! my mom told me to never lie." "She must have been a good mom, who is she?" asked Crillen. "Chi-Chi, and Goku's my dad." Jen said.

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