That's What She Said.

Everyone runs into those moments where one ordinary comment runs across the mind in the gutter, and this classic phrase is rolled out. Post here those comments that caused this remark - A circumstance for the comment might provide a clue as to why it was said, because for some of us… the gutter is the only place our minds call home. =D

- "Oh my god, it's everywhere…." (Any Mess)
- "That was amazing!" (Any Praise)

- "The rides were fun, but were all wet…" (Amusement Park)
- "That's a small hole to fit through…" (Video Games)

- "That's a tight fit." (Trying New Clothes)

- "They're never going to stop coming!" (Incoming Bills)

- "That's a big project you have there." (Assignments)
- "It's just too hard." (Courses)

- "Everyone enjoys a good sack." (Football)
- "I finished first!" (Racing)
- "I've never seen anyone go that fast!" (Running)

Needs to be Sorted:

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