Wouldbe House

Alex thought it would be a good idea to draw up some simple rules for when we all live together. This isn't a contract, or anything really serious…but just as a set of guidelines.

please add anything if you see fit; and comment on anything if you wanna add/delete/discuss something. :)

Friend Disclaimer

Decoration/stuff we need for the apartment


  • A waffle maker
  • Jen and Ali thought it would be cool to decorate the kitchen area in a dinosaur theme. So find dinosaurs.
  • Also, the bathroom is going to be a duck/frog theme (I think we might incorporate all our animal counterparts into this plan. Only fair). Keep a look out for any rubber ducks, duck or frog decorations, and any decorations that match your alternative animal side. Also, to dull down the pink as much brown as possible….
  • A vacuum cleaner (Ali has a carpet sweeper..not the same)
  • Star Wars cookie cutters and/or pancake molds. Available here and also here


  • Jen has a coffee table for the living room, as well as a white rug for the living room, and a tv stand (and a tv)
  • Jen has a blender.
  • Steph has found us a couch and chair
  • Nichole has a futon
  • For the dinning room, I have four dinosaur place mats = ) (also, dino cookie cutters and a dino night light -Jen)
  • Jen also has in her possession a futon frame that herself, Ali and Ron commendeered from behind Knox hall. We just need a mattress or tons of fluffy pillows. lol.12
  • Both Ali and Jen have wireless routers. So we can have wi-fi! :D

Cleaning Duties/Upkeep

  • Clean your own dishes. The sooner you do, the better; just so we don't get a huge pile-up.
  • Do your own laundry (this, of course, is negated if one member of the house becomes a POW to another member of the household).
  • Any big messes in cooking or preparing food must be cleaned up. Eclipse would have fun chasing any mice, but I'm sure Amy would be upset by their presence. Also, ants do not need to be free-loaders in our home.
  • Try to take out the trash when necessary. It's unfair to expect one person to always take it out, but don't overstuff the bag, please.


  • ALL BILLS WILL BE SPLIT between each member of the house. And this does mean equally. This is, of course, only fair.


  • Eclipse requires much love and needs to be chased around to lose weight. This is Steph's job. = )
  • We shall probably take turns changing the cat litter.
  • Since Eclipse is an outdoor cat, we are going to let him travel outside. He's smart enough to stay away from the road, but just be aware that he's NOT going to be let out immediately. He needs to know where he lives so he won't disappear for a year again. However, once he is out, the barn is his castle. :D (also, since Ali is pretty sure she's moving in once the lease starts, she will be in charge of making sure Eclipse knows his new home)
  • Also, usually Eclipse likes to howl at the door to get in (he doesn't do this at Jen's place, but he did at Ali's old house. Just be aware that it might happen). If you hear him howling, PLEASE let him inside.
  • Things Eclipse loves: milk, tuna, canned food, treats, catnip, being brushed. We should keep him happy. ^_^
  • (be warned, though: Eclipse is like a gremlin. Don't let him drink milk out of your cereal bowl. Even after you finished eating and give it to him…he's had a habit in the past of sticking his head in a new bowl of cereal cuz he assumes it's his)

Room Rules

  • If a bedroom door is closed, you may not disturb the occupant.
  • If a bedroom door is open, you may disturb all you wish.
  • Do not enter anyone's room without permission; especially if they aren't there (this excludes if they hid the remote to the community TV, or something)
  • Don't take anyone's stuff.
  • If a door is closed and you need to see the occupant, ALWAYS KNOCK FIRST.


  • Items like milk, butter, etc can be shared, but if you have either taken the last of it or consumed more then anyone else has of it (like you ate a whole gallon of ice cream) you must replace it. (if you want to see a full list of "collective items", click here)
  • If there is something in the fridge or freezer that you do not wish to share, we will try to have sticky notes available so you may mark your territory/prey.
  • There should be enough cupboards in the kitchen for us all to get our own +room for dishes, etc. You are not allowed to eat something that is in someone else's cupboard. (Or else cupboard war may be declared, in which no cupboard is safe.)
  • I think there can be included that there is a ASK RULE involved in cupboards. If you wish to have something that someone else has bought, ALWAYS ASK FIRST. (like, duh)
  • Since Ali is in possession of her Clynk card for Hannaford (Jen is giving hers to Katie?), she thought it would be a good idea to not only commune all bottles/cans together, but to use the money we get from such deposits on the things that we will share (listed on the link).


  • We are all pretty social and we all have groups of friends we would like to come over, see the place, chill out…what have you. But please do not invite people over for a loud party at three am.
  • Parties should not be allowed during finals week (I don't know if this will be up-holded or not…but just keep in mind that finals are stressful and last only a week. Friends are allowed, but 30 friends? Not so much)
  • MOVIE NIGHTS WILL HAPPEN AT OUR PLACE. We might have to prepare for war against the boys (Ron, John and Yusef) on this one…so be prepared. But we figured, since all of us combined have many movies, it would be nice to make our place the general hangout for such ventures (not to mention, more often than not, it's always one of us that establishes the movie night/marathon).
  • As for gentlemen (lady) callers…No whores, please. We can't afford them. Also no strippers (for the same reason, but also because their job is to tease, not deliver).
  • Please no sex in the open, no stealing of other people's rooms and/or beds for sex.
  • Mad make out sessions are best suited for your room; not in the corner while everyone is trying to watch a movie (remember: slurping is distracting. XD).
  • Please keep the squeaking of beds to a minimum. Sex is, by no means, forbidden in the house; but any squeaking bedframes/floor boards will be met with shouts and jokes that may ruin the mood.
  • Playing "Bad Touch" by The Bloodhound Gang is FORBIDDEN to encourage the mood (stupid Ron><)(I disagree with this, I think it should be allowed -Jen)345
  • The one party that will definitely happen at our place is going to be on Halloween. We have the big barn for decoration and a pretty big house, so it should definitely happen. Jen and Ali are trying to do a themed Halloween where we all be the same general thing. So far we have come up with: Doctors (e.g.: House, The Doctor, Dr. Horrible, Doctor Kevorkian, etc.) or Captains (Captain Jack Harkness, Captain Hammer, Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, etc.) or other options are still available. We will have a Wouldbe meeting to discuss our Wouldbe Halloween. = )


  • Absolutely, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will drugs be allowed to be done in the apartment. This includes (but is not limited to): pot, cigarettes, cocaine, heroine, 'shrooms, Codine, Valium (of course, the latter two are a different story if they are needed. But seriously: just please keep it clean).
  • Alcohol is ok. DON'T BE STUPID ABOUT IT.
  • If you have friends who smoke cigarettes, cigarettes are allowed outside. Cig butts must not be left about. Find a can of soda, or coffee tin or something. Don't let them litter the ground.
  • No selling of drugs out of your room. If you wanna sell, go to a natural foods store, or something (you might get many customers). We just don't want to be held responsible for it happening on our property.
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