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A special page dedicated to the amazingness of webcomictry.

8 Bit Comic

This is soooo nerdy and a wonderful comic to read. You may find yourself falling in love with the evil black mage, or the dumb fighter…or the sneaky thief…This comic seems to play off Dungeons and Dragons, but you don't have to be a DnD nerd to get the references. = )


Just read it.

VG Cats

a comic made by a nerd. He doesn't update a whole lot, but these are good comics nevertheless.

Penny Arcade

Yet another nerdy comic site

Doghouse Diaries

A good webcomic with a number of nerdy references.

Order of the Stick

Webcomic involving lots of references to role playing games and (more specifically) D&D.

HappleTea Comics

Another webcomic of awesome. I got through fifty or so comics and this one is definitely a keeper. Webcomic exploring faerie tales and mostly myths. Definitely work checking out.

Edmund Finny's Quest to Find the Meaning of Life

Ali just found this via Stumble and has read a couple comics…it seems quite brilliant. Look at the title. How more intriguing could it be?

Cyanide and Happiness

The comedy's a little dark, but still hilarious nonetheless.

Last Place Comics

Random and quirky. Often nerdy. Definitely worth a read.

Pie Comics

Another StumbleUponTM find by Ali. It's cute, occasionally mildly morbid. Hilarious, though.

Drawing Board

A self-proclaimed "autobiographical comic", most of the strips are endearing as well as hilarious.

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