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Chapter 1: A House is Not a Home

(Ali; 7 March 2011)

They all sat there just starring. The rain that plummeted their windows seemed to put a damper on their lives as of late. Granted, it had only been raining for the last three days but since it was the beginning of March and hence the near beginning of Spring, the residents of Wouldbe felt bored. Snow to rain; it was all just mixed perspiration that seemed to make them all feel a tad cabin feverish.

All of a sudden a huge earthquake of a noise awoke them from their zombie like state. The darkness outside their home seemed to become a little bit darker. All eyes moved to the bay windows outside and, to their astonishment, they saw the form of a black house sitting on their sidewalk.

A moment of silence.

"Huh," Jen commented. "That's weird."

"Should we go look at it?" Nichole asked. They all sat there and stared some more.

"Probably." Jen shrugged. "We need another adventure."

So they left their own dwelling and moved to the mysterious one outside. As soon as the door closed behind Ali, Jen and Nichole, the house vanished from sight.

It wasn't until John came downstairs from Jen's room that he realized no one else was there. Checking outside, he saw that both Jen's and Nichole's vehicles were still there but everyone was missing. John heaved a sigh.

"Goddammit," he muttered under his breath.

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